FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Some locked-out American Crystal Sugar Co. workers are joining workers in Ohio locked out by Cooper Tire on a 1,000-mile tour through six states.

About 1,300 Crystal workers have been locked out since Aug. 1 in a contract dispute. About 1,000 workers at Cooper Tire’s plant in Findlay, Ohio, were locked out Nov. 28.

The Bakery Workers and United Steelworkers unions say the “Journey for Justice” tour will start in the North Dakota city of Fargo on Wednesday. The Grand Forks Herald reports that stops are expected in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana before the tour concludes Feb. 27 in Findlay.

Rallies, fundraisers and other events are planned.

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Comments (11)
  1. Barnsley says:

    Boy, that will show ’em.

  2. Sean says:

    Things will really turn around now.

  3. Stanley Peterson says:

    Wise Up to all you people in the Rust Belt. Settle Strike or your jobs will all to the South, Mexico or China. Look at Honeywell, Ford just to name the many.

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      Funny how the companies won’t negotiate with the unions. They are finding themselves showing losses. As for the unions, they need to show everybody that all they wanted is streamlined affordable benefits and tweaked wages without being bankrupted in this economy. The strikes could have been settled months ago but like the politicians in their respective states and Washington–gridlock prevails.

      Well, I am not buying sugar from American Crystal or Cooper Tires until these matters are solved. The strikes can be settled amicably on both sides but probably not soon. Here again, goodbye American jobs to the offshore/out-of-country places. When is this job exodus going to stop?

  4. Land of the Free says:

    You’re mandatory union dues, hard at work.

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      The issues are just a bit more complicated than that. Both sides are a bit pig-headed and adversarial in that nobody was/is willing to sit down honestly and work out how to best proceed. If anyone has been following the issues involved, “compromises” on both, labor and company sides, could have been achieved months ago. These strikes are just more examples of the condition this country is in.

      It’s NOT a matter of union dues but a matter of the American ethic being eroded by the conditions of our times. Think about it!!!

  5. Fact says:

    Good grief its been since August give it up and get a job already.

    1. Reality says:

      Can we say Northwest Airline Mechanics. How long did those losers strike by the airport before they finally gave up and realized that there jobs had been replaced and they were not going to come back. I bet some of those folks wish they were not represented by the union. If I had work for the Airline as a mechanic I would have been a scab and proud of it. Let union people strike but when there job becomes open I and others will swoop up on those right away.

    2. Swamp Fox says:

      Good Grief to you! Some of these local folks worked for American Crystal for many years. The company saw that the contract talks were coming and needed to sit down and talk with the union. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, the talks turned ugly and gridlocked so the lock-out happened.

      Unfortunately both sides are acting like the present US government in DC and MN state government in St.Paul. Divisiveness and gridlock prevail without either side compromising to come a consensus to end this bitter strike. Everyone is losing out in this this. This gridlock and bitterness is what happening all over this country.

      Both sides are the blame; both sides can peacefully and amicably can end this. Many jobs are at stake. The only jobs available. So you just can’t say “get a job” when it is the job that the strike is about. In the region of the sugar company the only available jobs are the strikers’ jobs!

      Find out why the strike and locked-out occurred before you pontificate–“get a job”!!! Who knows, if you are working, your job may be next on the deleted list. Like to see you find “immediate” employment. {chuckle}

      1. Common Cents says:

        Actually, no. American Crystal replaced you with capable workers willing to do the job for what they were willing to pay. Problem solved.

        Its factory work, does not jusitfy 70 bucks an hour. Work or be replaced, whoops, too late.

        Don’t worry, the union will take care of your “rights”… (chuckle)

  6. Cry me a river says:

    Jesus, you morons still at it? Give it up already – nobody want to pay you and your worthless union for substandard, half-@$$ed work. Get off your @$$es and retrain to learn proper work ethics and real skills. Can’t afford it? That’s your problem, and your problem only. Want government sponsored work? Move to China. Just stop your pitiful “poor me” attitude, and start acting like a REAL American. with a mission…

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