Snapped Cable Puts Kink In Hwy. 55 Traffic, LRT

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A bicycle and pedestrian bridge in Minneapolis has been closed for repairs after a cable support broke and caused a separate pair of cables to fail.

Service along Metro Transit’s light rail transit route was suspended between the 38th Street and Franklin Avenue stations Monday morning.

The snapped cable was one of those supporting the Martin Olav Sabo pedestrian bridge over Highway 55, just north of the Lake Street station.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the break caused a pair of cables anchored east on the bridge to also fail.

The broken cable was reported by a bridge user who contacted authorities through 311.

MnDOT said Highway 55 would be closed to motorists between East 26th Street and Lake Street Monday while crews worked to repair the pedestrian bridge. Metro Transit plans to extend replacement bus service into the morning rush hour on Tuesday, as well.

Metro Transit bussed passengers between the two stations, with a stop at the bus station at ground level on Lake Street.

Mike Kennedy, director of public works with the City of Minneapolis, said the bridge will likely be closed for some time while crews work on repairs, but they’re hopeful Highway 55 below the bridge will be open by Tuesday.

The Martin Olav Sabo bridge opened in 2007.

  • big banjo

    nice…real nice…..Mpls spends 6 million on this bridge…i’d like to know when the contractor will be replacing the defective cables at NO COST TO THE TAXPAYERS…..or will our clown mayor Ryback just say its ok fellas, we’ll just pay for the repairs and then pay for it with taxpayer money.

    • Yuri Nator

      Back when I lived in MPLS, I seldom used that bridge. There was a perfectly acceptable crosswalk about an 8th of a mile away that does the same job quite as well.

  • luvs

    Maybe try to give an estimated time for the repair? If none is being given by Metro Transit then state that.

    • Bailey6737

      Why should Metro Transit give a time, it’s not their bridge.

      • luvs

        I skimmed the article and thought it was a light rail cable that broke.

        • kate

          It is a cable from the pedestrian bridge. The light rail is closed while they repair the suspension of the pedestrian bridge. It woiuld be bad if the ped brindge landed on the light rail line so they closed the light rail to further reduce the risk.


    Look at the bright side…..Since the schools are out due to the holiday which essentially means little anymore, except to government workers, at least the flashmob teens can’t get to the MOA as well and start a riot.

    • Yuri Nator

      I feel safer with a bunch of flash mobbers at the mall than the cabal of near sighted soccer moms coming home from that same mall in their giant metal cages.

  • Retired, and Watching

    All or the above, get back to work, this is what’s known as time theft. You’re getting paid to work, not play on your computers.

    • kate

      Make assumptions often? Not everyone has an 8 to 5 job. And some of us even get lunch and 15min breaks.

    • Brett

      Still collecting that SSI?

  • Retired, and Watching

    Sucking it up, what’s left of it. Could you please put in some overtime, I want to buy gasoline, and travel.

    • Brett

      Not on your or my dime, I’m tired of paying for the FREELOADERS.

  • d0 d0

    I’m retired so i can play on my PC….Them two cables, just cut’em off…repair over….they support nothing, there on the end, I’m a structual eng. with a 4.0 grade average….trust me….just cut the dang things off, and were done with the repair……..

    • Brett

      I tink that u should get back on your meds, and stay off of the internet for awhile. Not forever, just for awhile…..

  • twofiveone

    Amen Brett!

    • Brett

      Thank GOD someone is listening!!

  • 21Dort

    I typed in about the Stupid Bridge – train – STUPID CONTROL of TRAFFIC CONTROL LIGHTS along Hiawatha – that favor the train – and don’t give you Left Turn signals after several light cycles. Than I got a message that said I should slow down and not to enter my comment to fast — must be censorship.
    We as car drivers are taxed like heck to support this stupid train.

    • Brett

      You have that right. I don’t even drive down Hiawatha anymore. Only a MORON could have programmed those stoplights as STUPIDLY as they did. I could ride a bicycle faster along Hiawatha than drive a car, due to the stupid stoplights. Some so-called “engineer” should be FIRED, with NO pension for this boondoggle.

  • Retired, and Watching

    “I could ride a bicycle faster along Hiawatha than drive a car, due to the stupid stoplights” That’s exactly the point, they want you to use the light rail, or your bicycle. Your Metropolitan Council at work.

    • Brett

      Exactly. An IDIOT could figure it out. I drove my “greater minnesota” dad down that stretch a couple of months ago,so he could see it first hand, on the way to Ft. Snelling. If you haven’t been down that road, give it a try, then you will know how IDIOTIC that system is. How many have been killed due to this parasicitical system?

  • thinice

    Brett get off your computer, your late for your anger management session. Maybe you should take a bike ride and work off some of that aggression. Chill out before you have a stroke.

  • pizzedoff

    Who builds shat like this bridge? Was it made to look “pretty” or something? What a freakin waste of money. And yes, the lights on Hiawatha are a real byotch due to the asinine light rail. I see an empty train and a lot of pizzedoff drivers waiting at the lights for the beast to go by.

    • Wise Old Owl

      Right, let’s waste it on Voter ID Card instead.

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