MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Members of the LGBT rights group the Glitterati have struck again.

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul get a healthy dose of glitter as he exited the stage after a rally at the Minneapolis Convention Center, while fellow candidate Newt Gingrich was interrupted at the Ramada Hotel in Bloomington.

High school students questioned Gingrich’s supposed support of discrimination against the LGBT community before being escorted out of the hotel.

Watch the group’s YouTube clips below.

Comments (34)
  1. lena says:

    Childish and disgusting behavior. It certainly doesn’t help their cause.

    1. somebody says:

      What do you still think of the GOP nose picking contest they had today?

    2. Spoiled Brats, All of Them says:

      I agree! Every one of the GOP candidate’s behavior has been childish and disgusting during this campaign. Why should we vote for any of these babies?

    3. jackactionhero says:

      So throwing glitter makes their case for equality weaker? How so, Lena?

  2. GH says:

    These people demand respect but can’t seem to show any respect to others. LGBT liberals are a complete joke and have no place being allowed in public. I can guarantee that if I glitter bombed a gay walking down the street I would be arrested for assault.

    1. Balanced Beam says:

      @Tom. I only wish I had the ability to obscure your post to show how far you miss the point. It isn’t that “nutty conservatives” are allowed to be in public. Everyone should be. It’s that nobody should be allowed to assault someone this way or destroy their ability to communicate their points. If you are able, what would your objective response be to someone spraying Holy Water in a Democratic presidential candidate’s face? Would you accept that they are frustrated with how the candidate labels them as bigots for their beliefs about marriage and other issues? Of course not.

      In America, the answer to speech we find offensive is more speech, not suppression of our opponents. These improper actors show that they don’t care to preserve what we should all agree is good about our country. They want their way, no matter what the cost to values unrelated to their cause.

      1. GH says:

        Exactly! I don’t have any personal problems against the general LGBT community. I don’t agree with them, but that’s ok and they don’t have to agree with me either. My problem is with the extreme members of this group that bully people who don’t share their beliefs. I love the example of holy water! Could you imagine if someone went up to someone and threw holy water in their faces because they don’t like where they stand on certain issues? I don’t think that should be allowed either, but maybe a taste of their own medicine would be good for them.

        1. thanks GH says:

          You know GH, that was good. Let’s check gay history. Prior to 1973 your family could put you in a mental institution with electro-shock therapy, without consent. Police routinely raided and arrested gays and charged them with sexual deviancy just for buying somebody a drink, or dancing with the same gender. We’ve been banned from jobs, etc..,. I don’t want to go into the whole mess. But the people who’ve been promoting the amendments, etc. just don’t care. At some point, one just gets fed up. When those who disagree write you off no matter what you say, what do you do? So don’t agree, that’s fine, but stop making laws and constitutional amendments then, so we could disagree peacefully.

          1. snowfire says:

            The only reason the GOP wants this issue on the ballot is because it will bring out the ultra conservative voters and therefore increase the chances of the GOP gaining votes – this will motivate the GOP to vote. They don’t really care about anything else other than being in power. This will motivate GOP voters that may otherwise stay home. The GOP’s plan to solve the issues of this great country is to use the same plan they used to get us into this mess. Comments like most of the ones posted here only encourage the use of glitter.

      2. dan says:

        Good post, could be applied to the Occupy crowd as well

    2. AntiTeabagger says:

      Exactly, if you are going to act like a child you will get treated like one. Grow up already with the glitter!

    3. just asking says:

      What about us LBGT conservatives?

  3. maxey says:

    You should see what they do to each other.

  4. See BS says:

    If a Student threw glitter at a gay student in a public school — you can bet it would be a “Hate Crime” and an act of bullying.

    1. Balanced Beam says:

      Even more, what would happen if somebody did something remotely the same to the President?

  5. f em says:

    You stay class Liberal Party! VOTE YES FOR THE AMENDMENT!!

