Minn. Lawmakers Drawing Up New Shutdown Rules

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Having taken lumps over last summer’s government shutdown, Minnesota lawmakers are considering ways to take the sting out of any future budget standoffs.

A Senate committee was set to consider a cluster of bills that would make various state functions shutdown-proof. State colleges would be assured their continued funding, campgrounds and the zoo would remain open and road work would go on.

A budget feud between Republican lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton led to a nearly three week government shutdown last summer. While a court ordered the state to keep some programs going, many offices were dark until a new budget was adopted.

Some people worry, however, that taking noticeable consequences out of a shutdown will reduce pressure on lawmakers to reach timely budget deals.

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  • Sick of the the smoke and mirrors

    when will they ever worry about jobs. they worry about everything but! If they did their jobs, they wouldn’t have to worry about a shutdown! jhc mn WAKE UP

    • Tom

      @ Sick of the smoke and mirrors

      They figure if they stop gay marriage, require voter ID ( for a problem that does not exist), pass a law about using deadly force, if they solve those problems companies will start hiring!

  • Minnesotareader

    I have an idea. How about none of the lawmakers get a paycheck during a shutdown? I am sure that would hurry things up quite a bit.

  • Tom

    Keep the current rules in place!

  • Disgusted

    If I didn’t get my job done I would get fired. Why are they still on the job? We should fire them all if they can’t get the job done in the time alotted.

  • Citizen

    Dayton drew a line in the sand yesterday with his tired old “Tax the Rich” battle cry. It only makes sense to prepare for the inevitable.

  • Peach

    They should have to balance teh budget first and then they can tackle whatever new laws/reforms they want to pass. That would motivate them to get the budget done or they will never get to make any other changes.

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