By Susie Jones

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Members of the Senate Local Government and Elections Committee met Wednesday to discuss the proposed bill for a new Vikings Stadium in Minneapolis. After hours of discussion, however, the bill has been tabled and a vote postponed.

The bill must jump through dozens of other hoops, including clearing multiple committees and floor votes in both chambers. Finally, it must get support from the Minneapolis City Council.

Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission Chair Ted Mondale answered questions about everything from who will run the facility to how much money will it generate and how much the Vikings are kicking in.

“The Vikings are putting in over 50 percent of the money to run this facility and to build it together, and we think that’s fair and makes sense for the market and we think it’s quite fairly substantial,” Mondale said.

The first hearing in the House is expected by the end of the week and will focus on the issue of gambling to fund the state’s portion of the costs.

Some lawmakers are wondering whether electronic pull tabs will generate enough revenue to support the state’s $398 million commitment to the project.

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  1. elmer says:

    Wow, the ‘cco editors won’t even allow a “I don’t like it” post this morning.

    Great public service there ‘cco.

  2. dan says:

    Dont you think you should get the go ahead from the Mpls City council before wasting anymore time on this? If the Council isnt willing to get on board then you need to look at alternative sites.

  3. leopold says:

    This is a complete waste of time and taxpayer money.

    There isn’t a single beneficial reason for the state or the taxpayers to be financially involved with this issue. This isn’t a Minnesota “issue,” it’s a Zygi “wanna have.”

      1. Homer says:

        Triple stamped.

    1. Johnny Vegas says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about. It is crucial we keep the Vikings. We would take a step backwards if we lost them, You would be living in the pastures again whoever you are if the Vikings left. Our taxes are wasted on less important issues. If you don’t watch football, which you probably don’t, then stay out of my business.

  4. djones says:

    Add slot machines at the horse tracks with pulltabs!!! done deal plenty of money to go around.

    1. more smoke, fewer mirrors says:

      Seriously, if you heard the testimony today about the social costs of gambling, you would probably want to retract that statement.

      1. rentacop says:

        Social costs of gambling ? What are a few pulltabs going to hurt when the indian casino parking lots are full most of the time.???????????? Why not take advantage of those that choose to gamble and help fund the stadium.

  5. more smoke, fewer mirrors says:

    The committee meeting was live-streamed. Wow. The bill isn’t even half-baked and it has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. Rosen and Mondale were dancing up a storm and handing out 10 lbs of doo doo in 5 lb bags with their bogus answers to members’ questions.

    Mondale and Bagley were touting the gigantic contribution the Vikings would be making to the stadium and a committee member challenged that claim and postulated that the “cold hard cash” number looked to be closer to $40-50 million – hardly “over half the cost.”

    When asked what the back up financing plan was if gaming revenues don’t make the lofty revenue projections, Rosen hemmed and hawed and kept saying “we have to believe the DOR has given us good numbers, conservative numbers too.” It became abundantly clear any shortage would have to come out of the general fund, i.e. that would mean us, the generous taxpayers, so Rosen conceded “maybe we have to work some more on that.” Yeah, just a little.

    The further this goes and the deeper we get into it, the more obvious it becomes that it would likely be cheaper for the taxpayers to put Zygi on the state payroll for the “extra $41 million in annual profit” he wants rather than bankroll this new stadium.

  6. G Dog says:

    Vote it up or down Republicans! Ain’t easy when you are the majority, is it? Much easier to be on the sidelines and say, “No, No, No”.

    Gutless Hypocrites.

  7. biglou64 says:

    Put slot machines in the stadium.

  8. Stanley Peterson says:

    In this new stadium will there be (rigged) slot machines? What about Strip-Clubs ($25.00 fee) Must be over 21? Popcorn only $14.50. Hot Dogs $25.00 and a Coke for only $10.00. What about sitting on the third deck for only $50.00. Remember parking is only $15.00. Bring the whole family? ……Gov.Mark Dayton Viking Stadium. That has a nice ring to it? Gee, Guys it will only cost $950,000.000.04…….Must be approved by the Nuts on the City Council….Such a deal???????? ……Ufta!

  9. Johnny Vegas says:

    It looks like the idiots are the only ones that have commented before me. None of you like football or watch it is my guess. We need the Vikings. Stadium brings in thousands of construction jobs, jobs after the stadium opens, and money to downtown businesses,.

    1. Tommy Solo says:

      Oh really??!!! Where were the “thousands of construction jobs” or any new jobs after the metrodump was built? Where is the economic boom after Target..oooops I mean Taxpayer field was built for the Twins?!! Sorry but we have the records of history on our side and it proves that your argument doesn’t wash.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        What “economic boom” was promised? They are entertainment and competition. They are not here to provide you with economic benefit. That is your own responsibility.

  10. Robert says:

    There are no economic benefits, no jobs, to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. Anyone who tells you different is lying.


    Contact your representative and tell them how you feel: email, phone, fax:

  11. Tommy Solo says:

    Jonny Vegas: no actually if you take MY tax dollars and MISUSE them it IS my business! That whole step backwards scare if is just that-a scare tactic and a myth. Private business pays THEIR OWN WAY PERIOD! The vikes are LOSERS. Why do they deserve a billion dollar stadium? For 11 games a year? Do they have as good of a record as other teams with billion dollar stadiums? Lets let ’em move and get a new team down the road with a new name, new logo, new colors, etc. Change is GOOD! !!

  12. Earthman says:

    “Some lawmakers are wondering whether electronic pull tabs will generate enough revenue to support the state’s $398 million commitment to the project.”

    A lot of us are wondering the same thing.

    Legalize medical marijuna, tax it, and use the revenue to help pay for the stadium. Regular prescriptions are a much more reliable source of revenue.

    Put it on the ballot, let the people vote on it.

    1. Earthman says:

      marijuana, yes I can spell, typo, my bad.

  13. l says:

    i like football, i want the vikings here, i want the jobs, and the revenue. please, i am so sick of this ongoing debate i cringe as the world watches these idiots who cannot come to an agreement

    1. Robert says:

      There are no jobs.
      There is no revenue.

      Haven’t you read the posts and the links to economic studies?

      If you like football, YOU pay for it.

  14. ZitFacedWhitey says:

    i don’t care but I like to watch the big fat old rears stickin’ up … nummmy

  15. roger says:


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