MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Eight people have been arrested in an apparent school drug ring in the Pequot Lakes area.

According to the Crow Wing County Sheriff Todd Dahl, the charges are the result of a four-month-long investigation into the sale and distribution of marijuana and prescription drugs on the grounds of Pequot Lakes High School.

Four adults and four juveniles were arrested.

The adults are 20-year-old Jonathan Matthew Ward, 21-year-old Bradley Eugene Huesmann, and 18-year-old Cassandra May Hilgers, all of Pequot Lakes, and 18-year-old Matthew Ryan Peterson, of Breezy Point.

The juveniles were brought to a juvenile detention facility.

All were arrested March 9 by the Lakes Area Drug Investigative Division for various controlled substance crimes.

All suspects are being held pending formal charges.

Comments (15)
  1. Len says:

    Well – knowing well the area as I live close I can say it is safe to say the diversity jokes will have to be shelved __ again.
    Lets face it – seems we are starting to hold our own and then some.

  2. Whatt says:

    This IS the northside right?

  3. Nothern Wolf says:

    We got more dope than we can consume – time to send it home with the city people next time through.
    And thanks for changing our world ….. you done wonders for us lol 😉

    1. more to come says:

      A new twist to no child left behind.

  4. do do says:

    every single H.S. out there has it’s pushers, and 90% of the students know who they are, so lets get going and sweep this shet up…..

    1. Lou says:

      do do they been trying to sweep it up since Reagan was in office!!! the war on drug is a joke!!! just a big waste of money!!! so why don’t you get the do do out of your head!

    2. O Bush Ma says:

      People like you that support this drug war cr@p need to be swept up…….

  5. Puppies for all says:

    Thats going on in every high school in the state and has been for the last 30 years.

  6. Sharon Peters says:

    Where is the beat down posse when you need them? Let Joe go.

  7. O Bush Ma says:

    DO NOR RUIN these people’s lives over this! END THE DRUG WAR!!!!! RON PAUL 2012!

  8. MoneyPit says:

    What a waste of taxpayer monies.. Just imagine how much money a four month long investigation costs?? I bet they didn’t get more than a couple thousand dollars worth of drugs. End the war on nonviolent crimes.

  9. Oh-Really? says:

    wait a minute.. no Jauns.. no Tyrones? Say it aint so.. where are all the racist comments now? Can we deport these people back to Mexico… or Africa.. I guess white does get dirty after all. Selling drugs to the kiddies.. tsk tsk

    1. Nord says:

      Can’t imagine the work-out your spell checker just went through.

  10. pumphandle- says:

    This is a news story because its up north, this happens everyday in city wake up.

  11. Kevins Daddy says:

    Kevin??? hello Kevin????

    Pequod Lakes? Drug RING??? Damn…. hate it when the place gets corrupted by the mexicans… oops… the latinos… oops.. the blacks from chicago… oops….

    Amazing how the smell of racism has suddenly subsided here….

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