STILLWATER, Minn. (WCCO) — Congresswoman Michele Bachmann blasted Gov. Mark Dayton’s March 15 deadline for a Stillwater bridge bill on Wednesday.

Bachmann called Dayton’s deadline “crazy,” and said it puts the project in jeopardy. While the bill for a $700 million bridge just south of Stillwater sailed through the U.S. Senate, it has stalled in the U.S. House of Representatives.

A recent survey found that 86 percent of residents on both sides of the St. Croix River favor a major bridge to replace the 80-year-old Stillwater lift bridge. But a sharp disagreement over what kind of bridge and how expensive it should be continues to jeopardize the project.

Standing over Highway 36 on Wednesday, Bachmann criticized Dayton’s call for a March 15 deadline.

“It’s crazy. It’s absolutely crazy,” Bachmann said.

Congresswoman Bachmann is the bill’s sponsor. The March 15 deadline leaves her just eight days when the house is in session to get a bill passed. Republican leaders have stalled the project in the house, and Bachmann acknowledges the deadline will be very difficult to meet

“To put an artificial deadline out like March 15 is absolute madness because we can get this done. We shouldn’t kowtow to these radical environmental groups,” Bachmann said.

A spokesperson for Gov. Dayton said he imposed the deadline because advisers told him Minnesota would lose $163 million in federal transportation money if the project did not start immediately. New Congressional boundaries complicate the bridge debate. Stillwater will no longer be in the 6th District represented by Bachmann, but in the 4th District, represented by Betty McCollum, who has long opposed the mega bridge price tag.

“I do support replacing a bridge at the Stillwater/St. Croix River crossing but a $700 million mega bridge 219 feet above the St. Croix River for 18,000 car trips a day is just fiscally irresponsible,” McCollum said.

Gov. Dayton’s spokesperson stressed that Dayton, like Rep. Bachmann, supports the larger $700 million bridge project. Bachmann said even though Stillwater will no longer be in the 6th Congressional District, she will continue to fight for passage of a four-lane bridge which she said will always remain  a top priority for her.

Comments (23)
  1. Murph says:

    I wonder how many construction companies gave him illegal donations to collect millions on this project.The dude is due to go to prison any minute and too stupid or drug addled to figure it all out! Ah the wonderful world of heroin! I wonder how many other GOP’ers are addicted to illegal cash and drugs? What a world we live in! Move to the woods as soon as you can! Where you are every dollar you make will go to the privledged and the perverse!No taxes on grouse,rabbit ,deer or fish..yet! Kiss Walmart goodbye and soon there will only be Lunds and Byerleys!It’s the Republican dream coming true if you vote against yourselves! Or sell your car,you can’t afford to gas up for a loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter! Your weekly ration!

    1. austin says:

      who are you talking about? if anybody is on drugs it is you. No one can heads nor tails about your ramblings.

    2. Wayne says:


      Planet earth to Murph. What are you smokin? Cause your rant makes no sense.
      I can’t tell if your a Dem or Repub?

  2. BettyC says:

    Well Shelly why are you attacking Dayton. If you had not been galavanting all over Iowa and done your job it might already been passed. The Democratic Senate passed it. The republicans run the House of Reps where its not even scheduled for a vote. GO AFTER THEM!! They are the ones holding it up not any Dems including Dayton. He just wants you to stop campainging and do your job.

    1. Wayne says:

      Well is the the REAL Betty McCollum. It must be if your calling Michelle by a shortened name. So maybe we should call you Bet? Try and show some respect instead of lowering yourself.

  3. Cathleen says:

    She calls Dayton crazy??? Pot meet kettle!!! If she would not of been so busy traveling around the country and making a complete ass of herself she would of had it done. I personally think the price is way out of line for how many people use it. This woman (?) makes me want to get violent listening to her. Stay out of my district now crazy!!!!

  4. Nelstrip Freen says:

    Why is this useless tool pretending to care?

  5. Pot N Kettle says:

    oh she knows Crazy! Ofcourse she knows Crazy….

    We should listen to her – she is the eminent authority on Crazy!

  6. Bob2 says:

    The Peter Principle at work,,,and the wonk’s in the 6th district will no doubt
    sent her back to embarrass them for another 2 years!

  7. Kara says:

    She hasn’t cared about anything in Minnesota for months so why is she mouthing now. Go back to Iowa!

