Vikings VP Says They’re ‘Near The End’ Of Stadium Deal

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton is very clear about where he stands on a new Minnesota Vikings stadium proposal unveiled a few days ago — he’s against it.

Republican lawmakers are proposing a Vikings stadium funded by taxes on tickets, concessions and parking.

The Vikes would be required to put up as much as $700 million toward a $1 billion facility. And the bill eliminates Minnesota’s statewide business property tax.

Dayton says it will raise property taxes for everyone else.

Lester Bagley, vice president of public affairs and stadium development, joined Esme Murphy on Sunday to discuss the status of these proposals. Watch the full interview above.

  • Al Frankenstien

    There will be no stadium built with tax payer money. Build it yourself, play in the dome or leave. You have already wasted enough of the peoples money by consuming law-makers time.

    • hakesterman

      Build it and they will come…..

      • Ordinary Guy

        Finally something useful for taxpayer dollars, solve that entertainment shortage problem.

  • Jack Mehof

    Dayton, spending our grandchildrens tax money to build projects that will not last until they are old enough to enjoy them.

    • Uncle Chico Rico

      You still got the blinders on Meoff, maybe swallowing to much of your own stuff. ;-)
      Let’s do it the GOP way we all end up paying more since the slice of taxes the state gets from the bussinesses drys up and we get stuck paying it as homeowners.
      Dude – I hate the DFL and taxes but I also hate the sleazy slimy GOP manner of doing the same thing in their slimball ways.
      No taxes used (kiss off DFLers), no cuts to the businesses unless equal to all of us (kiss off rightys) and I guess that also means kiss off Vikings.
      Sick of it all…and time for the GD GOP to be honest too. As slimey as some
      s_mon slipping from someone rear side

      • larry

        hi mr. DFL on welfare – do you pay taxes? talk about slim !

        • Orrest

          Talk about slime, read your own post, ASSumptions made without basis

  • djones

    Your lawmakers are paid off by the indiian tribes . And only work for their own agendas!!!! thats why they can t think on their own.

    • Uncle Chico Rico

      another idiot surfaces …. dude…any money to be had from gambling goes to fix what needs fixing and that be a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng list.
      Not a GD penny to the pro teams ever again. Game over

      • Petey

        That is fine if no money go towards another pro team. But no other money had better ever go for any other form of entertainment. No money for any of the theatres, no money for fishing or hunting, no money for como zoo. Nothing. If that is your answer then, tax dollars should only go to stuff you are interested in then I suppose.

  • heap big good deal - for Zippy maybe

    Bagley has to be the worst PR guy in the country. Amazing how he can puff out his chest and boast that the Vikings are going to pay “almost half” — big deal. Then he goes on to say what a “good deal” this is for Minneapolis. What are you smokin’, Baggie? It’s NOT a “good deal” for Minneapolis, Arden Hills, Minnesota, or …. duh … THE TAXPAYERS!!!

    And the expense of merely maintaining the facility is north of $20 million a year. Wonderful – stick the taxpayers for even more money, eh?

    Go away, Zippy, Baggie, Vikings – MN can’t afford to support you for another 51 losing years.

    • twisteditoff

      thats fine no more taxes for schools all those kids are the parents little problems deal with it u p.o.s.

  • not republiCON

    meoff did you even read the artical before opening your mouth? It read s Dayton is AGAINST it! A typical republican “hate anyone who’s not republican weather you agree with em or not” attitude not to mention not getting the facts straight FIRST>

    • Jason

      @ NR easy to confuse he changes his mind as much as most change thier underware.

  • Packers23

    I love how all of you who have commented are people who hate football a bunch of nerds who were picked on by football players and have some chip on their should. tax payer this, tax payer that…… taxes are always going to go up. might as well get something out of it with our money…… Anyways I’m not even a vikings fan…. Go Pack Go! Need to pick on you vikings fans somehow.

    • Uncle Chico Rico

      taxpayers sure as hell don’t have to always go up as a percentage of wages…. that’s why I moved from WI to MN (and soon leaving this ghetto state too) . Over there you pimp and poimp to death everyone on property taxes…friggen crazy.
      that said …. ya have a nice Packer teamm that I enjoy. ;-)

      • jackactionhero

        Sounds like you just can’t find a place to fit in, here in this country…

  • djones

    Maybe your the one who is not paying taxes and living off the government. Don t criticize others that do. This is a great project to put thousands back to work!!!! I work for a company that made the doors and frames for Target field and hope we will do the same for the new Minnesota -Vikings stadium. Job creation is the answer.

  • lambert

    Near the end, eh Bagboy? Good, let me know when I can come over and help you pack your bags. I’ll even give you gas money to get out of the state.

