Couple’s 3 Kids Have Same Birthday, All Different Years

EYOTA, Minn. (WCCO) — Having three kids isn’t all that abnormal in family circles. But how about having three children who all have the same day to blow out the candles and eat cake? As of Monday, one couple from Eyota, Minn., can now say all three of their children share a birthday.

Carrie and Shawn O’Neill said none of the births were planned and none of the deliveries were induced. We did the math: There’s a .000001 percent chance of this happening.

On the morning of March 5, something interesting happened in their household before Carrie O’Neill went into labor.

“Our 2-year-old started singing happy birthday to the baby, and I thought well that’s kind of random, cause at that point I wasn’t having any labor pains,” Carrie said.

It wasn’t until later that evening, they found out she knew something they didn’t.

Russell O’Neill was brought into the world at the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital on March 5.

It’s not just the shared birthday that will raise your eye brows, Russell’s anesthesiologist was also born on March 5.

While Carrie and Shawn said they wish they didn’t have to bake three cakes on one day, they said they’ve learned their lesson, three times. Now, they know they are not in control of their fate.

“It had to be this day, cause that was the one day we were shooting not to have it,” said Shawn.

For those of you wondering if there’s an anniversary or other big event nine months before due date, they said they’re just as confused as anyone.

“We still haven’t been able to pinpoint it, so,” said Shawn.

While Carrie and Shawn say they’re not planning on having a fourth child, they say by now they know better, there may be bigger plans in store for them.


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