MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Transportation manages 800 snowplows and 150 truck stations across the state. While that’s a lot of equipment to keep track of, MnDOT has a strategy for combating 11,000 miles of highways.

They are called road and weather information stations – and you have probably driven by them.

The roadside stations MnDOT pavement temperature, wind speeds and even take real-time pictures of the road.

“We’re very scientific about our approach to removing snow and ice,” said Kevin Gutknecht of MnDOT.

Back at the office, the supervisor taps into a computer system to get the read out. Based on what may look like a complex labyrinth, they can tell what kinds of chemicals are needed.

“If, however, it’s really, really cold, they may want to put down more sand,” said Gutknecht

They can even figure out what areas need to be acted on first.

“Now, 60 miles per hour, that looks like it’s moving pretty good. That’s going to cause drifting,” said Gutknecht.

It’s a strategy born out of science and safety.

Comments (3)
  1. Bill P says:

    Considering the last report I hear there were over 70 accidents yesterday morning alone I’d have to say it works about as well as the tech they use to keep bridges safe.

    1. rolling eyes says:

      Yo Billy-boy, no matter what you can’t fix stup!d. Are you stup!d?

  2. mr blue says:

    Rill P – It is illogical to expect MNDOT’s work to prevent every accident. People have to be responcible for their own driving, and drive appropriate for the conditions. MNDOT makes the roads passable, and functional, however they cannot guarantee perfect driving conditions. During freezing rain, people must drive appropriately. I would bet the majority of those folks causing accidents were going too fast or had worn tires or both.

    besides even with perfect driving conditions, people still get into accidents. If you cannot drive in those conditions, then stay home. People have to take responcibility for their own actions.

    What are your suggestions for road improvement Rill P?

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