R.T. Rybak Grilled By Bill O’Reilly About Gas Prices

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak traded words with Bill O’Reilly about the gas prices issue on O’Reilly’s Fox News show Tuesday night.

Rybak was on the show speaking as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee.

“If you’re going to put forth that the President’s being effective here and that gas prices continue to go up, it just doesn’t wash, it doesn’t make sense,” O’Reilly said.

“The first thing a President should do — republican, democrat, whatever — is to make sure that we have a strategy on this,” responded Rybak. “And the strategy is this: we need to have more domestic production.”

O’Reilly disagreed with Rybak, saying the President’s plans to reduce gas prices have failed. He also said drilling in the U.S. does no good if it ends up being shipped overseas.

Rybak said high gas prices are the result of a number of issues, including consumption, production, and how much we import.

  • politicianssux

    I have never seen two dumber people try to have a conversation. Really Minneapolis, this is the best that you could find to represent you? I do not watch O’Reilley, but took this in on the web, just to see if it was real. There are not two dumber people on this planet and to think these two rose to this level of “success” and power. We are doomed.

    • Casey

      O’really should have asked him if ziiggy wolf was paying him under the table in exchange for rybaks stadium manipulation.

  • Rube

    “And the strategy is this: we need to have more domestic production.”
    he was kidding … Right?

    • jackactionhero

      We don’t? It wouldn’t do us good to have more? Hmmmm

    • Ordinary Guy

      They capped domestic wells when the Windfall Profit Tax was put on, and if you legislate alternative fuel production, they’ll undercut the price until you’re out of business. They’re powerful enough to make a monkey out of you, no matter what.

      Just pay it.

  • Crazy Joe

    Just the fact O”Reilly had a debate with Rybek makes him look stupid. The only thing Rybek is an expert in is bad fashion

  • gideodog

    Rybak is a dild*. Dumbocrats torpedoed the Canada pipeline for jobs, increased production, and stability in favor of kicking the can down the road. Dumbocrats torpedoed new off-shore drilling but instead funded Brazil’s off-shore drilling where it has no monitoring. Rybak has been pandering to move up from being a mayor-and a tax and spend one at that.

  • jimmy

    The US now exports more oil than we import. Ban exports.

    • Richard in Minneapolis

      How? Short of nationalizing the oil companies. Conservative doctrine would hold that this is private property and the owner can sell to whomever they bloody well please.

    • R U Joking

      Not oil – refined oil products.. but I got where you were going and you are correct

  • Where is our oil?

    In Saudi, Gas is around a $1.00 a gallon. Supposedly the one of the worlds largest oil deposits is sitting under North Dakota. Why are we looking at $4-$5 gas??? It makes no sense.

    • jackactionhero

      What kind of oil? Did you check? Is it the same type of oil that is in Saudi Arabia?

    • Richard in Minneapolis

      “Our oil”??? That oil belongs to whomever has the leasing rights and it is not our place to tell them to take it out of the ground. Perhaps they are waiting for the price to go up. (Wouldn’t you?) And if the Germans or the Chinese or the Argentinians want to offer more per barrel than Americans are willing to fork over, well, that is the heart of the free market system.

  • dan

    Considering gas prices have doubled since Obama took office really takes Bush out of the conversation.
    I love how Liberals blamed Bush while he was in office for gas prices but when its Obama it world factors out of his control. Good One!

    • Pete

      1.79 a gal

  • Rockford

    So what is it? When GW was president we all said after invading Iraq we would all fondly remember $2 a gallon gas. GOP was all over themselves saying the president has no influence on gas prices. Now………

    • Kevin

      Presidents do not have influence. Bush ran to the middle east and begged them to lower the cost…didnt work. Right now from my studies….I see that this easy winter has caused a huge surplus in oil products, which should drive the cost down….but Oil Companies (becasue they dont make enough money already) are shipping every drop over seas! By doing this they are reaping huge profit’s from both the US and now the world…..while the waitress I talked to yesterday is barely keeping her head above water. Everytime theat gas goes up….and food goes up…..those on the bottom of the economic sructure suffer…..

  • FrankTalk

    There is lots of oil in Canada.
    There are lots of refineries in Texas.

    Obama vetoed the pipeline.

    So when gas is over $5 a gallon, we know EXACTLY who to blame

  • Bob Moffitt

    Some of you may be surprised to hear that domestic oil production declined during the G.W. Bush administration and has risen steadily since Obama was elected.

