By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A finalized deal between the Vikings, the city of Minneapolis and the state for a $975 million stadium is expected to be announced early this week.

The site would be the current Metrodome site with the new stadium being built in back of the current Metrodome. The deal’s financing calls for the city of Minneapolis to kick in $150 million in construction costs and $180 million in operating costs over the next 30 years.

But all sides say the proposal does not have the backing of the majority of Minneapolis City Council members. Vikings Vice President for Stadium Development Lester Bagley appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“Do you think the Minneapolis City Council is a tougher hurdle than the State Legislature?” asked WCCO’s Esme Murphy.

Bagley replied, “It’s a tough hurdle. Nothing is easy. If this was easy, we would have it done by now. It’s a tough sell, it’s an expensive project, but it’s a tremendous opportunity for a multi-purpose stadium to be owned by the public and used by everyone — get NCAA basketball, major league soccer, get a Super Bowl back and get a million people a year coming into this facility.”

Bagley said the team is hoping once the agreement is reached, they can convince a majority of council members to support it.

The deal would also have to clear the Minnesota legislature.
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Comments (11)
  1. Bart says:

    Why do they continue this farce?
    If they have a deal, announce it.
    Otherwise shut up.

    The media look like clueless tools.

    Nothing is going through Minneapolis without a referendum. The city council isn’t going to betray the people like four Hennepin County Commissioners did.

  2. RIII says:

    Like most of my friends I do not waste time or money on wathcing pro sports. I do not care to be one of the public who owns a sports stadium that will only lose money, I have better investments. I stopped going downtown when the onstreet parking disseapered and the sales tax went up to over 3% more then anyplace else. As soon as I can sell I wil move out of Minneapolis beacause propertyy taxes are less out of the city.

    1. Kevin says:

      So what….you and your hipster friends sit around drinking vino and talking about the latest Glitter Bomb you are planning.

      PS…why stop at moving out of the city. May i suggest North Dakota as your new home?

      1. kevin the pompous says:

        Kevin, just because you are a clue ignoramus that lives in a trailer house and thinks sports are “the s**t” does not mean a thinking person like Rlll or the vast majority of us want, need or condone any $$$ for these spoiled brat cry baby teams and the owners. send ’em all packing, and, why don’t you become a groupie and follow them right out of hear. No go pop the top on your Billy Bear, put your wife beater redneck shirt on and check out those ESPN channels, maybe you’ll find a couple comercials you like!!!

      2. R III says:

        I rarely drink, I don’t like being more hung over then my employees. At the present time I am working on sustaining a cold fusion reaction in my dirty socks.

  3. eggbert says:

    Minnesota doesn’t need to own a costly and financially wasteful stadium that will only lose money for as long as it exists. Zygi, Bagboy, Dayton, Rybak, Johnson, Mondale and the rest of your purple face painted supporters are welcome to leave the state with the Vikings. We can’t afford them anymore, especially after 51 years of proof that they can’t bring home a trophy. Go away!

    Hopefully the Minneapolis city council can group with enough sane legislators to stop this nonsense once and for all!

    1. politiciansSUX says:

      Excellent, I could not agree with you more. This is the beginning of the end. First hundreds of service and hotel workers will be unemployed. the damage to charities due to not making money on sales during games will be the next apparent loss. Then, all the executives and support staff that will either pack up and leave or stay here, on unemployment. Finally they will shut down the train stop at the dome, since it will no longer be used and it will all urther our regions downward spiral. Kill this deal and lets start the race to the bottom, NOW.

      1. Jason says:

        @ politicians More of the sky is falling from the likes of you. The vikings are a net loss to the state in more ways than 1. I continue to hear all kinds of new ways to tax us, all the while we have MANY other priorities that NEED to address.

        1. politiciansSUX says:

          @Jason, I do not go to the games as I can not afford it, but I do not begrudge others that pleasure. I prefer to keep people employed versus collecting unemployment, getting free healthcare, riding for free on trains, and busses, and getting free housing and food, all PAID for by me adn the taxes I pay. All of these things come out of the taxes I pay at an annual rate of 50% when you count my property, income, sales, gasoline, transit, …. taxes. Note all of these things are being paid for without my consent, while I can not afford to even send my kids to college while other children with a lower GPA go to college for free, all subsidized by the loans my kids have to take out to pay for their college education. So, Jason, it is a mattter of priorities and I rather have the money stay in my account so I can help my kids more versus paying for pretty drinking fountains and free rides for others.

          1. robin says:

            With your trials, tribulations, and need for education I’m surprised not to find you at the head of the line of the opposition to using hard earned tax dollars to hand to an out of state billionaire who wants us to make it possible for him to take an additional $41 million out of the Minnesota economy each year.

            You might be surprised to learn that the same skills needed to build temples are also needed to repair roads and bridges, to renovate public buildings, and to perform other work that benefits all the people living in the state.

            Oh, and hey, if you enjoy sports but are having trouble coming up with $150 or so to see a Vikings game and have a bite to eat and something to drink – post your address and I’ll send you $10 so you can get a ticket and a meal and have some REAL fun watching a St. Paul Saints game. (Parking there is free by the way.)

  4. kim says:

    Publicly financed stadiums never pay for themselves. Many cities and taxpayers are STILL paying for sports stadiums that have been DEMOLISHED after the teams left the state. If we build this stadium — with its multitude of uses — and pay for it for the next 30 years, who’s to say that the Vikings won’t have left before then?

    And what happens to the vacant, and perfectly acceptable, stadium that we ALREADY HAVE? The Metrodome will just sit there as a vacant eyesore so that a few millionaires can have luxury boxes and club seating?

    Maybe Zygi Wilf and the Vikings can use their money to renovate the Metrodome — not put this on the taxpayers backs as though there aren’t other more important ways for the State to spend our money.

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