DULUTH, Minn. (WCCO) — The latest city to throw its hat into the ring for a new Vikings stadium? Duluth, Minn.

Sen. Roger Reinert announced plans Thursday for a proposed Vikings stadium in Duluth, by delivering a letter to Gov. Mark Dayton.

Reinert said if the Green Bay Packers can attract ticket holders from more than two hours away (like Madison, Wis. or Milwaukee), then the Vikings can, too.

“Stationing the Vikings in Duluth is economically advantageous and will help further supplant the message that the Vikings represent all of Minnesota and are not exclusive to the metropolitan areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul,” Reinert said.

The proposal puts the stadium southwest of the downtown Duluth area on 500 acres of what used to be the U.S. Steel/Atlas Cement Works Site.

The city says they already support a tourism industry of more than 3.5 million tourists, with a direct economic impact ranging from $750 million to $780 million.

The senator proposes the state’s portion of stadium funding could be paid through the Sunday Sales legislation, which is currently at the Senate Commerce Committee.

Comments (47)
  1. luvs says:

    It will never happen but I fully expect Mr. Dayton and his staff to look into this just as seriously as they have looked into Minneapolis and St. Paul. Anything less would be unfair.

    1. hats says:

      Nope, it is completely fair to ignore proposals that missed the deadline. The only financing being mentioned is Sunday sales legislation. The proposal by a private citizen to build it at the Mall of America was much more extensive and realistic.

    2. Sarge says:

      Why didn’t the article point out it was a DFL senator making the proposal?

      Whenever one of the Republicans-In-Name-Only propose this type of taxpayer abuse, it’s pointed out.

  2. Kevin says:

    The more I think of this….the more I like the idea! What a big boost the the iron range economy! And the North Shore is the real Minnesota. They are already going to build a rail service to Duluth……cool idea.

    1. R U Joking says:

      wow you’re thinking now?!? Hang on let me take a quick peak out side…… Nope no flying pigs.. How sure are you about this “the more I think of this” I wonder……

  3. Fran says:

    Keep going north. How about Winnipeg?

  4. put a cork in it says:

    Zygi needs to fund this project all by himself — then build his GD stadium in Joisey!

    This is gotting soooooooooooooooooo old! There IS a life beyond the Zipster and the loser Viqueens you know.

    1. Nate says:

      Never in NFL history has a franchise owner funded an entire stadium project by himself. Are you that ignorant that you think that Zygi should or will be the first and only to do so?

      1. Tj says:

        Um Nate? Ever hear of Robert Kraft and Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA?

        1. Ven says:

          RObert Kraft actually LIKES the Boston area

      2. AJL says:

        I am not in anyway supporting that the Vikings leave. Get the stadium done. But Nate you are wrong, Jerry Jones built it himself in Dallas, As the other poster pointed out, Kraft did it and then I think the owner of the Redskins (Schneider is it) built his own stadium.

        1. Mayhem says:

          Ya, not so much…. Jerry Jones utilized approximately 30% of public money.

          Houston – 73%
          Philly – 40%
          Arizona – 67%
          Indy – 86%
          DALLAS – 28%

          These are just 5 staduims.

          Heres two more for ya;

          Kraft paid just $350 million for the current stadium so that was easy to finance himself – that was in 2000-2001. Hard press to build just a hole in the ground for $350 mil these days.

          Redskins stadium costs $250 mil to build – $180 mil through private funds, $70 mil was state funded (tax payers).

      3. Sarge says:

        Nate is a big fat liar. The next thing he’ll be saying is it creates jobs.

        All you have to do is Google: Publicly financed stadiums.

        1. Monkey says:

          I believe everything I read online as well

    2. Brett Jennings says:

      loser Viqueens? 29 playoff appearences,9 championship appearences,4 NFC Championships and 1 NFL championship. That ranks 3rd among all active NFL franchises. Somebody doesn’t watch very much football huh?

  5. Kyle says:

    Way to waste more time on a proposal that the NFL would reject no matter how it is funded.

  6. JJ says:

    Awwww, cute Duluth… real cute. It’s as if you’re trying to be a real city! There’s a reason the population of Duluth has dropped while the populations of Minneapolis and St. Paul have increased. Duluth will always be the “ugly stepsister” or a “northern suburb” to Minneapolis in the big picture. Nice try though!

