MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 40-year-old Eagan man faces felony drug charges after authorities found nearly 50 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in his car last month.

Along with the 47.59 grams of pot in a sandwich bag, authorities also found 21 glass pipes, a scale grinder and packaged seeds, a criminal complaint says.

Adam Michael Godes told authorities he loves “weed,” the complaint says.

Godes faces one felony count of possessing a controlled substance, one misdemeanor count of having marijuana in a car and one petty misdemeanor count of possessing drug paraphernalia, according to charges filed Friday in Dakota County.

According to the criminal complaint, a loss prevention officer (LPO) of an Apple Valley department store saw Godes go into the store after sitting in his car for about 10 minutes on January 10. The LPO told police Godes smelled of marijuana and expressed concern that Godes might drive while high.

Officers responded and found Godes outside the department store. They tried to determine if Godes was high by conducting field tests. The results showed Godes had trouble multi-tasking and had trouble following an officer’s finger with his eyes.

Officers noted Godes’ eyes were bloodshot, he wore strong-smelling cologne and he was “sweating profusely” despite an outside temperature of 36 degrees.

From outside Godes’ truck, police could see a glass pipe – a device through which marijuana is commonly smoked.

Godes told police that he works hard, doesn’t drink and just smokes marijuana to calm down, the complaint said.

If convicted of the felony charge, Godes could face up to five years in prison and/or up to a $10,000 fine.

Comments (61)
  1. jackactionhero says:

    The police didn’t mention who the victim was in these alleged “crimes.”

    1. Pit Boss says:

      There doesn’t always have to be a victim. Possession of drug paraphernalia and drugs is a crime. Too bad making comments like yours is not one (victimless as it may seem to the rest of us)

  2. Kevin says:

    What is going on in Eagan? Used to be yuppie land…..

    1. Jason says:

      Apparently it is if someone calls the cops on this

  3. Christopher Mankey says:

    A bust yielding 50 grams (less than 2 oz.) of weed and a bunch of pipes? In a metro of 3 million, THIS makes the news?

    1. logic says:

      Exactly. This is laughable. Publish the names of everyone busted for weed, not this one random guy.. or better yet: all the dui offenders that are a WAY larger threat to EVERYONE.

      1. Brett says:

        No it’s NOT. 2 ozs of weed is quite a bit of weed. Why do dopers smoke weed? To get HIGH, i.e. get BUZZED. Ever see those commercials that say “Buzzed driving is drunk driving?” You dopers think you get a pass because LE doesn’t have a machine to measure how effed up you are. Rubbish.

  4. Taylor J says:

    The LPO will never be more than an LPO at a department store. I’m sure he lets all the stolen credit card theft go through, and probably have stolen a few things himself. 😦 Sad LPO, Sad.. now check that guy in the wheelchair. He may have a stolen package.

  5. Andy says:

    What a joke! Get a life LPO, or should I say bootlicker. I feel so safe now! The evil pot man is off the street!

    1. Brett says:

      Good job, LPO! Probably saved a life.

    2. jeff says:

      No that cool cop just kept the weed as they always do. They are the thieves, get a life LPO.

      1. Brett says:

        PURE SPECULATION. If you have PROOF, on VIDEO, then I’ll reconsider….

        1. just a peasant says:

          You are pure stupid, we all know that the police steal drugs. I hope jeff had something better to do than video some cop. Get real kid and get your mommy’s permission before using the computer.

          1. adam godes says:

            Hey Brett it me Adam with the pot and pipes and seeds and scale and grinder. Heres your problem, you come on this site and make your comments without knowing any facts and make yourself look like quite an A-Hole. Look online at the stats of driving Buzzed as you say. How many people kill others while driving drunk compared to being high? How many people OD from marijuana? Do people resort to stealing marijuana from shelves like they do liquor? Did you even read the real police report or base your comments off of what your read on the Net? Did I smell like pot to the cops? No i smelled like cologne. Did i pass a sobriety check? Yes and what police report have you read that didn’t say the person had red eyes….thats their in to give a test. Did the article you read inform you that I left the scene under my own ability to drive and was never charged? Do you have any idea that they searched a car that wasn’t even in my name let alone parked close to me because the car I said I arrived in had out of state plates on it and like I said wasn’t in my name and was close to 100 yards away. Do you know I asked to speak with my lawyer and they told me “No”
            So Brett now you know what happened and you can quit typing how bad a person I am when you don’t know me or the situation that happened….all your reading is what is in front of you and to judge me without knowing everything is…..well kinda rude. Besides wait and see when it becomes legal……your kid will be as you call it….a Doper

  6. Richard Cheese says:

    They said glass pipes & I thought it was a METH bust, but I come to find out it’s weed. Wow how terrible. Can I find out where I can donate to this guys defense fund? If there isn’t one some one should create one. Talk about a police state, next they’ll be censoring our comments.

