Minneapolis Announces Labor Agreements With Vikes

MINNEAPOLIS (AP/WCCO) — Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and labor groups say they have agreements with the Vikings that they hope will increase city support for a new stadium on the current Metrodome site.

The agreements call for union labor to be used on any stadium, with unions committing to no work stoppages.

The Mayor used the Vikings own figures to say building a stadium would create 13,000 jobs in Minneapolis, including 7,500 construction jobs.

The Vikings separately have signed a letter of intent to OK unionized concession workers at the new stadium.

Still under discussion is a workforce agreement that would set goals for hiring women and minority workers and subcontractors. The agreement would also aim to hire Minneapolis residents from zip codes with high rates of poverty.

Vikings Vice President Lester Bagley said legislative leaders have made it clear to the team that in order for them to support a Vikings stadium in Minneapolis, the stadium has to have support from the Minneapolis City Council.

And despite the rally-like atmosphere at Monday’s news conference, it’s clear that at this time the votes in the council aren’t there.

Joined by representatives of local unions, the Urban League, the Minneapolis Downtown Council and the Chamber of Commerce, Rybak said building a stadium in downtown Minneapolis would put the construction workers behind him back to work.

And while the workers may represent a cross section of the city, the majority of the Minneapolis City Council is opposed to the project, although Mayor Rybak insists he is closer than he was.

For the workers there, like Mike Harper, any kind of steady job is one they would gladly take.

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  • Carl

    The information CrackBack let loose this morning was that it was going to be placed on a site just East of the Dome as to not have to use TCF stadium during construction. The guy is a bafoon! You have to put in writing that the Union will agree to no work stoppage/strike? Do what we did for the 35W bridge, get it done on time or we will fine you for every day that you delay the opening. Nope, cant do that! We expect it from Private Companies, but not the Union. Wow!

    • gunnar

      MNDOT contracts contain bonuses for early completion. There are no penalties for late as it only leads to litigation. Ignorant CONservative speaks again

      • altavista

        gunnar—Note that the I-35 bridge contract was given to a Colorado firm

        • Tommy

          It went to Flat Iron Construction, however, the company promised to hire local Minnesotans. Lets just say there were a few lawsuits afterwards….

    • Kevin

      RT Rybak = Bought and paid for!

  • Angela

    Hire residents based on their zip code? Dont you think making sure they are qualified is a bit more important. No wonder it is taking so long to get this stadium deal done, RT is wasting his time on who’s pocket he is going to line .

  • Dave

    Use non-union people and you could probably built it for half the price and in less time.

    • jimmy


      “Use non-union people and you could probably built it for half the price and in less time”

      You would spend all the time and money just pulling nails out of their heads.

    • G Dog

      Arriba! Arriba! Dave is a barrio brother!!!

      Si, muy amigos will build it just like we mow Dave’s lawn and trim his shrubs.

      Just don’t call the INS because it is better for illegals to work in Minnesota than Minnesotans.

      • Saban

        G-Dogs Simplistic World

        Non-Union = Illegal Immigrants

        Black = slave

        Dog = wet fire hydrant

        This is overly simplistic even for you G-Dog!

        • JIMMY


          Yea those non union workers that roofed your house were all born here. get a CLUE.

  • TruthHurts

    American no longer rewards the best and brightest, it subsidizes mediocrity in the guise of fairness. Ain’t no progress in progressives.

    • Citizen

      TruthHurts, no question about it. Your post is the best so far. It should matter not if your union or non-union, black or white, young or old. If you’re the best qualified at the best price, then the job should be yours. Awarding jobs based on union vs. non-union, the zip code you live in, or any other BS like that is just that … BS.

      • Citizen

        Grammar error caught . . . “you’re” union or not. Not “your” union or not

  • j speedbag 64

    ha ha haaaa….just another step towards our brand new stadium..hurry and build it….go vikes….

  • Exp

    How exactly did all this shift from the preferred site in Arden Hills back to Minneapolis again? Who’s paying off who here? Now we have kickbacks for minorities and low income? How are these poor people even going to be able to GET to the dome to work, let alone afford parking and whatnot. Hopefully they can walk or take the bus. Seems like it’s getting polluted with special interests already, all in the hope of appealing to a broader base. It’s a sad state of overpriced football that those poor people probably wouldn’t be able to afford tickets to the games they work at or the stadium they’re working on.

  • Just Asking

    Let me get this straight, its more important to make sure the Unions are employed vs getting competitive bids from Private and Union Companies that are qualified to do the work? Just asking a simple question!

    • altavista

      The answer to the question is that if they do a poor enough job, in ten years they will be able to do it all again

    • jimmy

      Just Asking

      Unions construction companies are private companies. Name one non union company that can handle that project.

      • kid

        wait till after the vote this fall.

  • North Minneapolis

    Why not build this thing in North Minneapolis?! Rybek, your on a roll!!

  • Rogelio

    The Humphrey Metro Dome was built on time and under budget by union labor. Same goes for the Convention center, Target Center, TCF Bank Stadium, and Target Field. So what is the inaccurate beef? Maybe the “Right to Work for less” bill is for you!

    • Tommy

      Don’t forget about the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis.

      • Tommy

        @ Rogelio – To clarify; 1st and 2nd Editions I-35W bridges were built by unions.

        • The Truth

          !st Bridge was built exactly to the designers specs…… was not the peoples fault who built it. remember that. It was a poor design

    • Gunnar

      Why would the CONservatives want a skilled workforce to be paid fairly for their work. Why would the Kevins (Jealous Jackarses) of the world want to see honest wages for honest work>

      • Lenny

        honest to who?

  • Sarah

    Who is going to pay for it?

    When is the referendum?

