Man Charged With Stealing Thousands In Detergent

WEST ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A 53-year-old South St. Paul man has been charged with theft, after police say he stole thousands of dollars worth of detergent from a retailer.

According to the criminal complaint, Patrick Paul Costanzo was spotted on surveillance video pushing carts full of detergent out of a store without paying for it.

Police met with a loss prevention employee at the store in West St. Paul who said the inventory audit showed an abnormal loss of Tide laundry detergent.

According to loss prevention, the total thefts documented on video surveillance was estimated at approximately $6,000. They also told police that over the past 15 months, inventory reports showed a loss of $25,000 in missing laundry detergent.

Video surveillance showed the same man taking detergent and other items on four out of five days during the week, without paying for it.

On Feb. 8, the suspect, later identified as Costanzo, entered the store and attempted to push out another cart of items without paying for them but was detained by staff.

Video surveillance showed that in addition to the date of Costanzo’s arrest, he was seen at the store on 28 days between Jan. 1 and Feb. 7, selecting laundry detergent and other items. The total amount of merchandise taken between those dates was $6,339.09.

  • sw

    What a dirty man!

    • nope

      on the contrare! he washed them clothes,and washed ’em,and washed ’em….

      • Kd


  • jackactionhero

    Looks like he’s been drinking it all…

    • THAT was funny


    • dan p

      went to school with him (well, attended the same jr/high school)… he’s always been kinda goofy.

  • HDMC

    Damn, there goes my supplier. now where am i going to get my black market Tide?

  • Jimmy

    Did he come clean?

  • Twins FAN

    But he NEEDED it to qualify to be on my strange addiction…..

  • Crazy Joe

    Guess he did not make a clean get away.

  • Rich D.

    Well at least he came clean about it.

  • Rita

    what the heck he must have Obsessive compulsive behavior wonder what he did with it all cant wait to hear the reason

  • Crazy Joe


    • R U Joking


    • It's Kevin.. Aint DUHversity Grand

      That is Kevin the coward!

  • Rufus Larkin

    Can’t say that this thief made a clean getaway!

  • Rufus Larkin

    Tide does cost too much.

    • Doc Chuck

      Yeah, WAY over-priced!

  • Andy

    What, do you make meth with it?

  • Willfred

    Is that Bono?

    • X-Puffer

      Outstanding! It is Bono!

    • Dave

      Damn….beat me to it. Ok, so how bout “Bono and Tide?”

  • maxey

    Looks like he uses it to wash his hair.

  • pete

    Maybe he is in the money Laundering business. :)

  • laughter good meds

    Seriously this comment section is gut splitting funny….too easy

  • BJohnson

    Why do Eskimos wash their clothes in Tide?
    Because it’s too cold Out Tide!

    • DONNA

      WOW THAT’S BAD. Very good.

  • Rocky

    How in the F can a guy just load up a cart and push it out without paying or anybody stoping his, for over a month??? are store employees that stupid? YES… I once bought a 9 volt battery (about $3) and the clerk rang up some crazy bill (80 bucks) when i said i’m not paying it, she called the manager….she turned a little red when he explained to her about the little error…..DAAAAAA If i remember right, this was at target…..

    • tayor J

      I remember one time I got stopped at the door for a condom purchase that I’ve just made. I was like 19 at that time. Even I couldn’t sneak out with a paid box of condoms and this guy walks out with a cart load of Tide..

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    money laundering?

  • geanbee

    I guess career is washed up?

  • Skip

    Great Reporting. What store was it that the security was so lax? Basic information, you know, who what where when how, maybe why?

    • Steven Hall

      He really cleaned out the store.

  • Pauli Gela

    Was he OWS ?

    • Mike Merker

      Nope! They have shown to be allergic to soap.

  • Yup

    He should have stolen some hair care products instead.

  • X-Puffer

    Soap for a Dope

  • Jason Carle

    you guys complaining about the lack of actual info in this story and lamenting the fact that there really is no news here seem to forget that TV news is not about news at all, it is about ratings.

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