By Liz Collin

ROSEMOUNT (WCCO) — Some bars and restaurants in Rosemount are fed up over what they say are unnecessary police pullovers. The city’s police chief is now taking a close look at traffic stops to see if something’s wrong.

At Carbone’s Pizza and Pub, the lunch rush has become a safer bet for business than what many believe is happening at night.

Co-Owner, Dave Landgrebe says it’s been a problem at his place for the last few months.

“If you leave here, you’re pulled over. For you name the reason, they got one,” Landgrebe said.

He says police park and wait outside for customers or workers to pull over with the hope of catching a drunk driver.

Landgrebe says the reasons he’s heard are never very strong.

“Their license plate light is too light, lights are out, windows are tinted. One guy had snow on his license plate,” Landgrebe said.

The VFW up the road has also noticed more cops around closing time. Steven Poppler, a manager, worries about what it will do for business.

“It’s a small issue, but getting larger as the weeks go by,” Poppler said.

A manager at Rudy’s Eye Grill says so many customers have complained they’ve stopped coming. Now, the business could close.

Rosemount Police Chief Gary Kalstabakken says his department has not stepped up DWI patrols on purpose.

“Our intention certainly is not to drive away their business,” Kalstabakken said.

The department’s made 35 arrests since the first of the year. Police made 100 arrests all of last year. Four or five years ago, the numbers were much higher, police made more than 200 arrests.

The numbers for all traffic stops were not available when WCCO visited the department.

“We don’t want officers to make bad stops. We don’t believe they do based upon what we’ve seen at this time,” Kalstabakken said.

Businesses like Carbone’s don’t condone drunk driving. In fact, it has a sober cab program. But, many customers and workers believes it’s gone beyond that, the intimidation factor is keeping customers out of town and closing doors hours ahead of schedule.

“Our job is to work together and right now we’re miles apart,” Landgrebe said.

In all, six businesses have taken their complaints to the city council. Now, the Police Chief will review video from all traffic stops in the last few months and present his findings to the council next month.

The Chief did say the department has not received any formal complaints from people who have been pulled over.

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  1. Andy says:

    Wow that’s awesome, run me out of buisness! Now let’s get the apologist responding below with “they are just doing there job” excuse, or better “they are just making it safer for everybody.”. We had this same problem at a bar I worked at. Use a lot of decoys between 9PM and 11PM, and midnight to 2:30. Trust me it works, and they will get frustrated and tone it down.

    1. See BS says:

      Why don’t all the businesses join forces and hire an affordable shuttle and taxi services. In some places you can just drop people off at a local 24 hour Perkins or Denny’s like it’s a taxi hub.

      The State of Minnesota should really offer tax exemptions for shuttle and taxi services who provide reliable transportation for drinking customers.

      Local Motels with free shuttle services should get tax exemptions to help make motel stays more affordable for people who want to get drunk.

      Why does everything have to revolve around people getting a drunk driving conviction?

      1. Sonjay says:

        You obviously have ZERO idea of the costs to insure, maintain, and fuel a shuttle that would be “affordable”. You also want to of course subsidize yet ANOTHER form of transportation. We have all seen how well subsidizing the buses has kept them competitive and high in quality.

        1. See BS says:

          So how does Pizza hut or Park Tavern make money? They send a car to your home and the Pizza guy is in your driveway WITH A CAR.

          You pay for the Pizza and give him a few bucks for a tip.

      2. @ BS says:

        You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen on these boards. You’re comments are always compete nonsense. “Why don’t they just buy a teleporter to beam people home, and then offer a property tax rebate funded by a tax on kittens?”

        1. See BS says:

          I know a bar owner who has a shuttle bus — and he doesn’t charge his customers for a ride.

          It’s just a threat to Union thugs who get job security from people who blow .09

          Common Sense is extremely threatening to DFLers who get “Rule 25” money.

        2. See BS says:

          So you’re saying the Pizza delivery transportation system is crazy too eh’?

      3. Ed says:

        Carbone’s had a bus. If you were local, they would drop you off at your house. But, the city made them stop using it.

  2. Veteran says:

    Well, somebody has to pay for the big government we have. They need “revenue” to pay for illegals and wars. Wait until they start kicking in your doors looking for some trumped up charges to get court costs from you.

    1. me_to says:

      Nothing like turning this in to a politac thing way to go @vet

      1. Veteran says:

        It’s not political if it is true goofy. I know watching Obama repeating this pitch has made you unable to think.
        Ever been to a domestic violenece seen? Let’s kick in every door and see what’s going on. This is about money, the government needs it and it’s going after it

    2. steve says:

      You are so right Vet

  3. angus says:

    Good to review with the officers but I think Andy and Veteran should go to a few dwi fatalities and have to notify family members they just lost their son, dad, spouse etc.

    Andy, what kind of dive were you working at that you resort to nasty little tricks to keep drunks on the road? If they weren’t pulling over drunks they would not be there.

    1. Andy says:

      You’re right angus, so the alternative should be just pull everyone over that leaves the bar. To hell with rights, and the buisness owners.

      1. JC says:

        Sinners who partake of the devil’s lubricant deserve what they get. Bars are nothing more then dens of iniquity for the profane. Keep up the good work officers!

        1. Andy says:

          The religios nut case weighs in!

