Mpls City Council Votes Against Ban On Gay Marriage

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously on Friday against a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban marriage for same-sex couples in Minnesota.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak will sign the measure, which also urges state residents to vote against the amendment in November.

City officials said also approved a resolution Friday voicing their opposition to the amendment. In 1991, Minneapolis became the first city in the state to approve a domestic partnership registry. Since that time, about 160 same-sex couples register their relationship in the city.

“We took this step because it is critical that every person in Minneapolis can make a commitment to the person they love,” said Mayor R.T. Rybak.

“Minneapolis has a history of embracing diversity, and we’re a stronger community for it,” said Council Member Elizabeth Glidden.

  • Andy

    Way to go Minneapolis!

  • Jim

    Good for Minneapolis! I see this angers the bigots, which is always a good thing. Win/win!

  • sarn

    I think I just threw up a little.

  • Tom

    @ Demosuckers

    The Dems are not the ones who started this mess with gay marriage the conservatives did because of their own delusional and paranoia and insecurity!

  • Tom

    @ Kevin

    You are nuts!

  • angus

    I don’t know what is worse. The right wing hate or the ignorance.

    Democrats only want the rich to pay fair fair share. It’s a novel concept to the Republicans

    The liberals want to take the country forward – the conservatives want to take it back.

    • Brett

      No, the libs want to sit at home, do te tappity-tap on their PC all day, demanding more handouts from every level of government, while giving little or NOTHING back.
      Getting FATTER and DUMBER by the DAY, raising the costs of law enforcement, WELFARE, and all other entitlements, while demanding their ‘privacy’, so they don’t have to show an ID when voting, or submit to a DRUG TEST when collecting WELFARE PAYMENTS. They think that they have more ‘rights’ than those who actually PAY THE TAXES, and I’m not talking about just paying taxes on that bottle of “Old Engish 800”, baby.

  • Tom

    @ rottdogge

    There is no such thing as natural or normal. The only place those things exist is in the little bubble you and other social conservatives live in.

  • Finally

    Having the amendment on the ballot will get every Democrat and Liberal out for the vote. Goodbye Republican majority.

    • Kevin

      Oh gosh…..arent they all busy tossing salad?

      • Oh gawrsh

        Another ignorant comment. Keep reminding people how dim-witted social conservatives are.

  • Tom

    Completely and totally meaningless.

    Why did they waste everyone’s time with this nonsense?

    They are nuts.

  • Irv

    This is easy. You either agree with this ban, or you agree with the US constitution and are not very patriotic. I think thats the term the conservatives like to throw around. Sanctity of Marriage is what the ban is supposed to protect. Sanctity means “Holiness, Saintliness, or religious” according to the dictionary. First ammendment states that the “Gov. shall not make any laws respecting the establishment of RELIGION.” Its the seperation clause. So why are we trying to make “Religious” laws? This ammendment flies strate in the face of the US constitution.

  • Rockfish

    But the council, when asked about a new stadium for the Vikings, said they would have to hold a referendum for the public to determine if they should respond to our question.

  • max

    One can only pity your ignorance.

  • Brett

    Idiot city council goes right along with an idiot mayor. This is news? Look, if this is what you people in Mpls want, FINE. Just don’t think tha tthe REST of US are so eager and willing to tag along. Those of us on the OUTSIDE don’t think that those of you on the ‘inside” are all that much smarter, or WISER. Do what you want to do, leave the rest of us out of it.

  • Ben Dover

    I am a conservative. I really don’t care if gay people want to get married or if women want an abortion as long as they do not taxe me to do so. There is many things Iwould not do or partake in but I don’t sit in judgemnt of others that do as long as they support their own lifestyle.

  • Kevin
  • Kevin

    @ Tom the salad tosser……Oh and that whole morality thing……now go back to bed….the gerbal will makes it way out….silly little sackless liberal….

  • Sara

    Trolling Much?? That comment made absolutely no sense. You do know that gay marriage is considered bad in islam too right??

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