    • jackactionhero

      You can’t afford $8 per year in user taxes, but you think you can pony up gas money for a couple hundred people? LOL

      • GoToLAAlready

        It’s called fixing the problem permanently instead of putting a band-aid on it. We will not keep bowing down to billionaires that just want more handouts.

        • jackactionhero

          So Minnesota doesn’t deserve a modern, multipurpose sports facility?

          You aren’t understanding the issue, if you equate this to handouts for billionaires. You just don’t get it.

          • brainiac

            Your mouth is as incredibly big as your brain is small. What a disgusting person you are.

  • mike

    Downtown Minneapolis or Arden Hills, hey as long as the Vikes stay I don’t care where the new stadium gets built or how it will be funded. Let’s just all hope the Vikes stay in MN!

  • Governor Wanted!

    Anyone want to recall Mark Dayton?

  • Bignified

    What I love is how many conservative law makers will ultimately be voting that we spend more on this non event. Well Ziggy, sorry but there is more room in our wallet than there is in yours.

    So listen up sports fans, as this is not rocket science. To those crybaby’s that say we can’t afford to lose a winning team…cue the crickets. Any other states interested in an overpriced losing team? Anyone, anyone? No, well imagine that.

    So now that we know none of the overpaid playa’s will need to invest in new luggage, lets talk operations shall we? Streamline the back office, build a new younger and less than spoiled team, and get back to the fundamentals of football.

    Lastly as far as the dome goes, pitch to the community that the playa’s and owner will revitalize the area and are also going to take the slightly used condom off the dome and replace it with a much newer high tech retractable roof. I know…you think I am crazy, but this will cost much less in the interim, and will reap larger back end rewards if marketed effectively with concerts and other events in the off season.

    • jackactionhero

      Actually, cities are tripping over themselves to get professional sports franchises.

      Secondly, modifying the dome to have a retractable roof does not address the real reasons the dome should be replaced…

  • Swamp Fox

    After replaying the interview a couple of times, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Vikings are nowhere near an agreement and probably will be gone for the 2013-2014 season. All parties are just spinning rhetoric wheels of malarkey to prolong their ignorance and political infighting over multiple sites of which one has the greater promise for success. Also, there are jobs and future economic issues at stake that provincial thinking is letting pass by.

    At the present rate of “Real” progress the Vikings will be gone in a year. The Metro Council will go on just collecting paychecks while the Legislature will be the rambling political wreck of the Midwest and plains. A new horse-and-buggy quality of living will rule the day.

    Think about that!

    • Sven

      I’m thinking about it….the Vikings gone?

      I LOVE IT!

      We get to keep more of the money WE earned and not have it taken away from us and given to a billionaire.

      • Swamp Fox

        Where are you parking your horse and buggy these days? Best case of wishful thinking commented today!

        • Sven

          What a compelling and insightful argument….not.

          In the old days, the government took what ever it wanted from peons like you. You should enter the 21st century where that doesn’t happen as much.

          We should keep the money WE earn and not have it taken away by corrupt politicians. What an idiot you are.

          • ole

            I’m with you, Sven. Goodbye Vikings and drain on the economy, hello weekends in the fall and early winter and money in the bank.

            p.s. The dude from the swamp just wishes he had a horse and buggy but he spent that money on beer and purple paint instead.

            • jackactionhero

              What drain on the economy?

              So you admit the Vikings are part of your weekly Fall and Winter schedule?

              You sound conflicted. Not only that, but you’re having a conversation with yourself online. Now that’s goofy…

              • Jennifer

                Google: Publicly Financed Stadiums.

                They are an economic negative.

      • Petey

        These billionaires that you so desperately want leave, generate more tax income for the state than you ever will. So your taxes will not go down if there is no team, they may actually go up because the state will be losing all the tax that was gained from the Vikings or anyother billionaire/millionaire that you think should leave

  • Kim

    Any stadium needs to benefit the people of Minnesota, and frankly, none of the current options will do that. Why is there no plan in place to modify and upgrade the Metrodome? It is the least expensive option, the redevelopment and construction will create jobs, and it utilizes a perfectly good sports arena!

    The idea that MN and the Vikings “need” a brand new stadium — at taxpayer expense! — is ridiculous!

    • Orrest

      To modify and upgrade the dome for suites and club seating is not possible due to the structure of the dome.

      • Evelyn

        Put the suites and club seating in luxury hotels. They can watch the Vikings lose on High Def Large Screen TV’s.

        Every 15 minutes, send in a drunk fan to spill beer on them so they get that ‘real stadium’ experience.