        2. big banjo says:

          another religious whacko speaks out but i’ve got news for you and all the other religious whackos out there…..the devil does not need, use, or want lubricant—he will do you dry each and every time no matter where he wants to puts it…….it is inherent police mentality to lie in wait for possibilities without considering the damage they may be causing to business and clientele and repeat business……..the cops need to be told by their chief to simply stay the heck away from the area unless there is A KNOWN problem at hand……just because an establishment sells liquor does not mean evryone or even just one is drunk and going to drive…….these cops are more of a detriment and a liability than they are an asset to the community with the way they think and operate.

          1. imho says:

            The article points out 35 DWI arrests in the first seven weeks of 2012. If Rosemount PD continues targeting DWI offenders at that rate, they’ll have 260 DWI arrests for the year [compared to 100 in 2011]. The argument that there’s a lack of a “KNOWN problem at hand” has no merit. Any department that identifies a known crime problem, applies their resources towards addressing it, and produces those kinds of results deserves recognition. If a driver gets pulled over without probable cause for a stop, they can file a complaint [there should have squad car video cameras in Rosemount]. However, if you get pulled over for a petty violation as an officer is looking for drunks, oh well. #1, it’s a legal stop. #2, that’s the price you might have to pay in a town where there’s a KNOWN drunk driving problem. Hopefully the sober drivers hear “sorry for the inconvenience, have a good night” – and you are quickly on your way with simply a warning for the equipment/moving violation that initially justified the stop…. If someone really feels strongly that they have a good strategy for addressing impaired driving in that city, let’s hear it. Aside from the great work being done by the officers at Rosemount PD, the article sheds light on two ugly truths: 1] drunks will always feel entitled to drive 2] whiners will always whine

            1. Karen T says:

              There is no apology. I have been followed home twice in the last two weeks. It’s completely nerve racking, even though I am sober. I don’t want to deal with the harrassment. It may seem like no big deal to a patron here or there…but when employees have been pulled over 5 times in two months with no citation…that’s frustrating. I would hate to leave work and think, I’m gonna get pulled over. Drink and driving is wrong, but harrassing everyone in the area will hurt business. No one wants to deal with it. Most people misunderstand and think that it’s about allowing drinking and driving. I got out and I have a beer and about 4 sodas before leaving, I don’t think I should be following all the way home. Not to mention they speed up to get behind me last minute and swerve over lanes of traffic hoping it will scare me and I will swerve so they have a reason to pull me over. It’s ridiculous. It’s so not about letting or being okay with people drinking and driving.

        3. kevin says:

          You must be sore!

        4. steve says:

          Go F yourself JC you wack job.

    2. No DWIs here says:

      It would be different if they were actually getting DWI offenders – they’re just pulling people over in this case.

  4. jq says:

    Don’t drink and drive.

    1. johnnycmoun says:

      This bar complaint is justifying that their patrons are leaving sober enough to go home but get pulled over anyway jq and angus! The unneccessary pull-overs is because of cop hunts and unjustified pull-overs. It’s a joke –

    2. me_to says:

      So how many of you people life in rosemount? I know I do and I have been pulled over just because I am coming home from work(I work 2nd shift) with a lame excuse

      1. Curtis says:

        Yeah, years ago when I worked the 2nd shift in Rosemount I got pulled over ” just to check on me” since I was by a school I worked at. Over zealous?
        I guess if a cop has a feeling about something it’d be hard not to check them out.

  5. Andy says:

    I think I’m going to start a crime spree in rose mount. Sounds like the cops don’t have anything better to do.

    1. Tc Kelly says:

      Andy, is that really fair? I mean starting problems somewhere else so the police cannot do their jobs? Quite immature.

  6. Brett says:

    Harassing bars and their patrons for no good reason serves nor helps ANYBODY. I’ve seen this before, and it’s stupid. How about some retraining in something called “probable cause” or “reasonable suspicion”?? I’m not condoning drunk driving at all, but there should be a reasonable balance between enforcing the laws and citizens’ rights. Not everybody leaves a pizza joint falling down drunk, in fact, I doubt that most people leave such a place falling down drunk. If this is the way it’s gonna be, then cut the liquor tax in half, otherwise, see what happens to your city, county, and state budgets.

    1. John says:

      You obviously have no clue what probable cause is, any violation of the traffic laws is probable cause to make a traffic stop. the couple things that the idiot Carbonnes owner said his customers have been stopped for are all traffic laws.

      1. Brett says:

        Ah, I think that I’ve been around long enough to know what “probable cause” is by now. I see people driving around all the time with headlights/tailights out, yet they don’t get pulled over, because they aren’t leaving the parking lot of a BAR or a restaurant with a BAR. Making a lot of assumptions, aren’t we?

        1. Tc Kelly says:

          Probable cause could be just about anything they care to pull a person over with. A simple plate light, headlight, car leaning to one side, ect. I’m not going after you directly Brett, This just strikes me where the heart is.

      2. Brett says:

        I see traffic laws broken just about every few minutes that I’m on the road, only I don’t see a COP right there to issue the idiot driver a ticket. So id you are going to enforce traffic laws, I would like to see them enforced in a more level-headed way, not just hoping to snag a DWIer, just because a light is out, or a driver “swerved” only ONE time.

