MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Rep. Keith Ellison says officials in Washington are still trying to find a way for Somalis in the U.S. to safely and efficiently send remittances back home.

The Somali money transfer businesses in Minnesotashut down for more than two weeks earlier this year when the bank that facilitates the transfers closed their accounts. The businesses have reopened, but are being cautious.

Ellison told reporters Thursday that he and Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken met with a U.S. Treasury official to talk about solutions.

Among them, officials are discussing a possible memorandum of understanding with banks. There is also talk of a possible license that banks could get on humanitarian grounds.

Ellison says no solution has been reached, but remittances are vital to Somalia, which is experiencing famine.

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  1. Random reader says:

    >>Ellison says no solution has been reached, but remittances are vital to Somalia, which is experiencing famine.

    Actually the UN declare the Somali famine over on February 3rd that the famine is over. Still in crisis of course, but here is a quote:

    An exceptional harvest after good rains and food deliveries by aid agencies have ended famine in Somalia for now but food stocks could run out again in May, the United Nations said on Friday.

    The famine, which was declared in July, killed tens of thousands in south and central Somalia, much of which is controlled by Islamist militants. More than 2.3 million Somalis, almost a third of the population, are still in need of aid.

    “….famine conditions are no longer present,” said a statement from the office of Mark Bowden, the U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia.

    1. Random Reader says:

      Whoops. Horrible cut/paste word salad on that post. Sorry. But you get the point.

    2. Fkafka says:

      Elliison doesn’t think people right here are starving? He needs to shed a few pounds himself.

  2. Mnducker says:

    Send payments to fund terroists, these are the same people that dragged US dead soldiers around in Mogandishu, We shouldn’t help terroists…….

  3. Norge says:

    MN can always count on Keith Ellison to fully air all Al-Queda and Muslim BrotherHood talking points to make sure the people of the US fully comply with their demands…..with the ‘Wons’ support of course….and a big thank-you to Amy and Al, (the two stooges) for giving support, comfort and aid to our enemies….you are an inspiration to all aspiring suicide bombers!!

    1. Tarek Ibn Ziyad says:

      The streets will run red with the blood of the infidels. Allahu Akbar!!!!

      1. Mrs. Ida Wendeldorfer says:

        As long as everyone has Nice Clean Warm Socks, it will be O K!

        1. Del Infirek says:

          Thank you Ida!

  4. Veteran says:

    I wish ellison would spend his energy on arresting people who are here illegally.

    1. RetroDude says:

      Many of wish that, but, Ellison is an anti-American muslim, just like his role model in the White House. Their goal is the destruction of America.

      1. Ruth says:

        Doesn’t it make you wonder how they both got elected?

  5. Kevin says:

    Why does’nt this POS worry about the blacks in N Mpls…..and just shoot the somali POS???? FU**ING ENOUGH of these stinking, lazy, violent, worthless, POS!!!

  6. good riddance says:

    Let them deliver the money personally – then don’t let them back in the US.

  7. Fkafka says:

    Their 1040’a must be incredibly complilicated – do they claim money sent back to potential terrorists’ as a deduction?

  8. gale says:

    Take a vote. This is not an issue to the vast majority of folks in Mpls./Mn. Why does the metro area put Mr. Ellison back in office with these kind of views?

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