    1. Brett says:

      Because STONED driving is BUZZED driving.

    2. just a peasant says:

      Because thats all that they have, sorry media.

  7. Mr.UFC says:

    I’m a sub-contractor, and I know that the Eagan police will pull anyone over for traveling even 1 mile per hour over the posted speed limit! So many of my customers have informed me of this “problem” in Eagan that no one should be suprised that they will try and throw the entire legal book at this guy. I would never condone smoking weed outside the privacy of your home, or carrying weed or anything related to it in the car! This guy has been found guilty without proper counsil. Oh yeah, you are not legally required to submit to any “sober” excersises or road-side breath tests in Minnesota!

    1. luvs says:

      Ugh, yeah. I was driving a little “spirited” to my wife’s ultrasound two years ago and was cited. The a-hole didn’t even want to know my story…

      1. Brett says:

        Lemme guess………You were driving a ZR1 CORVETTE. Oh, …..I’m so soddy, you didn’t say to the MASS MEDIA that you were driving a vehicle worth $50 GRAND PLUS. So CRY ME A RIVER, buttwipe.

      2. Blog Ref says:

        Interesting that you didn’t say “I was going 3 mph over the limit.” Or better yet, “I was cited for 3 mph over the limit,” either of which you would have been shouting about had that actually been the case. Therefore, we can reasonably assume you were probably going 10-15 over the posted limit…at least.

    2. S.St Paul Packer packin' says:

      good for them. now stay out of Eagan sucka

    3. Brett says:

      Eagan cops never bothered me.

    4. Pro law says:

      Good thing this happened in Apple Valley and has nothing to do with the Eagan Police. Read the story before you start complaining about your speeding problem.

  8. Kevin says:


    1. Conrad says:

      Hmmmmm……. yep.

      1. Kevin says:

        Hey Conrad…you like the smell of my fingers too!?! Call me!

  9. luvs says:

    well, if this was legal the state could have collected taxes on it.

    1. Brett says:

      Yeah, sure, how is the state gonna collect taxes on stuff you grow in your basement?? Oh, you mean that you will GLADLY send a check to the state for the privilege of growing DOPE in your home?? LOL.

    2. Brett says:

      Yeah, RIGHT, you would have been FIRST IN LINE, with a BIG FAT CHECK, to pay your “dues” to society. And I was born YESTERDAY…..

    3. Jackbenimrod says:

      Minnesotans are not know to be the brightest bunch in the land, they would rather spend the money to lock up potheads. he’ll do more time than violent criminal.
      Go Minnesota!

  10. where's my stash? says:

    What a waste of tax dollars. A felony, really? Murderers get off easier than that.

    Prohibition – the Government’s War on its Citizens. In 40 years we have spent 121 billion dollars, while putting over 10 million pot smokers in prison. It’s time we have sensible drug laws, and end this madness.

    The Police are used as the puppets of the D.E.A. which is NOT what they are supposed to be.

  11. Cut Eagan's Police Budget says:

    What a joke, a felony for a little under 2 ounces of weed. Driving while sporting a blood alcohol level higher than the outside temperature nets you less. Pathetic use of police resources, pathetic that this man’s name is plastered all over the news for a victim-less crime and a pathetic life the LPO leads (the term “Officer” is used VERY loosely in this article). Sit outside any bar on a Friday night and you’ll nab 30 offenders far more dangerous than this poor guy.

    1. S.St Paul Packer packin' says:

      they should be doing that too ….. lets hope it starts tonight. thanks for the tip
      I love users off the roads…..and locked up. kooool

  12. S.St Paul Packer packin' says:

    I love the police
    and the frigger stole my pipes and there’s a reason the bastid is busted
    just sayin’

      1. just a peasant says:

        Hey brett, you are a SORRY joke.

  13. Marcus Bachmann says:

    If you boys only knew what Shelley keeps under our seats ,,,, shucks, we have to stop at a State scale to weigh in. 🙂 😉

    1. Brett says:

      Time for you to give yourself up for a glittering bj.

  14. really people says:

    Keep up the good work police, thank you for getting impaired people off the roadway and for keeping the rest of us safe. Even those posting on here who are ripping on the officers, they are some ones son, father, brother, etc. So even keeping them safe (even though they cant understand it, appreciate it, or acknowledge it) keeps their family members happy. Great work keep it up and keep busting the dopers. I bet the dude propbably had his car forfeited and possibly any cash forfeited too. Keep up the good work and let the doper losers remain losers.