      3. Brett says:

        I haven’t been pulled over by a cop for over 20 years. When I was, for speeding, he asked if I had been drinking. I said I had ONE beer during lunch. He broke out his breathalyzer, I blew, he said I failed the test. When he realized how aggravated I became, knowing that I knew he LIED, he said, “Oh, I was just kidding, just slow it down.” REALLY? That’s how cops get trained?

        1. Hal says:

          Judging from your posts I would guess the cop would jerk your chain for a good laugh. I bet the waiters spit in your food.

          1. imho says:

            now that’s funny…!

    2. Tc Kelly says:

      Brett, It is NOT harassment. The law should read, NO booze on the blower. I am a victim of a drunk driver when I was 19. 20 years later, 6 back surgeries, thousands of dollars in meds a month later, *I* am the one that suffers day after day with horrible pain. My life is a living hell. Why should I have to suffer all my life because some ass decided to ruin my life! At least she was killed in my accident which I have no problems with. Call that a small amount of justice from me to all the other people that suffer from drunk drivers!

      1. Brett says:

        I’ve been the victim of a drunk driver as well, and like I said, I don’t condone DRUNK DRIVING, so don’t put ANY words into my mouth.

      2. Brett says:

        BIG difference between having one or two and being DRUNK, which typically means 4 or more. Sorry for your pain and suffering, but I am not responsible.

        1. Tc Kelly says:

          One an hour is the limit on average. More then one an hour, you will blow as drunk. even if you are just buzzed, that still is drunk driving. I can only hope I am alive the day the government actually does something right and make it a felony for ANY level of alcohol in the system while driving

          1. Brett says:

            OK, whatever you say. Say, did you know that the average BAC of a DWI bust is almost TWICE the legal limit? Guess not.

          2. Ines Beag says:

            1 an hour? Ya if your a 90 pound woman who never drinks! A 200+ pound man that is a professional drinker,,, 1 an hour?

          3. Mr. Happy Hour says:

            @tc….here take some nachos, it is my body….and here, take some Miller, it is my blood.

          4. Brett says:

            You are not a rational thinker, and I hope that you are not in a position to write or sign any laws. You are acting on emotion, not rationale, and I find that very troubling. I wonder if you would feel as emotional if you got run over from behind while riding a motorcycle during the day, and the moron who hit you from behind was STONE COLD SOBER, but was reaching for a DONUT on the passenger seat. and GET THIS…..he never even got a TICKET, for ANYTHING.

            1. Brett says:

              Oh, and by the way, the COP said, “Let the NO FAULT INSURANCE (translation: YO FAULT) take care of it. Hire a LAWYER (which I did) and SUE. GREAT. Let me tell you, it is a lousy solution to an obvious problem, and the driver basically got off SCOT FREE. And you and I are paying for it with higher insurance premiums.

      3. Brett says:

        YES, it IS harassment. If you want to bust me for DUI, with all of the penalties, fines, embarassment, you had better have you chit together, because it is a SERIOUS CHARGE. Don’t think so? Go ahead and get busted for it, and tell me that it is no big deal.

      4. Brett says:

        NO, the law is what it is. The reason we have a “limit'” is because most people don’t drive like a total moron after only one or two beers. That’s called COMMON SENSE. When you had your ‘accident’, what was the BAC of the offending driver?
        .10? .20? WHAT? Take your emotions out of the arguement,and try to argue in a reasoned, rational manner.

  7. Brett says:

    I didn’t know that they had such a huge drunk driving problem in Rosemount. Maybe somebody can come up with some statistics on the number of DWI arrests, accidents, and fatalities caused by drunk driving in that area.

    1. Frankie says:

      The story clearly stated 35 arrests since the beginning of the year. That is 5 arrests a week. I would say they uncovered a problem. In terms of research, are you too lazy to do your own? You certainly had plenty of time to fill up the board with posts.

      1. bdlagain says:

        It didn’t say dui arrests Frankie

  8. John says:

    All the traffic laws are available online to look up, go ahead and look up something that you have been pulled over for I bet you find there is a law for it, And really , the customers are complaining about what ? getting a warning, oh wait unless they are drunk, but I guess maybe drunk drivers should be allowed to continue driving as long as its good for business. Yep its the cops that are hurting your business, not the poor economy. Carbonnes is mad because there customers are not drinking as much so they are not making as much money. Its funny how everyone likes to complain about the police but when someone is breaking in to their house or a loved one needs CPR they call. How can a business be pro DWI enforcement and complain when its being done. Carbonnes, Rudy’s, and the VFW have just lost my business and I’m a member of the Rosemount VFW, great way to represent those who have served and are still serving.

    1. johnnycmoun says:

      Hey Johnny Copper Tone, This is Johnnycmoun AKA Johnny Utah! The owner of Carbonnes is complaining because his customers are telling him that the police enforcement in his area of business is BS! Are you saying that all six business owners are full of poop! Believe me, I’m a military vet. and I know many of the pullovers are unneccessary because I also have many 5-0 friends. Why do people like you always talk about fatalities and victims of DUI. The owners are saying back-off alittle, if they have statistical infromation from their customers with oolice pull-overs and all they have is warnings given to them then maybe Johnboy it’s because police abuse of authority. You know what happens in MN in the winter in MN? It snows: ) and sometimes it covers up the license plate, should drivers pull-over on the side of the road every 10 miles and make sure their license plate is clear or should a cop make a smart judgement call and look for other driving distractions??? I served in war zones and I’m a proud of the Rosemount VFW voicing their opinion and I hope they never serve you again! I don’t even live near Roseville but I hope you never go their again because you don’t deserve their respect and you certainly don’t deserve their veterans respect. No one is complaining about spending money in these places so why do you reference a poor economy! Call your buddy Obama up and tell him about the economy! Anyway, your way off base and I hope people know you and don’t serve you!

