MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After a long and, for some, frustrating week of commuting in south Minneapolis, the Hiawatha Light Rail service once again resumed operations in all stations.

Service was suspended between three stops along Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis on Monday after a suspension cable was found snapped from the nearby Martin Olav Sabo pedestrian bridge.

Metro Transit shut down service out of concern about the bridge’s stability. All week, buses transported rail passengers between the Franklin Avenue and 38th Street stations.

The detour added between 15 minutes to a half-hour to riders’ commute times.

On Friday at 1:15 p.m., crews announced that support structures had been put in place underneath the pedestrian bridge.

The bridge recovery team’s inspections were met with satisfaction that the light rail service could once again begin in the area.

As of Friday afternoon, Highway 55 remained closed between 26th Street and Lake Street. The Department of Transportation is working to see when the road can reopen.

The pedestrian bridge itself is closed until further notice.

Comments (11)
  1. Christine says:

    So why is it safe for the train but not for traffic? Open the damn road, already!

  2. Hank Rearden says:

    Light rail is a huge waste of taxpayer money. Inefficient.

    1. Bailey6737 says:

      Inefficient ??? Each car can carry a possible 180 people. Would you like that many cars ahead of you?

      1. Jim says:

        At what cost dummy per rider dummy?

        Buses are more efficient that LRT.

        1. Jack Mehof says:

          In 2009 less then 35% of the operating cost was collected from fares, in 2010 only about 31.1% of the operating cost will be collected from fares.
          How long would a real business last selling product with a 65% loss?

    2. Dale Gribble says:

      It is part of the plot by the DFL. When the day comes, the LRT will be used to transport Somali terrorists and UN troops from MSP to seize key locations: Fort Snelling, Federal Buildings, and Hennepin/Minneapolis government buildings. Hasn’t anyone noticed the suspicious cooincidence that all of the stops are near major security and government buildings?

      1. Ace says:

        And I thought I was paranoid!! You take first prize

      2. Exp says:

        This is either a trolling of the most extreme caliber or a person that needs to get some serious help.

        I suppose that suspicious guy in the postal uniform is planting more anti-personnel mines every time he walks up your sidewalk too, right? Seriously, listen to yourself.

  3. Kevin says:

    After having to take the workaround several times this week I realize how spoiled we are with the LRT. Expressing through the traffic and lights is so much better to getting downtown!

  4. Kman says:

    Ok who’s going to Pay for the 5.1 Million 5 year old Bridge that takes about 15-20 People across Hwy 55 next to a Traffic light Im hoping the Company that Built it is going to fix it for Free.and the Next time the City Needs to Blow Tax Payers Money i hope they could Find something with a More Trusted designe

  5. Betsy says:

    European countries put us to shame in the rail department. We simply cannot continue burning gasoline the way we have since the dawn of the automobile (not so long ago) our air quality is suffering, global warming is upon us, gas and oil are a finite resource and the cost is rising. Think about it! We have a great start in the right direction with the LRT!

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