MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Ever since the Minnesota Vikings began talking about the need for a new football stadium, businesses around the Metrodome have been holding their breath. So when news of a deal that would place a new home for the Vikings on the existing site, fans and area business owners were quick to react.

“I thought it was great news, anywhere downtown is perfect, but this is beautiful for us,” said Dan Bell.

Anchoring the corner across the street from the Dome, Hubert’s is a well-known sports watering hole. Bell is Hubert’s manager and he says that when the Twins traded up for Target Field, summer business dried up for Hubert’s.

“When the Twins left you got 80 games that went downtown. It made us like left out. So this will be wonderful for us, at this end of town,” said Bell.

As news of a deal broke, the lunchtime crowd started weighing in. Some are unconvinced that pull-tab gambling revenues will fly. Other customers are worried about the impacts on area traffic, both during and after construction.

The proposed 65,000 seat stadium will eliminate some 500 parking spaces east of the existing dome. However, under the proposal, a new 650 vehicle ramp would be built to the north.

“Try to get anywhere, the hospital, any other function down here. We don’t have parking already and it’s being taken away,” said Steve Pederson.

Then there’s the question of tailgating. An expanded plaza will create some additional tailgating opportunities, but Vikings fans were salivating over the ample space for pre-game festivities at the Arden Hills site.

“We’ve been battling this since 1998 really,” said stadium supporter, David Gunderson.

Outside the capitol, he and fellow supporter Larry Spooner said the state can’t afford any more delay.

“The people of Minnesota are ready to get this done. It ain’t quite the site that all Vikes fans wanted, but let’s see what they have. We’ll figure out a way to tailgate,” said Spooner.

Watch Pat Kessler’s Report On The Stadium Deal

Comments (38)
  1. bubbles says:

    I have to admit, these two fit my image of a stereotype Viking fan – clueless, loud, obnoxious, and past the full mark on beer.

    Heh, heh.

  2. Christine says:

    Who cares about the fans?

    How are the tax payers responding?

    How are the voters responding?

    How are people who know when they’re being ripped off responding?

    1. Crazy Joe says:

      You are not a fan so STFU!

    2. jackactionhero says:

      The tax payers don’t stand to pay with their tax dollars for the stadium, so why would they object?

      The voters don’t stand to pay with their tax dollars for the stadium either, so why would the voters want to vote against it?

      Which people are being ripped off? The money is coming from pull tabs, not tax dollars. Please let me know exactly who is being ripped off. Thanks

  3. Nancy says:

    “The people of Minnesota are ready to get this done.”

    That is a lie. The overwhelming majority want nothing to do with farce.

    Don’t believe me? Let’s put it in a referendum.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      Why? You don’t have to pay a dime. So what exactly is your objection, Nancy?

      1. Nancy says:

        If the state collects money, why should it be given to Piggy Wilf? It could be used for education, seniors, health research, tax relief, etc. This means we have to pay MORE to make up for the money being redirected to Piggy.

        AND, this is a scam. There isn’t enough money. The projections are nonsense. They will get it started and then say “Oops, I guess we’re going to have to take general fund money after all.”

        AND, the vast majority of Minnesotans do not want ANY public money given to Piggy Wilf. This is a slap in the face to all people.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          “They will get it started and then say “Oops, I guess we’re going to have to take general fund money after all.”

          There is no provision in the proposal that grants that authority.

          So, you are speaking out of paranoia.

          But your comments beg some questions….
          So, should we not have any sports until all of our extra money is taken from us and given to seniors, health research and education (what does that even mean)?

          No money is being redirected to any individual. Whoever told you that is lying. If you came up with it yourself, then you’re just uneducated and naive to go along with paranoid.

        2. B-ryan says:

          The state collected money went to the Target Field a while back. Why shouldn’t it go for the Vikings stadium?

          Either support both, or support none. Don’t support one but not the other.

          Have you done a survey of the vast majority of Minnesotans?

  4. Bob says:

    This seems like a normal compromise — far from ideal. One thing is for certain in my mind. The nickname of Vikings is certainly no longer appropriate. Vikings are strong and resolute. They certainly would not consent to a stadium paid for by preying on those too weak to avoid the urge to gamble money that most need for necessities. Perhaps they should be the Minnesota Gamblers

    1. Sven says:

      You are correct.

      They disgrace the Viking name. Unless you consider the Vikings were a band of marauders who stole what ever they could.

  5. John Frykman says:

    Minneapolis has far better use of $600 million in new taxes. Maybe let the taxpayers keep what they earned and let the billionaires and millionaires rip off the fans instead if they are stupid enough to pay the real cost of a ticket to the new stadium. That cost would add approximately $20 to the price of each ticket.