      1. Frankie says:

        PSTD and drinking? What does living in Roseville have to do with bars in Rosemount?

      2. really people says:

        wow your intelligence represents vets really well. Thank goodness I dont judge an entire group of people based on one person.Where is there statistical information, really???? Did they do a survey or study, was it legit, cause they certainly didnt cite it in the article. The people who the business owners say are complaining; did they get DUI’s if so who cares(don’t drink and drive). The article says there were other years when there were more DUI’s; so then why is this the issue now, seems like the poor economy could be a factor. Everyone knows the snow doesn’t stick to your plate while you are driving, geez been in MN long? Are you a police officer, do yo know how to do their job, what would be a “smart judgement call” to you based on the fact you are probably not a police officer. If you were in the war zones did you ever get second guessed or told how to do your job when you were over there by people who had no idea what you were going through. If you did maybe you should think back to see how correct those people were who were standing on the sidelines telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. I bet you had a better understanding of how things needed to be done seems how you were the one doing it. (but maybe not who knows) But it does look like you are here now standing on the sidelines telling officers how to do their jobs and my guess is you are not an officer seems how you said you had many 5-0 friends.

        1. Karen T says:

          Actually they said it was employees that were sober. And numerous patrons who were sober have been pulled over and not ticketed repeatedly. People who don’t get what they are talking about shouldn’t comment. It’s not about allowing drunken driving it’s about targeting anyone driving in that particular area at night. They aren’t located anywhere else at night. They are near all the bars and that is where they park. I live there, there is always traffic throughout the entire city. I don’t like thinking, well if I don’t want to be followed or pulled over for a license plate light, I better not go out past dark. No one on this comment section is condoning drinking and driving and anyone who thinks they are … is simply not intelligent at all.

    2. Redbull says:

      That was the American Legion, not the VFW, so if you were really a member you would have known the difference

      1. bdlagain says:

        Actually it was the VFW on the news. All of you are complaining about this & most of you don’t even live down here & are way off subject. The fact of the matter is this; you can not even drive thru Rosemount after 8 @ night w/o risking being pulled over. Doesn’t matter if you were @ the yarn shop in town. They pull over everyone, usually w/ a lame excuse & sometimes w/ a made up one. Your tail light is out, but when you get home it is magically back on! They are pulling over people w/ hopes of getting a fine of any sort & that is not fair! I DO live down here & these 35 arrests were NOT all dui’s! They are putting all the arrests they’ve made so far this year into that number for whatever reason (ex. shoplifting, domestics, speeding) but I Do know 5 people who were pulled over last Saturday night for a lame excuse w/ hopes of getting an arrest or fine!

  9. Doug says:

    I’d like to see the “x were pulled over y got a dwi” information — I think the point is they are pulling people over because the car was in the bar parking lot, etc. I know, I’ve seen it. “too dim license plate light”. You were swerving INSIDE the lane (yes, these are both real)

    I don’t think the bar owners ever said “don’t enforce DWI” just don’t follow people around or pull them over just because their car was in our parking lot!

    1. John says:

      You realize that the bars complaining are located on one of the busiest roads in Rosemount, right off of HWY 3, guess the cops should go to the roads where no one is to enforce laws.

      1. Curtis says:

        That’s true, The strip in Rosemount is about a mile and the Police Station is just off of Hwy 3. Cops cruise the road all of the time. I recall one time when I left a bar in Rosemount I turned wide and a patrol saw it. He followed me for awhile and ran my plate but never pulled me over. I’m sure it was prime time too, a Friday night after work around closing.

  10. Serpico says:

    The whole reason I became I cop was so I could push people around with impunity.

    Don’t take this away from me

  11. Susan says:

    Wow, I socialize in rosemount all the time and have never once been pulled over after leaving one of the bars there. But if I were, I wouldn’t be worried about it since I don’t drink and drive.

    1. Crazy Joe says:

      That’s a good point, I don’t either so nothing to worry about. I don’t mind a conversation with the cops I just hope I am not wasting his/her time.

      1. imho says:

        Crazy Joe = the voice of reason

        [and Susan too].

  12. If They Only Knew says:

    Child’s complaints–ere is the main key that these restaurants should be asking and can support with evidence. That’s the only way you can get a “chief” to hold his breath.

    —are these traffic stops coming when overtime (1 1/2 times regular salary) is being paid by Federally funded programs. Of course, people are safe at noon because regular salary is being paid. And its not just drunk driving. Speed or seal belt special enforcements. Can the stats be proved? Absolutely. Find out if the citations are being issued versus the officer’s receiving that enforcement money. Rosemount doesn’t have the business tax base where its customers are diluted in bigger cities (more freeways-roads-etc) so its easier to spot this problem. Rosemount is in Dakota County, one of those targeted counties. Are death rates down because of enforcement. Barely. Research has proven that the economy has the largest chunk of impact in the lower death rates.

