MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A State Patrol trooper on the way to a different accident was involved in a separate car accident Wednesday morning.

The trooper was at the intersection of Maryland Avenue and L’Orient Street when the accident occurred. Officials said it happened at 6:39 a.m.

No one was hurt.

According to the incident report, the squad car was headed north on L’Orient Street with its lights and siren on and was struck broadside by a Honda Civic, that was driving west on Maryland Avenue.

Police continue to investigate the crash.

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  1. This should be good... says:

    Can’t wait for the village idiots like Andy to get on here and start whining about the cops and how they commit their “theft by ticket” and all the other clueless B.S. he spews.

    1. Dave says:

      @this should be good-don’t forget about how andy says we should be able to break any law we don’t agree with. that one always makes me chuckle.

      1. Andy says:

        Yeah Dave, that’s what I have always said. Why do you morons make things up when you don’t agree with somebody? Lunch rush is coming Dave get back to the drive thru.

        1. Dave says:

          Thank you, WCCO for your censorship. I guess we know who Andy works for now. Andy, on 01/17/12 you posted this following an article about Owatonna PD ticketing vehicles parked on the street while a snow emergency was in effect:

          It’s your duty as citizen to obey just laws, and disobey unjust ones no matter how small.

          1. Andy says:

            They keep censoring me too. I had a rebuttal to you, but they won’t post it. I’ll argue with you another story.

        2. Real Deal says:

          Andy used the same lame one liner yesterday. Guess they dindt teach creativity in the Marines. Remember Andy, you can’t use “more stupid” either.

  2. NICK says:

    andy is RIGHT ON!!

    1. Jeff S says:

      Andy is a psychotic moron

  3. New Norm says:

    Maybe it’s the same thing as what happened in New Ulm.

    1. Doug says:

      I don’t know…if we’re going strictly based on what the media outlets gave us for each story (which I don’t like to rely too heavily on), it doesn’t sound like the New Ulm cop had his red lights or siren on as he was chasing down the suspected speeder. But it sounds like this trooper did. I just hope nobody was hurt.

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