    ONE MILLION DOLLARS per home game for the taxpayers to foot? And don’t talk about all the revenues and jobs. Those jobs would be created by other far more worthwhile spending that the taxpayers can choose on their own.

    Detroit has a wonderful newer stadium…some say the best in the country. What has this wonderful stadium done for the city of Detroit?

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Money from pull tabs is not new taxes.

      What is it that you EXPECT the new Ford Field in Detroit to have “done for the city of Detroit”?

      Please be specific.

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        Yep, please be specific. Gotta love Captain Coprophagia!

  6. Pundit says:

    The Republicans that support this will destroy the party in Minnesota.

    No one will vote for them and again the party will be split and the liberals will be free to inflict their socialism and political correctness on the clueless buffoons who don’t even know when they are being robbed.

  7. Eric says:

    I’m a taxpayer and I will gladly pay for a new Vikings stadium.

    1. John Frykman says:

      Good for you. Get out your checkbook. Just don’t ask me to be as foolish as you are and jump for joy when I am being fleeced. The only reason you are thrilled with a new stadium is you think someone else will help you pay for Ziggy’s new corporate home for the next 30 years.

      1. John Schnabel says:

        How much in taxes will you have to pay, John? Please be specific with your numbers.

      2. B-ryan says:

        If I paid out of my paycheck to help build a home for a baseball team, I will pay out of my paycheck for a football team, cause I like football. I don’t like baseball though.

  8. Dianne says:

    The City of Minneapolis Charter mandates that expenditures over $10,000,000 get voter approval. If this goes through without going on the ballot I will not rest until I find a lawyer that will file a class action lawsuit. And really – how hard do you think that will be. Property taxes for homeowners in Hennepin County go up every year and usually double digits while property values go down. What a bunch of crooks.

    1. The Architect says:

      Sure you will, Diane.

      Until someone tells you that no money from the General Tax Fund will be used.

      Then what will you shoult about?

      1. Frank Talk says:

        Sometimes when people are trying to take your money, they will lie to you.

        This is one of those times.

        1. The Architect says:

          You can’t just make that accusation without any proof. The proposal does not have any provision allowing them to go back on their word and use General Fund Tax dollars. Period. Your paranoia does not change that fact.

  9. Jeff says:

    No new taxes are paying for this stadium.

    1. Dianne says:

      No – no new taxes – they will redirect existing taxes to pay for the stadium and then have to raise taxes to make up for the redirected funds used to build the stadium. To say that no new taxes are paying for this stadium is like saying that you are going to buy an airplane so you can fly up north and go fishing but you don’t have to make any more money to pay for it because you are going to quit buying groceries. REALLY????

      1. EJ says:

        Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Diane! There must be more pressing things going on in your life that require your attention. BTW- stupid analogy.

      2. Bill says:

        You are exactly right Diane.

        Feel sorry for the math impaired who do not understand how finances work.

        1. John says:

          Feel sorrrier for the info-impaired who make decisions without all of the information. {Bill}

      3. jackactionhero says:

        Redirect existing taxes?

        Sorry, but that is not a possibility, Diane. That isn’t how that works. Nice try though.

  10. anti bachmann says:

    just build the dam thing
    the twins got a new stadium no problem and they suck

    1. Harmon says:

      Dumbest comment so far.


      1. anti bachmann says:

        thank you the only reason i write comments is so i can laugh at all you idiots that reply but thank you for the comment harmonny

    2. Andrew says:

      No problem?

      Four Hennepin County Commissioners took away the right of the people to vote and over their objections are taking their money to give to he Pohlad family.

      It’s costing each person $900 ($30 per year for 30 years).

      That’s a big problem.

      How would you like to pay my share?

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Less than 10 cents per day? Move then.

        The Vikings stadium isn’t going to use tax dollars. So how much will that cost you, Andrew? Approximately zero, right? What is your complaint about again?

        1. Bill says:

          If the state collects money, why should it be given to Piggy Wilf? It could be used for education, seniors, tax relief, etc. We have to pay MORE because these funds being redirected for a billionaire’s financial gain.

          And the number are a scam. Online pull-tabs? Really? They will get it started and then say, “Oops, I guess we’ll need general funds after all”.

          10 cents a day is over $1,000 after 30 years. If it’s such a trivial amount, pay my share.

  11. HOMESLICE says:


    1. HOMESLICE says:

      sorry for the shouting outloud caps ;>D

  12. vikesfan42 says:

    Been a Vikings fan since the beginning! How about a special lottery ticket named Vikings Stadium? I never buy lottery tickets, but I would buy one of theres once a month until…

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