  13. dan says:

    If you’re not drunk you have nothing to worry about. All the reasons mentioned for the stops are legit reasons for a stop. If you have snow on your plate the cops cant read it thus illegal. You better have your license plate light working etc. The cops are doing a great job. Find one and shake his/her hand and thank them.

    1. Andy says:

      Great job fob for harassing law abiding citizens? That’s called a police state. Again rose mount bar owners, if you read this use the decoys for the times I said above, it worked for me. They will get frustrated and tone it down.

      1. dan says:

        They are not law abiding if their equipment isn’t working or they are drunk. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE.and you’ll be fine…

      2. Karen T says:

        I would gladly volunteer to do this for them any day of the week.

  14. Tc Kelly says:

    You are right Dan. A cop can always find a legal way to pull you over. Of course, some do push the envelope, but I would happily be pulled over and safe then take a risk in ruining someone else’s life.

    1. Andy says:

      So kelly you are for cops violating rights and abusing their power. What you are describing is a police state, you want a police state?

      1. Criminals Rule says:

        Am all for criminals violating my rights like breaking into my car or breaking into my friends house. Also if would like to be the first to volunteer to go to the family residence whose loved one died as a result of alcohol related crash please call your local police department and tell them you want to do that. Am sure the family would love to hear that since we live in a police state and the police shouldnt be stopping people who might be impaired that they would open their arms and give you a big hug and say you are right. Don”t drink and drive-wow its that easy

  15. AW says:

    I would love to read all these comments but I’m so damn drunk I’m going pass out before I get them all read!

  16. Tc Kelly says:

    No Andy, I am very anti government. They are as crooked as the day is long, I am however, against people under the influence of anything that can be used as a weapon like a car, gun,ect. If the owners of these places are responsible, the police would have no reason to bother them.

    1. Brett says:

      Business owners are NOT the police. Yes, they have a responsibility to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone who is OBVIOUSLY DRUNK, but when was the last time you saw a bartender with a breathalyzer strapped to their belt?

  17. jeff says:

    They should come to Aitkin on vacation and leave on probation, been an ongoing problem here for years.

  18. Andy says:

    I agree with you about government, but people drinking and driving is not the bar owners fault. With your logic there shouldn’t be bars at all because the owners can’ drive everyone home. The point of this article was not to say the owners were irresponsible, It was about cops harassing customers leaving their establishments, and hurting their buisness I hope the owners use the decoys.

    1. Tc Kelly says:

      Sometimes Andy the bar IS at fault. I work with a bar right now that all they care about is that extra $5.00 in the till. Serving people till they drop on the floor. I hate that. This is an example of a bars fault. I know that the police up here eat at carbonies all the time, but also watch them for drunk drivers. It is a double edged deal…

      1. Brett says:

        WELL THEN, make some video on your cellphone, and bust the perps. Just sayin;

      2. big banjo says:

        only a moron thinks like you… IS NOT ILLEGAL TO GET DRUNK, TO WANT TO GET DRUNK OR TO BE DRUNK…..and not every person who drinks drives away….and i’d be very wary of the food at Carbones if i were a cop, putting something gross into police food is a great way to exact revenge on those who have gone too far…..20 years ago we got our revenge on a fridley cop, he ate a couple nose hairs, some skin, and some spit for what he did in the past to certain individuals, and it was more than one occasion, LOL, revenge had been obtained. ….his initials are S.R……now in his sixties….LOL.

        1. imho says:

          I’ve read every post on this thread and yours is quite simply the most infantile and moronic commentary I’ve seen. Somehow “Banjo” in your user name seems quite fitting.

  19. Tc Kelly says:

    I will say Jeff you make a good point. Sometimes smaller communities police, do watch the bars. They are being proactive in making sure the streets are as safe as possible. You can’t really fault them for that. I do understand the owners of these places also feeling like they are being signaled out. All I can say to that is work with your police departments.

    1. Jimmy says:

      I see your point TC. I have lost a loved one by a drunk driver as well. It is 80% the bars fault for overserving and 20% for the person that is a drunk to know when to stop.

  20. joe citizen says:

    Rosemount cops are the WORST. They stop motorists for anything and if they can.t find a reason they make it up. My daughter was stopped for a tail light out so I went to fix it and guess what….it was working just fine. They are harrasing to say the least.

  21. me_to says:

    I am more worried about someone texting and driving then some who had a beer. I bet the drunk is more alert then the person texting

    1. Tc Kelly says:

      That is a moronic statement. Anything that is distracting or mind altering is NEVER safe!

      1. Brett says:

        No, it is not a moronic statement. I dodge people all the time with a cell phone either jammed in their ear or punching away at those tiny keys on their cellphone. I see LITTLE difference in the danger factor between the two.

  22. Juan says:

    Yo Amo Los Cops de Rosemount!

  23. Criminals Rule says:

    Police State??? Wow thanks for the laugh Andy!! So you want the police to ignore the drunk driver and not do their job, Maybe the businesses need to quit over serving people as well maybe and just maybe people take responibility for their actions and not drive drunk especially knowing the Police are out enforcing traffic laws. The Rosemount P.D. can keep up the great work and I feel safer driving through town knowing they are trying to keep the roads safe for everybody. Police State… lol Police State is China, Syria, North Korea… we are nothing like them and quite frank we protect the criminals more then innocent people here… oh one last thing Andy– Dont break the law and you wouldnt have any problems….