    1. Brett says:

      I’m with ya. Stoned driving is BUZZED driving, Sooner or later it will catch up to you.

    2. Jackbenimrod says:

      The police have nothing to do with it, they are just doing their job.
      It’s the people who make up the great state of Minnesota that demand a pothead should be punished more than a murderer or violent criminal.
      Great for the cops, look good and saved the citizens. woo hoo!

  15. Lawyer-up Dude! says:

    Maybe he can get Amy Senser’s lawyer to defend him. Oh, was I high? Gosh, I didn’t know I was high. I was just trying to relieve the pain from my migraine.

  16. Ed Danes says:

    We lost the war on drugs 40 years ago.Legalize marajuana.

    1. Brett says:

      Yeah, and look how effed up we are now, thanks to the dopers. So, legalizing will make it all better, eh?

  17. Andy says:

    He wasn’t driving. I wold love to have way more potheads than drunks. This was probably the bust of the century(what a joke) for the Eagan PD, the same police dept. that is tasked with monitoring over use of your sprinklers in the summer. If booze is legal then make weed legal too. Get on with it, the war on pot was lost long ago, and we are tired of our tax dollars being wasted on it. Spend our money on something useful.

    1. Brett says:

      He was in a car, RIGHT? Was that his “mobile home”?

        1. Brett says:

          He had a CAR in the vicinity, it was identified as HIS, it was properly SEARCHED, and RELEVANT EVIDENCE was DISCOVERED. CASE CLOSED. Go back to law school, FOOL.

          1. Andy says:

            Who needs to got to law school dumb a$$. If you noticed he wasn’t charged with driving while impaired. It’s not against the law to be under the influence, and have your car in area. It be like giving everyone in a bar who is over .08 a DWI because there cars are parked in the bars lot. Please get sterilized ASAP so the world is not subjected to another one of you.

            1. George says:

              Agreed, Brett is a fool.

            2. Jackbenimrod says:

              Sadly in Minnesota the way the DUI laws are worded the cops could legally do that If you had the keys on you and you are near that car. There would be a battle but it would be legal.
              Go Minnesota!

      1. adam godes says:

        Wow the more I read of Bretts comments i’m starting to realize how much of a complete moron he actually is. Along with South St Paul guy i mean just reading what you two have written make a person happy that there is schools out there for the learning disabled adults…..

        Read the police reports
        In Apple Valley
        Not in car
        Never Arrested and Drove away

        Get your investigational skills down better before making yourself look dumb

  18. Ed says:

    Les see now……It’s legal to murder an unborn baby but puting marajuana into your own body is illegal.Something just dosen’t seem right about this.

    1. Brett says:

      You got a point there…..So how would you feel about abolishing ALL abortions (I would grant a pass for the PHYSICAL health of a mother) if we could then legalize POT?? I guarentee you, a lot of women will be up in arms SOON.

  19. Ed says:

    .Les see now…….So it’s legal to murder an unborn baby,but illegal to put marajuana into your own body.Some thing dosen’t seem right about this.

    1. Brett says:

      Let me try to clarify that for you….BOTH ARE WRONG, because BOTH are involving death, in one way or another. Are you trying to say that POT is an ancedote to most of our social pains?

      1. ttreb says:

        Brett, eating too much sugar can also kill you. Pound by pound it is death. So, let’s make that illegal as a friend put on 100 pounds in just over a year due to his addiction. And, btw, he has been clean and sober for ten years so don’t come back and say it’s because he’s a stoner. In your logic, sugar is WRONG.

  20. aeiou says:

    As long as Marijuana Prohibition continues, the Mexican Cartels make 60% of their profit from sales in the U.S., and they are growing it in our national forests right now. So we spend billions on prevention which is no cure.

    Once legal, we could have income instead of expenditure. We could have manufacturing jobs from Hemp, which our forefathers grew. At the moment we have to import it. George Washington encouraged the planting of Hemp.

    Portugal decriminalized drugs, and their abuse, violence, etc. dramatically decreased. What is our phobia concerning Sensible Drug Policies? Why have the Feds declared a war upon it’s citizens? The Authoritarian Nanny Government is a loser on this one. Use taxes for something more constructive.

    1. Jackbenimrod says:

      Don’t kid yourselves, people are making a lot more money fighting this “drug war” that anyone would if it were legal. The US drug policies are to to keep anyone safe, they are about money, there is more jobs and money to be made fighting the war than manufacturing, thats a fact. The US prisons are an INDUSTRY!

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