MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The chairwoman of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents says she’s seeking two legal opinions on whether regent and former state House speaker Steve Sviggum has a conflict of interest with a new Republican staff job at the Capitol.

Chairwoman Linda Cohen says the university legal counsel and an independent Minneapolis attorney will separately render opinions. She says when they’re issued, she’ll either advise the board to make a decision or assemble a committee to look further into the matter.

Cohen says it appears to her that Sviggum is in conflict between his regent duties and job as chief spokesman for Senate Republicans at the Capitol.

Sviggum did not immediately return an e-mail seeking comment. He previously said he doesn’t think the two jobs create a conflict of interest.

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Comments (7)
  1. Michelle B. says:

    The swigster should just go away permenantly. He is useless republican garbage.

  2. UofM says:

    Let’s see…
    One group seeks to cut funding for education.
    One group seeks to get more funding.

    Nope. No conflict there.

    Why did the U have this idiot working for them in the first place.

  3. B. Michelle says:

    If Republicans are garbage, then democrats are filthy aids-spreading piles of dung. Which is clearly worse than being garbage.

  4. angus says:

    Democcrats: Cleaning up Republican messes since 1933.

    The Board is all white people, Sviggie is white, they will find a way to let him have his way and continue to feed at the public trough. Apparently minorities are fine as long as they don’t try to have a say in anything.

    The Board should remember you must not only be innocent but appear innocent

    1. Filfian says:

      Wrong, they are not all white. But they are almost all democrats which is the problem at the U. As B said above both dems and reps are wrong, but dems are wronger!

  5. Murph says:

    Magic Twanger, Froggy had one! GOP politicians and public institutions do not mix ! They only want their rich friends to give them a little money in order to vastly enrich their “donors” later! For some reason STEALING by politicians is rarely prosecuted! We have to change that and very quickly.They have some crazy idea that slave wages are going to make the economy stronger.Now if that idea didn’t escape the rear side of a bull, then I am Santa Claus and all you’se are my elves!

  6. Swamp Rat says:

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck it isn’t a gravy boat? This is a case of a conflict of interest that smells to high heaven and can’t be justified morally or politically. Steve Swiggum should know better. Doesn’t this sound like a monetary double dipping case from the taxpayer public money well?

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