    1. Brent says:

      If there was a like button on here, I’d click it! Like!

    2. mitch says:

      Population of MSP decreased in the 2010 census. Learn your facts first.

  7. maxey says:

    There’s a better chance of moving Lake Superior to the Twin Cities.

  8. Swamp Rat says:

    To all the stadium soothsayers;
    Why was this proposal brought up ten+ years ago? Sounds good but under the present deadlines, owners feelings, and NFL endorsements this site is too little [in reality & focus] too late. Nice try though?

    No what’s next about the new stadium? We haven’t heard from Forest Lake, Hugo, or Hinckley yet concerning a new stadium. How about St.Cloud?

    Just decide on one of the two most prime sites available in the metro and just build the damn thing. Otherwise, if the Vikings finally leave, you have yourselves to blame!!!

    So quit yourbellyaching and get cracking and built it or leave it! Enough said!!!

  9. KK says:

    What a waste of time, effort, and likely money on such a proposal.

  10. me says:

    …export to China…

  11. DEEP says:

    THAT WOULD BE GREAT! Less bread and circus in Mpls.!

  12. MJ says:

    Sunday sales for liquor and vehicles could finance a huge portion of the stadium all alone. The rest can come from increases in hotel and car rental taxes that tourists and business poeople will mostly pay for. Make people coming into the cities pay for most of the stadium with these taxes. problem solved. Also, make season tix holder pay for a luxury tax on their seats that they own. Build it please!

    1. randy says:

      How do you people figure the state is going to make that much ADDITIONAL money selling liquor on Sundays? Sure a person might have an unexpected party on Sat and have to run to Hudson to restock on Sunday BUT most anyone who’s lived in this state for more than 3 hours KNOWS liquor stores aren’t open on Sunday so they stock up on Fri or Sat.

  13. elmo says:

    Do you ever wonder …

    * If owning a stadium is such a “good deal,” why aren’t the people with real money, e.g. Zygi, Trump, Gates, etc. rushing to sign up? In fact they have absolutely zero interest in such financial investments.

    * Why instead does the NFL and all the team owners push, push, push for public money, even to the point of using threats and near extortion tactics?

    * Why are so many stadium deals and stadium plans concocted in such a way that the public, the very people who end up getting stuck with the tab, not only can’t see and hear what’s going on, but they’re not even allowed a say in the matter? Why is there no transparency to the wheeling and dealing being done with our money?

    The answer has to be because owning a stadium is an incredible expense, not a profit generator, and because the behind the scenes power brokers know full well that the only way they can successfully steal money from the taxpayers is to stuff a last minute deal down the taxpayers’ throats before anyone can do anything to prevent it.

    Chicago politics, Minnesota style.

    What does that tell you about such pillars of the community as Dayton, Rybak, Ortega, Bennett, Mondale, Johnson, Senjem, Wilf, Bagley, and the rest of the sneaky dirt balls?

    1. MJ says:

      Don’t you mean, Minnesota politics, Chicago style?

      1. elmo says:

        Oh no. Chicago style is kid’s stuff compared to the graft and corruption Minnesota politics has become.

        Minnesota has taken Chicago politics, further infected it, and developed an ugly strain of politics never before seen in these parts.

        All fueled by greed by people who would throw their own mothers under the bus if they gained a quarter by doing so.

    2. Ven says:

      Thank you for pointing out that it has nothing to do with ‘left’ or ‘right’…that’s exactly the ‘fight’ the want ‘sheeple’ to focus on, driven by blind emotion. Stadiums aren’t moneymakers, they’re high manit. infrastructure – the content that goes into it (incld parking, food, etc) is where money is made.

  14. Jason says:

    We are finally getting somewhere. Only 150 miles straight north stop the vikes and ziggy from their dreams. Start packing. Ill help.

  15. Drop Kick says:

    Better yet, put a lid on one of those open pit mines up north. Just think of the man hours, and money they would save by not digging a hole, and if the team doesn’t turn itself around just bury the whole mess, team and fans. :o)

  16. X-Puffer says:

    Love Duluth but this is a Joke, Joke,Joke.

