51-Year-Old Man Arrested After Stabbing In Somerset, Wis.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 51-year-old man is in custody after police say he stabbed a man several times in the abdomen and legs.

Police received a report of a stabbing near the 1900 block of County Highway I in Somerset, Wis. and were told the suspect was last seen walking away from area.

Deputies spotted George Willie Elmore, of Somerset, Wis., who matched the suspect description and placed him under arrest.

According to police, Elmore approached 41-year-old Timothy P. Burdick, who had just arrived home with his girlfriend, in the driveway. Elmore told Burdick he was mad that he had “disrespected” him, produced a knife and said he was going to kill him.

Burdick and Elmore began fighting and Burdick was stabbed multiple times in the abdomen and legs. He was transported to Regions Medical Center in St. Paul.

Police say this was a targeted attack and the public is not in danger. The incident remains under investigation.

  • BigDog

    More healthy white macho male role play.
    Think the dude had a beverage inside his system?

    • Uncle Rico

      No, BigotHog, you’re actually wrong on both accussations. Here is a report from a news source (New Richmond News) local to the area that doesn’t care about being PC and NOT reporting race: “Witnesses told deputies that the suspect in the incident was a tall black male, who allegedly walked away from the scene.” Two points of education for you. 1). being “disrespected” is ghetto trash talk. Knowing this alone, or reading the article thoughtfully, would allow for you to make an educated guess here race. If this was not enough, BigotHog, when race is not reported by CCO, it is highly likely that suspect or guilty party is a “minority.” Hope this helps for your future jumping to conclusion analyses.

    • Mac the Knife

      I have a feeling Willie ain’t a white dude.

      • rex

        you are correct!
        Offender Name: GEORGE WILLIE ELMORE
        Offender ID:
        Date of Birth:
        African American

        Custody Status:
        In Custody
        Location of Offender:
        St. Croix County Jail

  • Kyle

    either under the influence of something or flat out crazy. Either way I hope he in locked up for 10 years min.

  • Sam

    I carry my 9mm everywhere I go to prevent things like that, and It keeps me from from drinking alcohol as the two don’t mix and are illegal together. The gun makes me more aware and much more responsible. Avoid confrontation. The gun does not make me a tough guy just more responsible. I find it amazing how ignorant people are when it comes to carry permits, even the cops. They stop me when I open carry and give me grief until we chat and they get to know me, then all is cool.

    • Son of Sam?

      You are a whack job!

      • Sam

        Typical idiot there son of sam, nothing intelligent to say, ever.

  • Chigger Swatter

    Tired today I be

  • 11-variations-of-other-users-names-psychotic-person

    you (the poster) should trade places with him

  • Rule # 1

    Don’t “dis” Big Willie!

  • kannalia

    I know this man(george) and I cant believe he would have done that, im just shocked, he was always soo kind to me.

  • herman

    May the Lord bring peace to all!!!

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