Trend Of Earlier Botox Treatments Hits Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s been a trend for years on the coasts: Women in their 20s and early-30s getting Botox injections to fend off wrinkles. Now, it’s a trend in Minnesota, too. But does someone that age really need to spend hundreds on anti-wrinkle injections?

Jillian Gessell, 31, is a mother and a professional chef. Since she was 29, she’s been getting Botox treatments.

“I feel fresher,” she said. “I feel more revived looking.”

However, she said some of her friends and family have questions.

“In fact, my dad said, ‘you get Botox? You don’t need Botox,'” said Gessell.

Dr. Brian Zelickson said in the past year in his Edina practice he has treated more women earlier in their life.

Thirty-four-year-old Alison Utne a sales professional says she was starting to notice lines in her forehead. She has had two treatments and regrets not doing it earlier.

“I love the results. I am going to come about three to four months to get filled in. I feel younger and fresher,” she said. “If I start doing it now, the less I may need it in the future.”

While older women can have noticeable before and after results, Botox in younger women is more subtle.

“It can keep the wrinkles from even appearing or getting worse,” said Zelickson.

Even so, the effects wear off between three and six months and its expensive — an average of $300 a session.

Zelickson says it is not for everyone, but it does work.

“It’s an easy fix that we can do and if it’s makes them happy and they can afford it, then there is very little downside to doing it,” said Zelickson.

While Botox is available in many salons and even dentist offices, Zelickson says if you get a treatment, go to a medical professional who does the procedure frequently.

Botox is a form of the toxin found in Bocculism. If it’s given incorrectly, it can lead to side effects like droopy eyes.

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