ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota House has passed two bills that would increase personal security for county attorneys, including one that would let them carry guns.

The House passed the gun bill in a 130-1 vote Wednesday. The bill would allow county attorneys to carry a gun while on duty, but not in the courtroom.

The other bill would enhance criminal penalties for assaulting a prosecutor and killing a prosecutor. Under the bill, a person who kills a prosecutor could be charged with first-degree murder. The bill passed a 130-1 vote.

The bills took on special urgency after Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell was shot and wounded in December last year.

The Senate companion bills are still in committee.

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Comments (11)
  1. Booo!! says:

    No guns for Lawyers!!!

  2. jfs says:

    Send Lawyers Guns and Money..!
    got to like it..!

    1. Robert Radke says:

      Dad,get me out of this!

    2. Werewolf in DC says:

      The s3%t has hit the fan

  3. Sanity says:

    Most lawyers are uber-liberals. This has to be confusing the be-Jesus out of them.

    1. Elwood says:

      Do you have actual proof of that, or just a little tidbit you picked up from the ultra-right?

  4. Goobb says:

    This country is run by attrnys…ANYTHING for them. Can’t wait til THEIR jobs all get outsourced to china or India or….

  5. Nostradamus says:

    I predict the first time an attorney uses a gun…it will be to shoot another attorney.

  6. Smith N Wesson says:

    I don’t know why my first comment was deleted so I am going to try again.

    I support this law especially since prosecutors deal with a lot of the dredge of society, however, they attorneys should be made to go through training and qualifications and have to re-qualify every year.

    Is this part of the law? If so, could you report on it? if not, could you report on why not?

  7. gardengurl says:

    Can’t wait for Letterman to hear about this one.

  8. MrC says:

    This is a good bill, attorney’s need this. I mean on the totem pole of life, attorney’s are one step up from child molestors!

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