Police: Child Not Abducted In Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police say reports of a possible child abduction have been unfounded. The child was picked up and carried into the school by her father, according to officials.

Authorities say the girl was supposed to start at a new school but didn’t want to go so her dad had to pick her up and carry her in.

Police were investigating the possible abduction near 57th Street and 24th Avenue South, near Lake Nokomis. A K9 unit was also called in to track the area.

Police checked the nearby schools and found that none of the children were missing or unaccounted for.

  • Marcus Bachmann

    I meant a white dude…got medelf all exicted and …. shucks. I messed up. Just like Michele..she’s training me

    • uncle rico

      dude, your posts blow. By the way, nobody likes you.

  • Kevin


    • Amen

      so true

    • Red

      you are so dumb and obnoxious

  • Papa Dan

    white man – black girl …. antennae up

    black girls daddy = white man …. still up

    Balck girls white daddy carrying her into school so she gets there = PRICELESS

    • Real Talk

      What, cant you read Kevin??? It says it right next to where it said they were actually a minority of some sort.

      See how that works Short Bus?

      PS…your writing style is indicative of someone whom was either mildly electrocuted as a young child Or whose frontal lobe was damaged during the formative years resulting in a lack of critical thinking/complex reasoning, in addition to mild personality disorders.

      PSS….try your hand at a community college. Beats mom’s basement. Plus they have programs to help you deal with whatever cognitive or developmental disorders you may have.

      Good luck little buddy!!

    • Brosia

      Settle down there Mr Politically Correct. WCCO originally updated their story with the races of both the child and the father/adult. Then edited them.

  • Papa Dan

    ^ guess I did a typo and it was a black girl meant.

    another thought – any daddy carrying his kid into school = PRICELESS.
    Maybe this is what goDaddy.com should be. ;-)

  • Rube

    You are an idiot …. This is s story of a possible child abduction and some how you drug Michelle Bachmann into it. She has done more for children they you would probably ever consider doing.
    you are the typical type to start with “Nut Job” comments but have no info of the policies she supports or the stand on the issues. Your just concerned your going to loose your welfare or EBT card.

    • Brosia

      Now you look like the nut job ;)

      • Marcus Bachmann

        agree – Michele has done a great deal for me and mine
        Why, we get federal funds for my patients, we get money to baby sit old kiddies when we want it, we get huge, did I say HUGE, gubbermint checks for the farm, Shelley get a nice fat ol’ check for being Shelley and doing nuttin’ at all but yapping, soon she’ll suck a IOU for bennies too, and if she doesn’t get re-elected why shucks – she can go back to that silly IRS job she had where she looked at paper all day long as she did her nails. I personally liked ’em bright red. And pink too…. and …. I have to get the mail. Might be more of Y O U R money in it.
        Thanks again

        • Uncle Rico

          Nobody likes you.

    • jackactionhero

      Michele Bachmann has done nothing for anybody except Michele Bachmann.

    • Papa Dan

      I think he’s frank and funny and dead right ….. so take a nap. The story said it was her Dad involved – do you not have the ability to read??? ;-)

  • Chigger .44 Stoppers

    This Dad should get a nomination for Father of the Year ….. come on, in this day and age in this city it is not very common. I’m being a wise whipper snapper but good for him.
    I missed it earlier – this I hope didn’t toss out an Amber Alert now, did it?
    And Pops – a job well done. Kids belong in school young lady. Suck it up and learn

  • Kevin

    I am the dumbest emmeffer that ever was hatched,

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