      • False!

        Anything is possible. Any structure can be modified. If that is somone’s excuse, its time to hire a better engineering firm.

        • False is arse

          At what cost. To increase the number of suites they would have to add them somwhere at the expense of current seats. To get more seats the stadium would have to be higher. There is no room for wider concourses. At that point it would be easier to starte over.

          • kim

            “Easier to start over” ? Why, yes, let’s just pretend there isn’t a perfectly usable sports facility sitting empty down the street so that we can have wider concourses and luxury boxes for a few millionaires. That makes all kinds of sense.

        • kim

          Of course the Metrodome can be modified. And, of course if club seating and luxury boxes are needed they can come at the expense of regular seats — since when do the Vikings play to a sold-out crowd anyway?

          Let the millionaires pay for their luxury suites — not the taxpayer.

          • Moose

            Have you even been to a game?? The Vikings have sold out every game for the last 7+ years… 64000+ people at every home game…. You people goin on and on about taxes are rediculous.. I guess all you republicans just wanna give all these rich guys ur all ranting about more tax breaks rather than make a cutting edge sports center that will be used for the next few decades… Never before has an owner put up a half a million for a stadium, in any sport… How can all the other states get things done but it take 3 years to start seriously talking about a much needed stadium???? I don’t get you people at all … And ya, what you don’t realize is if the Vikings leave all ur taxes are goin up to make up for the profits the state makes for every game.. Not to mention all the jobs that just won’t be there anymore… No Vikings equals fewer jobs and higher taxes period..

          • The Architect

            It’s more than that. It’s not up to standard for restroom facilities or wheelchair accessibility either. The millionaires WILL be the ones paying for the suites. Try not to let your jealousy shine through so prominently. It’s clouding your judgment.

      • kim

        So the taxpayer is supposed to absorb the cost of “suites and club seating” so that a few millionaires can watch the game?

        • jackactionhero

          The Metrodome is outdated. It’s unsuitable for renovation. You don’t seem to comprehend that 30 year old multi-purpose, domed sports facilities are only good for demolition. There are no examples showing otherwise, so why are you arguing that it’s the most feasible plan if that has never shown to be the case before?

    • hakesterman

      The Metrodome was not built for future expansion, it is a round circle and is a
      indoor stadium. In order to modify a building, it has to be built with that in mind from scratch. Indoor stadiums are ussually round in nature therefore eliminates them from expansion.

      • Chris

        The HHH Metrodome is an oval, not a circle!

  • Roberta

    The Republicans plan is the equivalent of the Vikings raising ticket prices, raising parking prices and raising concession prices.

    Why do they need the government to raise the prices and then turn around and give them the money back?

    The whole thing stinks worse than the Vikings season.

    • ole

      And that makes for a pretty bad stink! Time for them to go live off some other suckers for the next 51 years.


    Funny that we will sperd millions on a stadium for the UofM and a team that sticks so bad a bag won’t help. As a State we received zero benefit grom this and continue to pay. We paid for a Wloves satdium and they are so bad they can’t give tickets away, and we as tax payers pay big. Then we big a Twins stadium that is totally in favor of the owner. All of these at the expensive of Hennepin County. Now we want to build a stadium for the best team in this sState and we are up in arms. I wish we could get this many liberals to complain about the tax base for people and companies but they don’t care. All I keep hearing is tax the mean, rich companies. You are right all you idiots, us business owners show pack up and leave this worthless State and go with the team. I could care less if I take all the jobs to South Daokta. Like Rico says, move who cares, maybe he will spend his millions employing everyone

  • bob

    What exactly is Mark Dayton for? All I have heard for 10 months now is that Dayton is working on getting a Vikings Stadium here. He doesn’t like this deal, but what deal is he trying to get approved and why is that one better? I love the Vikings, but honestly, is this the biggest problem we have as a state? Shouldn’t the Governor being trying to get more businesses to put manufacturing jobs in the state or figure out how to make state employee’s more productive so we can lower the spending that goes on?

    • Exp

      Did you read/view the article. IT goes like this:
      Let’s raise the money by raising concessions parking and tickets, and by making the owner pay more. Perfectly reasonable request.
      Oh, and as a little eetsy-bitsy side note let’s KILL taxes on business (big and small) again while we already in a deficit. Perfectly insane money-grab worthy of the best Chicago mob bosses.
      That’s why he hates it. It’s not the presentation of the stadium part he objects to, it’s the insane money grab that sure to endear the Republicans to their primary constituents: Big businesses and the rich.
      They’re not even bothering to try to hide it anymore, and people just sit there like vegetables and accept the spoon-fed garbage.