  8. Clearly says:

    The party of NO and lets NOT vote for anything that makes the other guys look good has spoken once more. I hope come November we will vote these bums out !

  9. angus says:

    Why is WCCO pimping for Michele? Everytime she says or does anything the station makes it headline news. Notice Democrats are pretty much ignored by the station as they are for the old, white, financially well off prople living in the burbs. Too bad, they used to be a good station.

    1. Hal says:

      Oprah ended her show last year. Now we watch Ellen

  10. Michele hurts ears Up North says:

    Who knows crazy better than Michele Bachmann. Poster child for NUTS!
    I don’t know who the woman is that CCO radio has calling in, but she is hilarious. Sounds just like the wacko.
    They call her “not Michele Bachmann.” Has that irritating screechy voice!

  11. Be Dover says:

    Mark Dayton is Sofa King stupid

  12. KEVIN says:

    Isn’t,it amazing that Gov goffy makes this anouncement at the same time redistricting is announced and Stillwater is added to the fourth district where ultra lib Mccullum is. She will distroy this bridge with the jobs it will produce and the increased overall economy at both ends of a new bridge.
    Gov goffy talks about jobs, but now you can see it’s about distroying jobs only.
    Hey Gov, talk is cheap its takes money to buy whiskey. This is an old saying that your talk is directly opposite of your actions.

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      Your post was insightful, intelligent, and well though out.

      I just have one question

      What is a “goffy”?

      1. rkw says:

        I to would like to know who Gov Goffy is?? Do notice I do not name call, it is not productive, but more like bully time back in gradeschool. The Governor wants the bridge, super majority of citizens in MN & Wisc. Republican and democrat alike want the bridge. The senate passed the bill to fund the bridge. The problem is our house of representatives, of which Ms Bachman is a member. They have not approved it. Republicans control the house, that is a fact. Bachman is a republican and needs to work on getting this passed before March 15th when we Minnesotans loose 163 million in federal funding for the bridge. Or as an alternative perhaps Ms Bachman could get a Federal extension on the March 15th federal deadline on the 163 million dollar funding. Dayton does not want to loose the 163 million in federal funds and neither do I. If we loose the Federal money, guess who pays?? Most likely the taxpayers in MN will have to pick up tab for the lost federal funds. Dayton knows it will be very hard to find that kind of money lying around the state budget, and without the Federal funds it will be near impossible to fund the bridge.

        House Rep Betty McCollum not favoring the current plan because it is too big, is way wrong.; she needs to take into consideration the Growth rate of that part of the State. McCollum needs to consider what the folks on the Wisconsin side want to as half of if will be in Wisconsin. As I understant it a super majority on the Wisconsin side wants this Bridge plan. Even with the current plan the bridge will be overcrowded in a decade or to. Scale it back and we will be rebuilding it at a far higher cost in just a few years. As an example, consider the MNDOT blunder on the 169 South metro upgrade construction 10 years ago, now they are rebuilding it again at a far higher cost than it could have been done 10 years ago. MNDOT took the low cost route because of low budget allocations; they just did not have the money to build it big enough.

        I really do not like Bachman; she has made a lot of statements that are pants on fire lies, not those Gotcha press moments, Lies. Instead of getting her time in front of the camera for this article she should have been making phone calls to her republican colleagues to get a vote on funding this bridge. Instead she seeks a press conference, to gain more PR time for herself. Then she blasts Dayton for setting a date to get this bridge done. The date Dayton set just happens to be the date we loose 162 million in Federal funds. Dayton cannot control what the FEDs due with funding, but Bachman can do something about it on a Federal level. Her presidential bid consumed most of her time in the last 6 months or so leaving her little time to work for Minnesotans in the House of Representatives. Perhaps if she had done her job, this would have already passed the house??? During her presidential bid she touted she was from Iowa, I always thought she was from Minnesota, that shows you how much I know. We needed this bridge 10 years ago. Ms Bachman the ball is in your court. Get it done.

    2. Zabazoom says:

      Funny the other projects that need the funding must be going to be done by robots and no one will get any work outa it. Now Kevin that’s just goffy!

  13. b says:

    bachman shut up nonbody likes you your as worthless as t-paw

    1. Wayne says:

      You my friend need help.

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