ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Vikings appear locked in to one more season at the Metrodome, with a team executive saying the club has no plans to file a notice of relocation with the National Football League ahead of a Wednesday deadline.

Vikings vice president Lester Bagley said the team remains optimistic that state lawmakers will approve a plan for a new publicly subsidized stadium this year.

“We’re making solid progress toward a solution,” Bagley said. “We’re doing everything we can to get a stadium done in Minnesota. There’s just no point to us filing that notice.”

With no apparent other market available, the Vikings had not been expected to file the notice. Yet some of their supporters had worried that a guarantee of another season in the Metrodome would wipe away any urgency lawmakers feel to head off a move. The team’s Metrodome lease expired after last season.

Bagley declined to say whether the team would soon sign a one-year lease at the Dome for the 2012 season. He repeated the team’s position that it will not extend its lease without a new stadium agreement in place.

Gov. Mark Dayton has been a key driver in trying to build support for a deal, but stadium proposals in Minneapolis and the suburb of Arden Hills each carries its own problems, including how much money the local governments can provide.

Bagley said discussions among the team, the league, the city of Minneapolis and the state have intensified toward finalizing a plan for the Dome site, but it’s not ready yet. They’re still exploring costs of that option, including what it would take to build on the east edge of the site so the team could continue playing at the Dome during most of the construction. He also said the Arden Hills site is still possible.

Owner Zygi Wilf earlier pledged $425 million toward a $1.1 billion stadium in Arden Hills, but less for a stadium built in Minneapolis, where less room is available for nearby development.

Minnesota’s budget situation is precarious and state lawmakers face election this fall, two factors that work against any stadium proposal. But Bagley said the team still feels it has momentum.

“I think our state leaders have acknowledged that if we want an NFL team in this market, we have to get a stadium deal done,” he said.

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Comments (21)
  1. Keep It Real says:

    Build it 100% yourself and everyone, except packer-fans, will support it.

    1. Mayhem says:

      Ain’t happenin’

      And I’ll support it either way

  2. Barnsley says:

    Executive? Bagley? He looks like a grey tube of tooth paste, stuffed in a suit.

  3. Sonjay says:

    Hey KEEP IT REAL I’m sure your subsidized lifestyle is sooo beneficial. If you could produce .001% of the taxes this stadium could bring in than I think were good. But I suspect you aren’t a multi-millionaire so how about you STOP harping about the INITIAL cost of attracting such people. I hate how we tout our GREAT social services and then get overwhelmed by people who don’t feel like working but then say to businesses that you are gonna paying through the nose kinds of costs to support those who feel more like breeding then actually contributing.

    1. Bobby says:

      Google these words: Publicly financed stadiums. You will find they are an economic loss.

      1. randy says:

        Where’s the economic gain from the convention center? According to the stories I’ve been reading, that complex is losing up to $7 million a year. yet we keep paying for it !

  4. dontwory22 says:

    Mr. Bagley only reason your staying is Be case the N.F.L wont brake up the Div.. next step is to sell the team..

  5. ruben says:

    They have no where to go. Period. End of story. Maybe it’s time for them to realize the majority of Minnesotans don’t want to pay for a new playground for them.

    Both the owners AND the players are rich. The team makes butt loads of money despite Zygi wanting another $41 million a year. They can pay for it themselves. The taxpayers have more important things to pay for.

    1. randy says:

      There are plenty of us who don’t want to pay for schools, bike paths, or welfare too, but we DO! Time for you naysayers to face the fact that we WILL be building a stadium and they WILL use some tax money to pay for it !!

  6. Jason says:

    Vikes go beg on another street corner.

  7. Bob says:

    I’ll fill out the form for you. You POS.

  8. RIII says:

    Why file a notice of relocation if nobody wants you?

    1. Al says:

      I’ll drive them to the bus station.

  9. Jeff Nelson says:

    why comment on a sport none of you are Great Viking Fans, Live and die with the team

    1. Bobby says:

      Did the lobotomy hurt?

  10. kp says:

    74 % of minnesota people do not want to use public funds to build a 1.1 billion dollar stadium.
    Put it to a vote, see if 74 % of the people want to put there money in when the owner of the team lives in New York City in a high rise penthouse and worth $1.3 BILLION DOLLARS.
    The people that want a stadium, send check

    1. Al says:

      That’s probably from a Tribune poll. The same BS’ers that said Ventura would come in third for the governor’s race. The same people that went bankrupt so the could rip off their unions.

      The real number is probably closer to 85-90 percent opposed.

  11. Jeff Nelson says:

    if everyone pushed for for a RACINO that would help the stadium issues and help out all minnesota Schools, Maybe if the politicians do it right it would even help get minnesota out of debt, Indidans need to realize how much more tourist would come to minnesota & might even fill there pocket books a little more…

    1. Jeff Nelson says:

      I am the dumbest person alive.

  12. brett Jennings says:

    A fine collection of what the rest of the fans in the NFL already know! You Vikings have the worst following in all of the NFL! It’s no wonder that the Packers are so far ahead of you! You think the Packer nation would ever even utter the words I’ll pack for them? I don’t think so. And the sad part is that the Vikings winning percentage is actually better than the Packers over the 51 years the Vikings have been in the league.And make no mistake,there are about 5 cities that are praying for an NFL team right now.So if you think they got nowhere to go,you are sadly mistaken. Minnesota just doesn’t deserve pro sports teams,you don’t support them and obviously just don’t understand underlying economics of professional sports! Call Baltimore and ask them how the Colts leaving worked out for them! The really sad part is that every team you get is great! The Lakers,the North Stars and now the Vikings are gonna go somewhere else to become Champs again.It’s really sad,but you people up there are bringing it on yourselves.

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