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Wander Minnesota: Eelpout Season

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Amy Rea Amy Rea
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There’s no denying it’s been a tough winter for those who love winter sports and recreation, and it’s also been a hard season for communities that host cherished annual winter festivals. Some have been cancelled, others have been scaled back. But some got (barely) enough snow and ice to keep the festivities going.

eelpout button e1329865749531 Wander Minnesota: Eelpout Season

(credit: Amy Rea)

Last weekend I happened to be going through Walker and realized it was the weekend of the Eelpout Festival. This year marked 33 years of all things eelpout, and Walker was ready to celebrate.

eelpout1 e1329865759336 Wander Minnesota: Eelpout Season

(credit: Amy Rea)

While there were plenty of ice houses out on Leech Lake, the warm spells caused some restrictions to be placed: buses, RVs, and motorhomes were prohibited, and other vehicles were requested to stagger parking at least 30 feet apart, all while noting that anyone who chose to go out on the ice chose to do so at their own risk.

eelpout 3 e1329865855497 Wander Minnesota: Eelpout Season

(credit: Amy Rea)

It is a little odd to be in northern Minnesota in mid-February and find yourself walking on a sandy beach.

eelpout 4 e1329865844960 Wander Minnesota: Eelpout Season

(credit: Amy Rea)

Nevertheless, there was plenty to do. Chase on the Lake was on hand for transportation.

eelpout 5 e1329865831686 Wander Minnesota: Eelpout Season

(credit: Amy Rea)

Or you could take a spin behind a team of sled dogs.

eelpout 8 e1329865788301 Wander Minnesota: Eelpout Season

(credit: Amy Rea)

You could shop for warmth-inducing goods.

eelpout 7 e1329865807499 Wander Minnesota: Eelpout Season

(credit: Amy Rea)

Or you could hang out at the weighing station and check out the eelpout itself. Kind of an ugly beast, but I hear it makes a pretty good meal.

eelpout 9 e1329865775214 Wander Minnesota: Eelpout Season

(credit: Amy Rea)

As I was watching people having their eelpout weighed, a young couple walked by me, the woman saying, “Well, the first Eelpout Festival after we get married, we’ll have to—“ and the gong sounded, leaving me in the dark as to what they’ll do for that special event.

There was food too, and a beer tent, and a polar plunge, live music, on-ice auto race, and even a Bikini Ice Fishing Team Fashion Show. Kudos to Walker for pulling this off in the most temperamental of Minnesota winters!

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