      • jackactionhero

        What deficit? Please be specific with your numbers, or else admit you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Earl

    Please don’t anyone repeat the lies about jobs and economic benefits.

    There are none.

    Google: Publicly financed stadiums

    • jackactionhero

      Why do all the major cities in the U.S. have modern sports complexes?

      Second question is why doesn’t Minnesota deserve one too? Are we really the poorest people in the nation, or are you misled and uninformed about something….

      • Earl

        Google: Publicly financed stadiums.

  • GoToLAAlready

    Are they closer to leaving the state? That is the only thing that would indicate progress!

    • Zagnut

      LA? I thought LA was looking for a PROFESSIONAL football team.

      • GoToLAAlready

        Maybe they can BS them like they’re trying to do us …

        Hey .. it could work .. .and we can be rid of our problem!

  • Drop Kick

    Could this be the year of a Viking Fans Boycott?

    • Jake

      Last year was the Vikings Winning Boycott.

  • 70 year old lady

    Please build it in Arden Hills – I hate driving in MPLS-I might even attend a Viking game if they build it in Arden Hills-Go Vikings in Minnesota and please if your going to stay how about winning a lot more games! I used to go to games back in the 60’s much better team back then-Purple People eaters!

  • Jethro Clampett

    If someonee in LAAA can build a stadium without public financing
    why can’t the wilfs?

    • Jane

      That stadium was built by smart honest people.

      It’s a bit different here.

  • Carl W

    I’ve been a Vikings fan my entire life, and I don’t want to see them leave Minnesota. It may not be a big deal to those of you who aren’t fans.. but to the 5 million MINNESOTA Vikings fans.. it is a big deal. The Metrodome is the worst venue in the NFL. They need a new stadium. If they get shipped off to LA in the same way that the Minneapolis Lakers did, I will stop watching football altogether.

  • Swamp Fox

    @Carl W
    Don’t stop watching football just stop watching the Vikings or whatever the team will be called in LA-LA Land. If Minnesotans’ can’t or won’t keep their pro-teams here, win or lose, then they deserve what comes. A new stadium venue has other uses besides football. It can be a money maker for the state if put to good uses. Too bad this state is still in the horse-&-buggy era of thinking.

  • Just Do It

    Have you all forgotten that “we the taxpayers” paid a significant chunk of tax monies to fund the Target Center, Xcel Center, Target Field, Gopher Stadium, Walker Art Center, etc…. Why can’t we do the same thing for the Vikings? Face it, sales taxes were increased for the above projects and when the funding was completed was the sales tax adjusted back to the lower rate? No, the state kept the higher rate and “allocated” the monies to other expenses. So give the Vikings their new stadium it will create revenue for the state and the biggest reason is it will give a whole lot of people jobs when they desperately need it. I hope they don’t tear down the Metrodome, since they just replaced the $22 million dollar insured roof, it would be a waste to tear it down and displace even more workers.

  • Chris

    While private businesses and their venues are good for communities, they are not services which only government can provide. Plus, business owners typically have more than enough money (rightfully so) to cover costs on their own. Neither capitalism nor Wilf’s financial wealth is the problem. Redistribution of wealth is the problem. Government has no business taking money from someone whose property it is to give to someone who neither earns it at work nor receives it as a private gift. Neither this team’s popularity nor subsidization of other sports facilities justifies a handout to Wilf and his cronies. I would rather the Vikings leave Minnesota than steal public money for their gain.

    • jackactionhero

      So it’s ok to use tax dollars for the Guthrie, Target Field, Target Center, TCF Stadium, but not for the Vikings?

      I just want to be clear on your position.

      • Chris

        It is not/was not okay to use public money on any of those institutions!

        • jackactionhero

          Why? Xcel has many functions that aren’t sports related, and so does the Metrodome, and so would a new facility. These are arts, music, recreation, bridal showers, RV and camping shows and many more.

          Why doesn’t Minnesota deserve places such as this? Other major metropolitan areas have them. Why shouldn’t Minnesota?

          • Chris

            Minnesota should include such facilities. This DOES NOT mean that politicians should give public money to them.

            • jackactionhero

              What other money is there for convention centers and multi purpose facilities? You think Bill Gates is going to donate the cash for Minnesota facilities? Minnesotans shouldn’t pony up the cash for their facilities, and other people and entities should? Where does that logic come from?

            • jackactionhero

              So we should have them, and you will use them, but you are refusing to help pay for them.

              That’s nice of you.

              • Earl

                Google: Publicly financed stadiums

              • Chris

                Government should spend money only on legitimate functions of the public sector!! If it is not a service which only government can provide, then use only private money for it!!

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