    1. Real Talk says:

      Ummm….bad behavior doesnt equal less rights. If that was the case, you wouldnt be allowed to vote Mrs Sensor!!!!

      What i dont get is why they have to sully the good name of glitter with their gay causes.

  6. Liberal NO says:

    Here is another loud and clear reason to vote no. THis glitter dude has to be with the opposition. It would be like Romney spraying Newt’s audience with a water hose or something equally as stupid to make a point. Wow.

  7. Steve says:

    Does one hom* at a Newt speech, that gets shoved out by a woman, deserve and media? Who the hell cares? I thinks its funny that a chicks kiss his butt though.

  8. dev says:

    Today, they have labelend themselves and I put on the gloves to make certain the consitutional amendment goes the proper way.

  9. Tom says:

    What is sad is that Ron Paul actually wants the government to stay out of peoples lives, gay or otherwise. These morons glitter bombed him simply because he is a republican, unaware of his stance on personal freedom.

    1. DEEP says:

      Tom nailed it! “Every extreme attitude is a flight from the self. The passionate state of mind is an expression of inner dissatisfaction.” – Eric Hoffer From his 1951 book True Believer.

    2. RON PAUL OR ELSE says:

      SPOT ON!

  10. DEEP says:

    What an intelligent and effective way to get a point across!?

  11. Mother Babbitt says:

    Glitterbombing………. by ADULT-wanna-be?? Why on earth do they (or he…. or it) get away with this without being arrested for assault? I see several comments that question why this is allowed to continue. I don’t care what the issue is (other than they appear to be glittering Republicans only??) Or have I missed some events? Assuming this is true, it also appears that this is, once again, liberals attempting to push their beliefs on Republicans…….which, of course, makes me all the adamant about being a Republican. This only makes me more dedicated to the mature minded stance in politics. And… just to make it known, I have no beef with LGBT community….one of my good friends in Washington is delighted that she and her love can now marry… so be it. Us hetero’s don’t have a thing to worry about with this……

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Which beliefs are being pushed?

  12. The Shat says:

    Wouldn’t the GBLT community be for a candidate like Paul? Republican or not (and most Paul supporters know that the Republican cape is a necessary evil for him, and not really his true platform), wouldn’t Paul be the lesser of all of the Republican evils? Anybody following Paul knows he’s about the only candidate out there fighting for personal rights, freedom, and civil liberties. Seems to me if I was of the GLBT community, he’s the #1 guy I’d want in there. This, to me, looks like a classic “professional protester” act, and it’s sad that the liberals have this down to an art.

  13. Common_Cents says:

    Keep government out of marraige = Gay marraige issue dead.

    Glitterbombers are terrorists.

  14. somebody says:

    Which GOP member won the nose picking contest today?

  15. Sam says:

    The glitter bombers are hurting their own cause. Attacking another person, even with something as innocent-seeming as glitter, is not the way to fight bigotry.
    The high school students standing up and speaking their minds is a much better way to do things. Heck, they were more polite than the hecklers at the President’s State of the Union speech. They actually asked questions, rather than simply yelling “Booo! Nooo!” And if Mr Gingrich can’t handle questions from a couple of kids, how is he going to handle being the President?

  16. james2 says:

    Ron Paul, really? That was a waste, Should have used it on Santorum.

    I’m not promoting glitter bombing, but if it makes you mad, consider also how a lot of gays are feeling right now as we enter the next 10 months of civil war in MN.

    None of this had to happen. None of this has to happen. Equality is never easy but it will happen no matter how much we disagree.

  17. concerned gay voter says:

    Not that any of you care, but all over Facebook tonight there are a LOT of gays who are not happy with today’s events. and agree with some of you about assault.

    But then it’s gay people saying it, so it probably doesn’t mean much.

  18. Isn't Glitter Great! says:

    Rick Santorum, had specs of glitter on him too.

  19. kevin says:

    why are these glitter idiots not arrested for assult. Dont push your BS on other people. If you want respect you have to give it and earn it.

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