  17. Mike says:

    Well if they’re going to move that far away from their fan base in a metropolitan area they may as well move to Des Moines or Kansas City lol

    1. Foul Ball says:

      They’ve been looking for an excuse to build a high speed train between here and Chicago, and they already have a stadium.

  18. YESYESYES says:

    Yes Dultuh what A perfect choice. Spread the stadium , we have enough here.

  19. Chuck says:

    Better idea yet. How about Kandiyohi County. We will pay the sales tax. the good thing is that in two years we will actually get a 4 lane road from the cities to Willmar!!!!! Probably our only chance!!!!!

  20. Gdon221 says:

    So let me get this straight. At a minimum 50,000 people in at least 30,000 vehicles are going to go to Duluth from the Twin Cities alone, not to count the other out state locations. That almost makes as much sense as a moon colony. Hey, why not build it on the moon. Now we’re talking.

    What an absolutely ridiculous idea.

  21. we says:

    I think it should be built in ELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Kirk Allen Larson says:

    After living in Duluth for 9 years, the town is in its own little world. They call the Tourists ‘City-(i)diots’ and roll their eyes whenever outsiders comment on the lake or the ships or the drunken ‘Scionies in Soup-Town. Duluth is good for Vikings Training Camp since its cooler and is a Tourist Trap anyways. But not a real stadium. Besides, where would you put it where the Tree Huggers wouldn’t complain?

  23. Swamp Rat says:

    Hey soothsayers here’s another nail in the Duluth stadium coffin!:

    The site that Duluth wants the stadium on is the old US Steel Morgan Parks Works site. This site has been inactive then vacated since the 1970’s. Nearly 40 years have passed since that site was thriving. No business or commercial venture have actively developed this site or been viable. Thus, you want want to develop a fallow neglected site with all the required infrastructure, utilities, and construction with a mega NFL stadium? What’s in your cool-aid in Duluth?

    As stated before–Quityourbellaching, build it, make the Vikings pay their fair warranted taxes/revenues for it, and use it 24/7/365! Otherwise, remodel the MetroDome and use it for another few years until the economy gets better. If not, Good-bye MN pro football! Don’t forget to leave your name at the County Recorder’s office, since it is a MN moniker and icon, and please close the Dome doors behind you.

    This is the MN winter of discontent and Hell just froze up. I guess Minnesota doesn’t like football and doesn’t want to make revenues off of it!!!!! We only have our stupidity and selves to blame.

  24. ruler777 says:

    Where would all the fans stay? They would have to drive back in one horrible traffic jam to the Twin Cities.

  25. Hugh Stempfley says:

    You know that the first professional football team from Minnesota was the Duluth Eskimos. This is just a way of returning to our roots.

  26. C. Ervin says:

    Have you ever heard of a place called Green Bay? hwys 29 and 41 feed that stadium and it’s easy to get to and get out of. Duluth has plenty of lodging in a 15 mile radius and It makes just as much sense as any other site. Remember it’s The Minnesota Vikings not the Twin City Vikings and you might win a Championship if they move the franchise there! (better fans)

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Duluth can’t handle a NFL Stadium like the one proposed. Duluth is not Green Bay with surrounding amenities and crowd accommodations etcetera. The proposed site of this new venue has been fallow &/or vacant for nearly 40 years.

      There is no infrastructure or other utility accoutrement support in the area. Just that fact alone makes this site more untenable/unworkable than Arden Hills. Also, can Duluth handle the influx of spectators via air, train, and vehicle traffic and accommodations on game day? Even worse, could Duluth handle a Super Bowl; regardless of who is playing; extravaganza week like we have now? Think about it!!!

      It’s either Minneapolis’s tight squeeze stadium proposal or the Arden Hills site with it’s mega spaces and possibilities. Either way Duluth’s shortsighted proposal is too little, too late. Now let’s get cracking on this venue issue or tell the Vikings the Dome or LA! If Minnesota loses the Vikings to greed, politics, ignorance, and stupid shortsightedness then this state deserves the title of being bush league and fiscally in the economic stone age.

  27. Patrick says:

    If Duluth is in consideration why not toss in Sioux Falls, Des Moines and Omaha too. Get this this plan done. This conversation has been going on since mid-90’s. I totally agree with Swamp Rat in every practcal sense. Get it done or say good-bye pro football in Minnesota.

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