ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says she has not decided whether she will move into the 6th Congressional District she has represented since 2006.

New boundaries released Tuesday put Bachmann outside the 6th Distrcit. But she’s running in the 6th anyway, even though she doesn’t live there. And it’s completely legal.

It’s TRUE.

The U.S. Constitution does not require members of Congress to live in the districts they represent.

The Constitution says only that Members of Congress must be:
— 25 years old
— A U.S. citizen for seven years
— And a resident of their state


Where politicians live is — well, political.

All of Minnesota’s eight members of Congress and two United States senators are legal state residents.

But Bachmann famously ran for President as an native Iowan, not a Minnesotan.

Al Franken moved to Minnesota from New York to run for the Senate.

And Congressman Chip Cravaack is a legal Minnesota resident — but his family lives in New Hampshire.

It is unusual for members of Congress to live outside their districts, but it is not unheard of.

Here is what you NEED TO KNOW.

The Chief Clerk’s Office of the U.S. House Of Representatives does not keep a list of how many of the 435 members of Congress live outside the districts they represent.

And there does not appear to be any independent research on the subject.

But nationwide news reports suggest there could be as few as four, and as many as eight.

And with once-in-a-decade redistricting plans taking shape across the country, many members of Congress could be forced to make a choice: Move to a new district, stay at the same address, or quit.

That’s Reality Check.

Here are some of the sources we used for this Reality Check:
Bachmann Biography
The United States Constitution
Minnesota Redistricting Documents, Maps
Secretary of State Election Maps
U.S. House Chief Clerk’s Office
Members of Congress in other states

Comments (28)
  1. Mark says:

    Please Michelle Run!!!…

    Run VERY, VERY, FAR AWAY!!!!

    1. idknockthebottomoutofit says:

      Please Michelle, drop some soap!

  2. Murph says:

    WHOA …, she ran as an IOWAN? In that case WHOM did she bill for her airfares,body guards and all the rest? Sue the stupid ,crazy eyed witch into abject poverty!! Or at least make IOWA pick up the bill! This is B I G NEWS! Stick her with her own bill.If Iowa complains give them the finger! You know that’s tough but she’s YOUR candidate not ours! We were never consulted ,nor did we consent! JUSTICE NOW! JUSTICE NOW! No kidding, Minnesotans have got a case here.!!!!! Any lawyers with your ears on tonite.! Here is your path to substantial wealth and noteriety,go for it! I got all A’s in business law!

  3. deep thinker says:

    I think she should run, it would be ineresting to see how she would match up with Secretatiat, Seattle Slew, Affirmed & finally Sea Biscuit. However I think her best chance of winning is at the Annual I’m From Iowa Dog Show

    1. Murph says:

      Plus, she could become the absolute stupidest dog in the Republican Kennel! Or maybe that wouldn’t surprise anybody.This story is getting more interesting than all the lies and downright idiocracy of her whole campaign.Marcus will not be a happy camper! The odd couple face tough odds on this one.An Iowan? Who woulda thunk! Lots of corn profits down the tubes ,down under Albert Lea! Who ha,best news I’ve read about her in awhile!

      1. politiciansSUX says:

        and yet, the democrats can still not put up a candiate to defeat her. If she is an “Stupidest dog in the republican kennel as you propose, what does that say about the democratic party?

    2. Marcus Bachmann says:

      My honey can run with the best of them so be ready. Back in the 50s she raced Lassie and almost won. Now that she is , ahem, more mature she can beat her even in heaven.
      This weekend she will be in Iowa City at the 2012 HogFace Convention. Come on down and I’ll show you just how fine a runner she is.
      until them…

  4. Jimmy says:

    I’m delighted the Bachmann haters are displaying such “intriguing” levels of intelligence.

    1. ymmiJ says:

      Jimmy, it’s not hate. She is a comedianne, and we are her critics. Simmer down and enjoy the show. She’s the star.