  • James

    @Kman, Highest bidder? You’re ignorant. While the markets play by the highest bidder, sourcing your goods from half way around the world is incompetent.

    Sellers look for highest bidders, buyers look for lowest price. If someone in Saudi Arabia buys oil, they’re buying it from the cheapest source, which is a local refinery. Unless the US plans on subsidizing the shipping costs to artificially deflate the cost of their product to ship it half way around the world, the cheapest cost to produce a profit for US production would be to sell to the US consumer.

    If there’s more profit to be made by the US producers in shipping their product to Europe where it can be sold at a higher price, I would imagine the international oil markets local to Europe would certainly adjust and bring the price down to compete with the “US Exports” that would be so undercutting to their profit source in Europe.

    Kman, this is what you call…. wait for it…. “the Free Market”.

    …. buddy bill. FYI, your open offer to all to get a clue was rejected. Kind of like when your wife tried to pay for my steak dinner last night with your credit card. Embarrassing, but she had plenty of cash from somewhere?

    • Richard in Minneapolis

      I would imagine that the cost of sailing a supertanker from Saudi Arabia to Rotterdam is comparative to that of sailing a supertanker from Baton Rouge to Rotterdam. = Price difference is gone.

      Also, all oil is not the same, some is “sweet and light” whereas others are heavy, or contain high amounts of sulphur. If you want West Texas Intermediate than Brent Crude just ain’t gonna cut it.

    • Richard in Minneapolis

      “sourcing your goods from half way around the world is incompetent”

      Then why do we buy so much from China?

      • Ordinary Guy

        Rising in Chinese management is rising in the party, the workers are never going to demand our wages. We don’t tax imported goods and services, we tax our own through income, payroll, license, health insurance, etc. We can’t compete fairly.

        Oil flows around the world. It’s all about the money.

  • richard

    Look at the price of gas when Obama took office

    • Luke

      Look at the price of bread, milk, meat, and most important beer? All are skyrocketing. Inflation is here, under Obama. Highest February gas prices in history. He is our worst president ever. Watch him run away from this. Please pay attention to what he had said, is saying, and will say. He never takes the lead. He always blames other factors. This blue dog dem will not vote for him again!!!!

      • jackactionhero


        Andrew Jackson was the worst president ever…. Look that dude up sometime. Yikes

  • truth hurts

    stop lying…rachel is not on at 10:56 a.m.

    • truth hurts

      Okay, what was her lead story today?

  • Murph

    Everyone knows that hedgefunds are to blame as well as foriegn governments and a clan of American politicians in bed with the oil industry!So if some turd shill for the GOP wants to make himself a slave to such nonsensense and get paid well to do it! Well???? Shove O Reilly in one if the scenario ever arises! Iran is a non factor.Heck their well trained terrorists managed to accidently blow up their hideout ,followed by one of them tossing a hand grenade that bounced back a blew his own legs off!Iranians are notoriously mentally inferior to normal human beings! Except Republican voters who are giving the Iranians a real battle for the booby prize!


    Which of you liberals is going to stand up to Obama and tell him he’s the biggist danger to the constitution since it was written.
    Buy the way this is the other Kevin. Go George Bush.

    • richard

      Obama has already changed the constitution from ” We the people ” to ” We the government “

    • Tom

      @ KEVIN

      LMAO! Obama didn’t change anything regarding the constitution that was done under your “hero” George Bush, with the patriot act. And yes Obama has continued with that policy so that the conservatives heads would not explode.

      • Tom

        @ Kevin

        Its not my fault you choose to watch FOX !

        • Kevin

          I dont watch any one thing. I view at least 20 different news sources each day. From MPR to Fox…….I get the whole story…..when you view both sides…..you tend to see the truth.

  • Tom

    @ Kevin

    And apparently you missed this study that was published online that people who watch FOX NEWS are the most uninformed people.

  • Denney Heckers wrinkley ol butt

    I’m gonna make a stink about this

  • G Dog

    Send Bill O’Gasbag to Iran to negotiate lower oil prices and more output.

  • bonedry Tommy

    In one word, the oil price increase is due to “speculators”: The rest of the talk is just political posturing.


  • bush's fault

    No bike shorts and helmet? Everyone knows gas prices are Pres. Bush’s fault.Can’t blame Obama cause he’s black.

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