Driver Dies After Car Blows Tire, Rolls

FARIBAULT, Minn. (WCCO) — A driver was killed in a rollover crash after the tire blew out in Rice County Thursday evening.

According to the State Patrol, the vehicle was traveling southbound along Interstate 35 near milepost 52.

A witness reported seeing the rear tire on the driver’s side blow out.

The vehicle veered off the roadway along the right side and rolled more than twice.

The driver — 26-year-old Manbile Mohamud of Lexington, Minn. — was pronounced dead on the scene.

A 25-year-old passenger in the car was not injured.

  • Richard in Minneapolis

    I was in a similar accident. Walked away from it without a scratch and fully cognizant of the fact that my seat belt saved me. The fact that one was killed and the passenger unharmed suggests to me that the passenger was wearing his seat belt and the driver was not.

    • Pat

      Seat belts kill as many people as not wearing one. The driver got stuck in the driver seat because of his seat belt and was crushed when the car rolled.

      • okgirl

        I was an EMT- I saw people, without their seat belts on, get only partially ejected. The car crushed them as it rolled over and over. They died hanging out the driver’s side window. Not a pretty sight.

      • MN Cop

        Wrong. Seat belts rarely kill people. Some accidents are so severe that a seat belt cannot save you. If his side of the vehicle was crushed then more than likely he was a goner either way. And the argument about landing upside down in water is ridiculous too. That type of crash is rare. You are much more likely to get struck by another vehicle, in which case the seat belt is the only thing between you and the windshield/road…

        Choosing to not wear your seat belt because it might kill you is like not taking a life saving medication because there is a slim chance of a side effect.

        • Lucifer

          Oh what do you know anyway?….back to the basement for some lucky charms.

          • michaelthearchangel

            wow, you got lucky charms in hell?

        • greg

          what bunch of BS!!!

    • Chris M

      I was in a rollover accident a few years back. Luckily, I did NOT have my seatbelt on and was thrown from the car before it landed upside down in a pond. Even the police told me if I had my seat belt on I probably would have died.

      I believe in adults being able to make decisions for themselves.

  • randy weaver

    was it a firestone tire??

  • What Da Fog

    China Tires?

  • Research

    I’ll “risk” wearing my seat belt. Collisions happen more than rollovers so I’m guessing the comment above saying seat belts do more harm is not true. Head plus windshield isn’t good. Rollovers would be an exception sometimes.

    • Pat

      I have had a few friends who died from head on collisions because they were wearing their seat belts, the cops said that if they weren’t wearing their seat belt they might have been throwing from the car thru the windshield and yeah they would have been injured but would have had a better chance of surviving, then being crushed by the motor.
      I do feel bad for the family of the person who passed on, so please don’t think that I am being a jerk or something, accidents happen and depending on the accident yeah a seat belt might save or kill you. Me personally, I have lost a lot more friends and family members because of seat belts than the very few that I have lost to not seat belts. But no matter what we should have the right to wear or not wear a seat belt and not be told and fined for not wearing one. So much for freedoms, I guess.

      • Whatever

        You had a few friends that died in head on collisions? What a liar you are. Exaggerate much?

        • Pat

          I have lost a few to head on and a few to T-bone and a few to rollovers. I don’t exaggerate and I wish I was, because then they would still be on this planet and not under it.

          • Al

            Maybe your friends should wear seatbelts.

      • David J. Conklin

        >I have had a few friends who died from head on collisions because they were wearing their seat belts,

        The fact that they were wearing their seat belt doesn’t mean that it caused their death.

        You don’t have to wear your seat belt–just don’t expect medical care when you get into an accident. We’ll just roll you over to the side of the road and sweep up the rest of the mess.

      • jackactionhero

        “But no matter what we should have the right to wear or not wear a seat belt and not be told and fined for not wearing one.

        WRONG. During evasive maneuvers, without your seatbelt, you are physically incapable of maintaining your position in your seat to effectively maneuver the vehicle. PERIOD.

  • T

    Pat, let me make one thing clear. We are NOT friends.

  • Sue

    LOL Wow 2012 and people still believe seat belts are “bad.” Being ejected from the car would have saved them? I don’t think so. If the engine crushed them it was because it was an older model car. Cars, for many years now, have been made to crumple on impact so the engine does not kill the passengers. Believe me, flying through a window at 60+ miles per hour will, more often than not, kill you.

  • Sue

    Having said that ^, I do believe adults can make their own decisions, the law is ridiculous.

    • Yep

      Agreed, if you want to fly out the windsheild or window and have a date with a tree, that’s a choice you should be able to make.

  • j speedbag64

    when you see wires poking out of your tire…..change it ……..

  • Erin

    My husband was in an accident a few years ago at fairly low speed (~35 mph)…he ended up with internal bleeding caused by the seat belt, and required emergency surgery and several weeks in the hospital. That being said, he was in a smaller car, and he is a tall guy – I think the alternative would have been his head through the we will continue to ALWAYS wear our seatbelts.

  • Common Cents

    If your car is less than 20 years old, it has airbags, you better be wearing your seatbelt when that airbag goes off or it’ll likely break your spine/neck/arms. Also, you will not be ejected without the seatbelt cuz again, the airbag is going to forcefully put you in your seat!

  • Marcus

    The level of arrogance and presumption on these comments is distressing. It’s amazing how many experts there are based on the minimal amount of details given in this story. But I guess that’s how internet discussion goes.

    • fraze

      All I care about is another sami is gone.

  • car windshield Houston

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  • big banjo

    seat belt usage should be up to the adult individual……they can be a threat as well as a savior……nobody needs some backwards legislature dictating what is and isn’t good for them…..most of those elected clowns are stupid anyways.

    • jackactionhero

      You can’t steer when you’re swerving if you aren’t buckled in, so no, I don’t want you driving without your seatbelt.

  • Wake up

    Okay we can argue the pros and cons of seatbelts forever and most likely will – sometimes they save your life sometimes they don’t – but the decision to wear one or not wear one should still be up to the adult. I’m just tired of our legislaters legislating our life – some things are commonsense and look at it this way “stupidity has a way of taking care of itself – call it population control.

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