      1. Tom says:

        @ ymmiJ

        Conservatives like Jimmy hate the truth when talk about Michelle Bachmann so they call it hate. It is only hate when we say things that are not true. And calling her nutty, delusional, wacky, etc, etc, is not hate it is the truth.

        And people like Jimmy dont vote for Bachmann based on economic issues but rather on social issues. They listen to the person at the pulpit who tells them to vote for Bachmann without mentioning her by name.

  5. Susan says:

    do you know how ignorant that sounds?

    1. politiciansSUX says:

      Susan, Please enlighten me. You seem to think you know something the rest of us can not figure out. MB has made some incredibly ignorant statements by a politician, she is right up there with Al Franken and Nancy Pelosi. So please, take a minute and instead of tossing out open ended insults, enlighten me.

      1. Marcus Bachmann says:

        ((((((you have no idea what she says under the covers. Dumb makes her sound , well, bright)))) sssssh – she’s here now. bye

  6. Pete says:

    she is no farther away from any of her constituants than she was before redistriicting. Its a non issue

  7. Susan says:

    my congressman moved his family to Connecticut, He has had two open meetings, the first one was in Grand Portage. Grand Portage is on the northeast tip of Minnesota, only a handful of people showed up. Not everyone wants to drive to Canada to see their Congressman. I wish Cravaack and Michelle would walk hand and hand into the sunset and leave u’s alone

    1. Susan says:

      sorry, New Hampshire

  8. Spanky says:

    Michele is so HOT! She’s got my vote hands down. Michele, please sex it up a little bit more for me. Shorter skirts, tighter blouses & higher heels. Thnaks.

  9. Spanky says:

    I really don’t care….

  10. politiciansSUX says:

    Dear Democrats, here is your chance. Will you choose some far left liberal that will not have a chance against a conservative in that district, or will you finally open up your eyes and put up a moderate. I see all the insults tossed out here at Mr. and Mrs. Bachmann and that she is this and that, mostly personal attacks. If she can be elected and carry her district, what does that say about the candidates you have run against her? What does that say about the democrats and their decision making with regards to candidate selection?

    You should easily be able to defeat her with many of her ideas and blatant false statements, yet you can not. What is wrong with the democratic party that they can not defeat this woman? Please do not bother ot insult her constituents, it only makes you look shallow and immature.

  11. Rube says:

    The last year in congress, Oberstar spend more time in France on vacation than he did in the Minnesota 8th congressional district. That didn’t seem to bother you idiot Democrats who can’t figure out why he lost. Now you are concerned about Michelle Bachmann having a house a mile or two from the district she represents?

  12. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Bachmann is an idiot.

    1. politiciansSUX says:

      and yet, the democrats can still not put up a candiate to defeat her. If she is an idiot as you propose, what does that say about the democratic party?

      1. Tom says:

        @ PolitciansSUX

        Its not that the Dems have not put up a bad candidate its the fact that the people in 6th District do not want a smart and intelligent candidate representing them. If you look at the conservative track record of not voting for the smartest people. Conservatives vote for who the person at the pulpit tells them to vote for without mentioning them by name and if you dont vote for that person your house will burn down.

    2. Marcus Bachmann says:

      Hi Crux …. ((((whispering)))) that she is. But she has a pre-nup I gotta work around so …..sssssssssssssssssssh

    3. Hassan says:

      she was politically demagad/done, I got a bit anxious, but it turned out to be for no reason. Typically, she does something to turn it around. This time, atypically, she stayed quiet, and that seems to have been the wisest thing to do. But there is definitely a pattern here, so it would take a lot more to make me concerned now.

  13. Tom says:

    @ politiciansSUX

    You should google how many times during her run for Presidency how many times she was corrected and that was 100% of time. And besides the only ones who thought Bachmann had a chance at the White House was her loyal nutty followers, so that doesn’t say much for them either as far their intelligence level goes.

  14. Michelle Bachmanns eyes says:

    I just don’t see myself as a serious contender anymore, I just might try the standup comedy circuit.

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