Rybak Fined For Contributions In Minn. Gov. Race

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A state campaign finance board has penalized Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak for certain contributions from lobbyists during his 2010 run for governor.

State law prohibits candidates for state office from accepting contributions from lobbyists during a legislative session. Rybak accepted three contributions of $250 each from lobbyists in April 2010 that were not returned within the permitted 60-day period.

Rybak was ordered by the state to pay a $750 fine and to fully repay the lobbyists in the next 30 days. The lobbyists were also fined the amount of their contributions.

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  • Sure

    re-call, re-call, get the Dem out

  • Grynch

    Is it just me or was it just yesterday that a handful of liberals posting comments were outraged over $47.00 worth of brochures?

  • G Dog

    Ryback isn’t making excuses like your typical Republican would do.

    Let’s just put this all behind us. Like behind Amy Koch’s big behind.

    • Jake

      Really? It seems the Republicans took responsibility saying they made an error and paid for it.

  • Tom

    WOW…$250.00? This is news? That’s gas money

    • Nate

      Times that by three and I might actually be convinced that you read the article.

  • BizOwner

    You have got to be kidding… he is a damn excellent mayor if that’s all we have on the guy.

    Rybak for Governor!

    • altavista

      Yes, Gov. of any state but MN—-Get this guy out of here!

    • Nate

      So you cast your votes for whoever made the least mistakes as opposed to what their political views are?

    • Time to go

      You must be joking. 145% increase in property taxes, a dying down town, 50K water fountains, roads are terrible, shafted tax payers for twins stadium, now trying to do the same for queens…under represented drop in property values and still sticking it to tax payers….a toaster would be a better mayor!

  • Brett

    This is too stupid to even comment on. Look Mpls, if this is what you want for a mayor, GO FOR IT. You won’t see me spend a DIME in your city if I can help it, as long has he is there. I’ve worked down there, had to do things at gov’t buildings down there, but I avoid it like the PLAGUE, and for good reason.

  • RJ

    The city had to raise taxes because your “no tax Gov. Palenty” cut everything so deep the city had no choice. This is the Rep “trickle down economics” is all about, it all just “trcikles down ” to the tax payor.

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