    1. Andy says:

      You’re an idiot and bootlicker

      1. Criminals Rule says:

        I know am an idiot because we live in such a police state—lol!! thanks for the insight… Maybe we should let everyone run around without due regard for people’s safety and damage things and steal things oh heck let them crash into things as well. Am sure extra costs to us the law abiding citizen would not be passed down. Have a joyous day Andy and I hope you put on the badge and go out and fight crime and try to protect the community you work for.

  24. Mr. Obvious says:

    Rosemount and Apple Valley cops can suck it. Worst bunch of nit picky cops i have ever seen.

  25. Juan says:

    Yo amo cops de Apple Valley tambien

  26. Drive Sober says:

    I lived in RSMT for 6 years – small town, small crime. Police need something to do – too bad. When you have a handful of establishments open late at night, of course they are going to get paid a lot of attention. RPD BACKOFF!

  27. Ines Beag says:

    Just pass a law that bars have a breathalyzer at the door so customers can check if they had to much. And have the machine set off the sirens in town to warn everyone that there is a potential drunk driver around. This way the cops don’t have to sit there all the time.
    P.S. Taxes, 2 many cops, election year,,,,

  28. Brett says:

    The FACT IS, is that MOST fatalities/accidents are NOT alcohol related, but that seems to be the focus of most of the anger. I don’t excuse drunk driving, but I am absolutely amazed at the lack of focus towards those who cause MOST of the accidents/injuries/fatalities, and NOBODY jas a SINGLE BAD WORD to say about them. Yet, since they are “unimpaired”, and therefore, their judgement is also not “impaired”, we give them an EASY PASS. Why is that?

    1. Frankie says:

      From the state report
      2008 in Minnesota 455 fatalities on the roads 165 alcohol related
      The 163 alcohol-related deaths in 2008 is an all-time low. Despite this news, Marti said impaired driving is still a factor in more than one-third of all deaths – which is consistent each year. She urges everyone to plan for a safe and sober ride to avoid drinking and driving. Last year, 35,736 motorists were arrested for DWI, which is about average for a year. One in eight Minnesota drivers has a DWI.

      Driving while distracted is the number one cause of accidents. What constitutes that category is broad. However 1/3 of the deaths were preventable by the driver not drinking and driving.

  29. Jimmy says:

    Maybe there should be a law that wherever you get served, can take your BAC on the spot. Maybe that would help the drunks to stay off of our roads.

  30. Darren says:

    I have worked the overnight shift for over 25 years. On my nights off I might go to a bar to have something too eat or play some poker or darts. I don’t drink alcohol, but yet I still get pulled over 5 times a month.

    I also on my nights off stay up all night and do my shopping. Walmart, Cub and Rainbow are 24 hours so I do alot of my shopping during that time, I will stop and get gas, wash and clean out my car. Can’t tell you how often I get looked at by the cops and get pulled over.

    The cops will stop you for no reason at all. The ones I have met will make up any excuse. My last ticket was in 1992 for speeding. They surround the bars at closing time just waiting for that person to leave the bar.

    1. Brett says:

      You must be a pretty lousy driver to begin with. Good thing that you DON’T DRINK.
      Otherwise, you would have a pretty good case for a massive lawsuit, which I would pursue.

    2. Brett says:

      I drink, but I don’t do the bar scene anymore, not worth the risk, and I don’t drink and drive either. You should have some mics/cameras with you if you are getting pulled over that often, for NO GOOD REASON.

  31. zee the reporter says:

    people can run the cops out of town lets do it!

  32. Bsqd says:

    Do you think leaving an establishment that serves alcohol is what these cops may consider probable cause? Have you been to the airport or the Metrodome lately? You and your bags are searched there for no particular probable cause other than you MAY be trying to carry through something you should not be. Isn’t pulling over cars that leave one of these establishments about the same as checking EVERYONE at an airport or the Metrodome? If you have a problem with the pull-overs do you have the same problem with the airport? Darren, 5 times a month every month? I really doubt that. I’ve been driving for almost 40 years and have been pulled over once and given a warning. MOST people that have a DWI or 2 or 3 did not only drive drunk the times they were caught. I’m going out on a limb and guessing hundreds of times not being caught for everytime they were caught.

  33. really people says:

    Awsome!!!! keep up the good work Rosemount PD. All these idiots have to do is not drink over the limit and they will have no problems at all. It is awsome to hear all the cry babies on here complaining. Just simply means the police are doing their jobs and doing it good.
    The business owners complaining are just as big of babies. Run a good decent business and maybe you don’t need to worry about these things. I and my friends will certainly be boycotting these businesses and I live in the area. Essentially they are asking the police to allow people to drive home drunk. What morons can you be. The only reason these business owners do not care is because it is extremely hard to prove you overserved a customer so there is no worry by the bar owner over a lawsuit. They are just greedy little dorks trying to soak up as much money as they can and do not worry about the innocent lives they put at risk asking officers not to pull people over. Everyone complains about where are the cops when you need them and here is a case of them being proactive and now you complain you do not want them. Ha ha ha what a bunch of loosers.
    Good job Rosemount PD keep up the good work, and the Rosemount City Council you guys should be embarrassed. I hope this irritates the officers and they crank out even more DUI’s.