  • Chopper

    One piece of reporting on the Vikings stadium debate that seems to be missing, is the role and requirement of the Minneapolis City Charter and the need for the legislature to pass special legislation that would by-pass the the required public vote on the taxes proposed in the Mayor’s plan. If you recall, last summer and fall this was headline and front page news with the Ramsey County proposal.

  • altavista

    Rybak and Johnson—What snakes.

  • LibertyDiva

    So this is what payback smells like. And what about the rest of the small business contractors who would a better job for less. Less whining, less aggravation, less corruption. Oh wait. That’s right, we don’t care about small business owners or the very valuable contributions they have made to the tax base over the years. When will union members wake up? No one absolutely no one cares anything about them other than their dues. Period.

  • RIII

    Unionized concession workers along with the 16.275% Downtown drink sales tax will make a 16oz beer $15 each.

  • football

    Democratic, Farm, and LABOR party, the DFL. It makes sense considering that Rybak drinks the cool-aid.

    What we haven’t talked about is whether Mpls or the whole state is going to pay for this. It had better not be just Mpls or Rybak will feel the effects of constant protesting and a boot out the door.

    Just so we are clear Rybak. They are the “Minnesota” Vikings.

  • Local 49er

    Operating Engineers are the right people to get the job done. Local 49 Operating Engineers will do the job right, they are very well trained, and they will also make a fair wage to support their families. Right wingers, projects in right to work states are not done cheaper, workers are paid a lot less. where does the extra money go? Not to the tax payers. Not to the people doing the work. RT Rybak and the Minnesota Vikings are doing the right thing!

    • Big Shot

      Q: how many people are hired to watch someone shovel?

      A: if you said 4 or 5, your right!

      • Educated Shot

        Q: What does you + are =

        A: You’re

        Apparently big shots don’t have to pass second grade grammar.

        • Tommy

          At least the math is right!! HaHa

    • Yup

      Ya did a great job with the first 35W bridge that fell down. And lets not forget 394~94 interchange that was put together wrong had to be disseambled and re-done. Yup some rel brains.

      • yup, Idiot

        35w was Built by union labor. Built to the EXACT specs and plans of the designer. Same as 394. Proven to be faulty designs. work was done flawless. Know your facts……

        • chinwhiskers

          OOps! But who parked all that weight in a concentrated place where it didn’t belong? Never did hear comment on the resurfacing overload the day the bridge went down.

  • Treet workers good

    We need to have Unions in every work place to make sure that workers anr treated fairly. Every work place should have heath care and dentle. Every work place should have a fare wage and job secerity.We need to stop letting bissnesses get away with doing bad things. We will never make it out of this deep hole.

    • Evel Boss

      And we all will be happy spending $5 for a 99 cent cheesburger at MickeyDees when when they start paying what idiots consider a fare wage. If you want to earn more get a skill or an education.

      • elmer

        pssssst! … you could also suggest he learn how to use the English language. Grammar and spelling still count, right? :-)

  • David

    “The Mayor used the Vikings own figures…”

    Why would he use their figures? What an idiot.

    Google this: Publicly financed stadiums.

  • Zygi Wilf

    Why all the opposition?

    We’re going to take half a billion dollars of public money and use it to build me a stadium. Then I’m going to sell the team for an immense profit and leave Minnesota.

    So effectively, the politicians are going to take your money and give it to me.

    Deal with it.

  • Jill

    Incredibly stupid.

    The big question is who is going to have their money taken away and given to Zygi Wilf.

    These diversionary tactics are not going to work.

    What an absence of leadership and truth.

  • Gary Peterson

    Dan have you any clue to how much school union employees have to go through? If you want it built right the first time it better be union! Why do’nt you look into it before you open your pie hole.

    • Don't go there!

      Gary, you’re digging a hole…. I’m tired of watching you’re colleagues on the 10 pm news crime section. Teachers are about at the same level as a Catholic priests.

      • David J. Conklin

        >Teachers are about at the same level as a Catholic priests.

        Not even close.

      • DougT

        Actually you are several times safer in a Catholic School than in a unionized government school (and much more likely to get an educations)

    • Bad Teacher


      Gary, bad choice of words, teacher and pie hole, too many pie holes have been violated by teachers. It’s sick…

  • and so it shall be

    I have it on good authority that Rybak, Mondale, and Johnson have been watching a lot of David Copperfield re-runs in order to polish their skills at diversionary tactics, generating a great deal of smoke and mirror images, and pulling job numbers out of their … well, you know where the numbers are coming from.

    And all this time I thought Zygi held the grand prize for putting the most “stuff” in a bag. Now comes Rybak and Johnson, putting even more “stuff” in the sack than Zygi has so far.

    Next, we will have Bennett and Ortega showing us how much “stuff” they can squeeze in the sack.

    Oh, but guess who has to clean up all the “stuff” that won’t fit in the sacks after these pillars of the community are done fertilizing the state and fleecing the public? Yep, can you say “TAXPAYERS?”

    Remember the Rybak pledge: “NO referendum on MY watch!”

    Remember the Dayton pledge: “On MY watch we will give the largest amount of public money EVER in the history of Minnesota so a new stadium can be built and Zygi can make an ‘extra $41 million a year.'”

    Remember the Zygi pledge: “I will laugh all the way to the bank thanks to the rubes of Minnesota.”

  • Malthus

    “…that they hope will increase city support for a new stadium”

    It might increase oppostition to this giant scam.

  • keel

    Simply cannot fathom why the people of Minneapolis would elect a double-dealing politician like Rybak to the Mayor’s office. The law is the law. The people decided they wanted this type of question to face a referendum. No more discussion necessary. We don’t get to choose to break the laws we don’t agree with although some of these dimwits on here think that’s fine.

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