MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A homeowner says a barn fire killed $60,000 worth of rabbits, destroyed $8,000 worth of horse saddles and harnesses and $2,500 worth of manure spreader.

Fire crews were dispatched to the area around 1:43 a.m. Wednesday to the barn located at 21866 County Road 33 near Paynesville, Minn.

A neighbor reported the fire and woke up the homeowner, 40-year-old Scott Klehr.

Klehr told police he lost thousands of dollars, his rabbits and tools and equipment in the fire.

The 96-foot by 50-foot shed was a complete loss.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

Comments (10)
  1. imhungary says:

    tastes like chicken.

  2. good guy says:

    I have a hard time believing there are $60,000 worth of rabbits in the entire universe. Nevertheless, I’m a generous person so Mr. Klehr is more than welcome to come over to my house and take all the rabbits out of my yard. I won’t charge him a cent for them.

  3. jackactionhero says:

    A whole, farm-raised rabbit can go for upwards of $25 apiece. That’s 2400 rabbits. They are not the little gray ones you see hopping through your grass, Einstein…

    1. Real Talk says:

      And what do these people do with their $25 rabbits?? Eat them??

      For that price I could get 1lbs chicken breast, 2lbs ground beef and a decent steak. Plus I dont have to kill, clean or dispose of the carcases. Do they just love the taste of rabbit??

    2. good guy says:

      Okay, so I’m sitting on a gold mine instead of a diamond mine. They all look the same to me. He can still have all of them for free! Like I said, I’m a generous person.

      You on the other hand, irk me, so if you want them I’ll have to charge you a penny apiece for them.

  4. we says:

    Rabbits for sale for pets or food!

  5. Richard in Minneapolis says:


  6. brittany says:

    Rabbits are not just sold for pets or food, they are also sold for show animals. Just as people show dogs and horses they show chickens, rabbits, duck, cows, pigs and many more. There are certain breeds that are worth a lot of money. The price seems a bit high but we do not know that he does not house rabbits for other families. There is many reason it could be high.

  7. RML says:

    I have a rabbit as a house pet… how sad these animals perished. If you have that many animals in one barn worth so much money I always wonder WHY people do not have some type of sprinkler system or a decent fire alarm system in place?!

  8. Hal says:

    Raising rabbits for profit?

    A hare-brained scheme if there ever was one.

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