    1. big banjo says:

      its people who think like you who make ther police think they can get away with all the bs reasons to pull people over and harrass them if they voice objection. it is NOT OK to bother people with pulling them over unless there is A LEGIT reason for doing so…..suspicion just because they just left a bar itself IS NOT reasonable and stinks like no tommorow….the police and the way they operate is surely turning our society into a police state……its no wonder so many people dislike cops—-i am one of the dislikers and i dont even drink alchohol ever..dont ever trust the cops because they are never trustworthy.

      1. Nick says:

        I’ve been pulled over late at night and told “my license plate light wasn’t working.” Guess what? I got home and my light was working just fine. That’s harassment.

      2. really people says:

        Big banjo read the story again and also listen to the owners complaint, all the people were pulled over for legit reasons. It is people like me who do nothing wrong and have nothing to fear who appreciate the police. I will take a minor inconvience of being pulled over any day. It shows the police are working hard and trying to do their jobs. I wonder how many crimes have been solved by pulling people over for tail lights out, lp lights out, one head light, charms hanging etc. Based on all the crabbing sounds like they are getting a lot of DWI’s good for the police, I also wonder how many warrants they find, car prowelrs, drugs etc from those stops. Plain and simple if they want to find criminals and DWI’s they have to have contact with people. And if contact is made based on all the little complaints here too bad do nothing wrong and then you don’t have anything to fear.
        The “bs reasons’ you are complaining about were enacted by your representatives; it is them you should be mad at and not the police. I think your anger is a bit misdirected. Look at the big picture would you, and leave those on the front line alone; they are only doing their jobs; and good might I add!!!!!!!!!!

    2. bdlagain says:

      The fact of the matter is this; you can not even drive thru Rosemount after 8 @ night w/o risking being pulled over. Doesn’t matter if you were @ the yarn shop in town. They pull over everyone, usually w/ a lame excuse & sometimes w/ a made up one. Your tail light is out, but when you get home it is magically back on! They are pulling over people w/ hopes of getting a fine of any sort & that is not fair! I DO live down here too & these 35 arrests were NOT all dui’s! They are putting all the arrests they’ve made so far this year into that number for whatever reason (ex. shoplifting, domestics, speeding) but I Do know 5 people who were pulled over last Saturday night for a lame excuse w/ hopes of getting an arrest or fine!

      1. really people says:

        Lets honestly think just for a moment!! Did you get out of your car at the time of the stop to see if your light was out. It is electrical. a simple bump could have fixed or caused the problem. Even a dim light counts if you read the statute the plate must be illuminated so they can read it from 50 feet away, so maybe it was just too dirty. I have had my license plate out and I tapped it and it came back on, have seen a couple other people do it too.
        Now really think about this, police take a risk everytime they pull someone over. They do not know who they pulling over, if they are armed, if they are wanted, did they just commit a crime, the police have to worry about other drunk drivers hitting them, other distracted drivers hitting them, the list goes on and on. I would never say there is not a dirty cop or one who doesnt play fair; but those types are so few and far between. 99.999% of our police up here in MN are great honest people. So I find a hard time believing that the police are randomly pulling people over and making things up just to take the risks associated with pulling someone over for nothing at all. If you do not agree with the statutes or the vehicle laws that is completely different than making something up; so lets keep in in perspective.
        Another thing; honestly what other profession or job do so many people crab and whine about when the person is actually doing what they are paid to do. Also I am always driving right thru rosemount on highway 3 and do the majority of shopping around Rosemount. I have only been pulled over once and that was at about 3pm. I work a 2nd shift and get off around bar close, I pass thru Rosemount all the just after bar close and have never been pulled over in the 3 years I have worked that shift. I have been followed and they turn off,,,,hmmmmm seems I must not have been doing anything wrong. Did they look at me; absolutely and I am glad they did. When I am one of only a few cars on the road at that time, I most certainly hope they take a good look at me; if they didn’t they would not be doing their jobs in my opinion.
        It is simple don’t drink too much and drive, no worries. Get a cab, walk home, or get a designated driver; again no worries. Do not over serve people, no worries. Pretty simple people, get it figured out

        1. Criminals Rule says:

          Well said!! I guess so many people want to be able to not have laws that protect people from harm. Am sure they will say its harrassment when they are caught for breaking into someone’s home because they every right to do it… Maybe the bars in rosemount would like the city to go after them for over serving people. Quit blaming others for the mistake you made and don’t drink and drive.

          1. Dakota Jim says:

            You gung-ho types really slay me. Of course, the cops are heroes for protecting you against those godless liberal lawbreakers! I’m sure they do it for free, too! This is nothing more than the police putting pressure on business owners to get what they want. In other parts of the country, a little grease works wonders.

            1. imho says:

              REALLY….? Rosemount PD is simply putting pressure on the local business owners to get payoffs!! Idiotic.

        2. Karen T says:

          Im guessing you are a cop or married to one. Sheesh. I know for a fact and live there that most people have been pulled over and NOT ticketed. If there was a valid reason as you say…where are the dang tickets?

  34. It's all about the $$$ says:

    Bottom line – DWI’s bring in the cash!! Drugs, domestic assaults, thefts, etc cost the city money, but DWI’s are a cash cow. Follow the MONEY!

    1. imho says:

      It’s NOT about the moeny. My agency had 7 DWI arrests on Friday night alone this past weekend. It ties up resources – the initial stop, the booking process, the jail time [these days a LOT of DWI charges require either $12,000. bail or a mandatory hold until the first court appearance — but wait haters,, that’s the will of the people of the great State of Minnesota],, and finally, time required for court appearances by the arresting officer/intoxylizer operator/court staff]. Follow the money….? Sure,,, it’ll lead you to the cottage industry of DWI defense attorneys. They are at 90-95% of DWI court cases.

  35. rockfish says:

    Same thing in Anoka County. There was a bar on 10 that used to have a limo to drive its customers home if need b, for freee, the sheriffs office sat outside and pulled everyone over. My wife worked there and was pulled over almost nightly after her shift. Needless to say, people stopped going and they are now closed.

  36. Citizan says:

    Common citizens should be forced to grovel before the jack booted thugs. Our Fascist regime needs the respect it is due. This is the USSA after all.

  37. bdlagain says:

    My friend WAS pulled over leaving one of these bars in Rosemount. She had been @ this bar for 3 hours playing pool. She had had 1 beer & a lot of water because we all know about the Rosemount cops. They drive thru the parking lots & write down license plate numbers & time how long the car is at a given establishment. So she gets pulled over. She’s fine obviously. When she asked why they pulled her over though, they said because she had a charm hanging from her rear view mirror! Really! This is how bad it’s become in Rosemount!!

    1. Criminals Rule says:

      Sounds like she knew that if she drank too much she would probably caught driving while under the influence. Good for her for not driving drunk and Good Job Rosemount P.D. oh and by the way it is illegal to have something hanging from your rear view mirror. Maybe the haters should make their own town and allow people to drive drunk and the bars over serve people. That would be super!!!

  38. Shane says:

    It is a death sentence for any business if the perception is one that you might get into trouble or pulled over for any reason in an area. I now know that I will not visit any establishment in Rosemount at all. I will drive by and visit the next town.

  39. Kevin says:

    Dont get drunk…..and getting pulled over means nothing…..

    1. bdlagain says:

      Actually it does, It means your time & it’s irritating if you’ve done nothing, It means you don’t want to go to these establishments. I drive for a living & have a perfect record & a zero tolerance policy @ my job, so I know better, yet I sit & wait for 15 minutes while they run background checks & whatever else they’re doing w/ my license & it’s annoying. One time I was pulled over because he wondered why I was out so late! I was coming home from the drive-in w/ kids sleeping in the car. Really? Come on that’s just b/s!!

  40. Just Me says:

    So the cops are doing their job, looking for drunk drivers. Are the bartenders also doing their jobs and cutting of patrons before they are too drunk to drive? If so the people who are stopped should not be over the limit. Therefore the cops should not be making many DWI arrests. The patron’s and bartenders both have responsibility to ensure the patron is safe and sober. The cops job should be hard to do if the patrons and bartenders are being responsible.

  41. mike says:

    There’s an easy solution for these bar owners. Become a cop bar! A vast majority of your clientele will leave completely loaded and have very little chance of getting pulled over.

  42. Darren says:

    Funny, I was on 494 the other day and a Beltrami Sherriff SUV went flying by me at least 15 mph over the speed limit. Must have been one hell of a call he had to get too in a hurry way up in Beltrami County. guess if your a cop you can do anything you please.

  43. William says:

    Cops have been doing this tactic in smaller towns for years.

  44. workingsofanidlemind says:

    I work in Rosemount….the Policia pulled me over last summer because the tinted covers on my license plates were “too dark” and I had 7 days to take them off, go to the Policia Station and have a cop sign the ticket this idiot gave me stating the covers were off. The covers were well within the Darkness Laws–same for tinted windows…for MN. In fact I had them on my SUV for 3 years. No other city ever pulled me over. NOT IN ROSEMOUNT!!! One of the dolts almost pulled me over after my wife, daughter and granddaughter left Rudy’s….YUP the idiots are out there. But they are never around on 42 in the AM when people run all those red lights….too cold? Snuggy Bear warm inside somewhere loading up on coffee and donuts probably.

  45. Dakota Jim says:

    Naive Minnesotans are so cute. This is a typical East Coast shakedown. The business owners want it to stop? Get together once a month, stuff an envelope and make a “donation to the police department’s favorite chartity.” End of crackdown.

    1. Karen T says:

      Love it! And probably true. I hope they do. I hate going anywhere near the bars at night 1000pm and on because they think I have come from the bar.

  46. 44901 says:

    Rosemount cops are garbage. I see them EVERY week sitting across the parking lot from Shenanigans blacked out waiting for someone to leave the parking lot and then finding some stupid reason to pull them over.

  47. ZenMaster says:

    Driving is a Privilege!! Not a right everybody. I guess so many people on here support drunk drivers!! That is super awesome!!

  48. c-d says:

    This news segment showed the parking lot of Rudy’s Redeye Grill while saying that this ‘police harassment could close the doors’ and then proceeded to film the parking lot outside the hours of operation. Taking things out of context, could hurt the livelihood of not only the business but everyone that works there as well. It is incomplete information that is being given out to the public by this reporter.

  49. dan says:

    I grew up in rosemount and let me tell you… they harass people… They are the worst police department in the state….

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