Jury Finds Vikings’ CB Chris Cook Not Guilty On All Counts

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After two days of deliberation, a jury found Minnesota Vikings’ cornerback Chris Cook not guilty of all counts.

Cook, 25, was accused of choking his girlfriend and was facing four charges including strangulation and third-degree assault.

Cook said during his week-long trial he never choked his girlfriend, Chantel Baker, and said he hit her in self-defense.

The jury also found him not guilty of intent to cause fear and intent to inflict bodily harm.

After the verdict, Cook came out of the courtroom and hugged his friends and his attorney.

“I’m not that type of guy,” said Cook. “I can’t describe how I feel. I can now get back to my normal life.”

He said going to court Thursday he was nervous because he didn’t know what the jury was going to do.

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster,” said Cook. “I told the truth. I told them what happened.”

Cook apologized to his family and Baker’s family for what happened.

Cook missed 10 games after being suspended. He says even though they paid him he felt a void and is looking forward to getting back to work.

“I hope I’m still in Minnesota as a Viking. Wearing No. 31 and playing corner back,” said Cook.

The Minnesota Vikings issued this statement a short time after the verdict:

““We respect the legal process and the decision regarding Chris Cook. We have also thoroughly considered Chris’ situation and how he has approached this matter. We will meet with Chris in the near future and believe he deserves the opportunity to rejoin our organization.”

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said he was disappointed with the verdict.

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  • Kevin

    Just another rich boy getting off scott free……no news here…..

    • What??

      How is he not guilty?? I already had him convicted in my head when the story 1st broke.

  • Ash

    Good now he can get the hell out of our state and go back to the $h1t hole he came from.

  • Rube

    Big difference between the pictures of him when he was playing (his mug shot) and what he looked like walking into court.
    All NFL player should get to go through the process so their grooming improves.

  • big banjo

    the only positive thing to come of this is we dont have to look at those stupid dreadlocks anymore………the dirtbag is found not guilty…..however he still is a dirtbag……..and what kind of guy brings his girlfreind to a strip bar and then gets a lap dance?…..a complete loser thats who.

    • Marine 0311

      How about the girl that goes with dirt bag to the strip club, what is she?

  • BB

    He will be back in trouble if he is a abuser, he will be back in court again. This man is not what one would call a find upstanding gentleman.

  • janna B

    HOpefully the Vikings will dump him.

  • Tom

    Hey Cook…the Raider’s await you…don’t let the door hit you…!

  • Jean

    “The prosecution pointed out that it is common for domestic violence victims to recant their story,”

    That is such a stupid thing for the prosecution to say. Sometimes the woman tells the truth, sometimes she doesn’t.

    It’s meaningless! Who could convict on that lame statement?

  • angus

    Stan, don’t feel bad about being censored. They will not say what their standards are, thereby allowing themselves to censor what they want. Just don’t pick on their heros.

    If another woman iis assaulted I I hope that she was a member of that jury or a close relative of a jury member. It is the same as when Kirby Puckett was charged and I believe two wittnesses perjured themselves to keep a jock out of jail. This time Chris fed a guilt trip on her, “You are wrecking my NFL career:, etc and bought into it. Similar to women who stay with an abuser because he brings home a paycheck. Very weak personalities and egos.

    The Vikings will bring him back and say, “Tut Tut, don’t do that again”.

  • roger

    punk should be firied.Like to see him choke me.got money get off must be a thuff guy to pick on girls. big bad foot ball player

  • roger

    punk should be firied.Like to see him choke me.got money get off must be a thuff guy to pick on girls. big bad foot ball player you the editor must likle this guy i dont see my post you must beat your wife to

  • Jean

    On the other hand, the majority of Minnesotans find Piggy Wilf guilty of ripping off the whole state!

  • Jake

    Because Cook was paid throughout his suspension, he was able to slide Chantel Baker some money. If a woman were to hit me I would walk away and leave, not Chris Cook, he hits women in self defense. If he plays for this team I’ll never pay a nickle for a ticket. I’ve seen better defenders in every college conference!

  • Kevin

    Not like he has a history of violence….less than a year ago….ummmm…and he was just defending himself….and she deserved it…..


  • mar

    he is a loser and a bully. out to the clubs for a night of fun before a big game…overpaid thug

  • Brett

    LOL. The skeezer girlfriend will be back in the ghetto in no time. Cook is out most of his last year’s pay, plus huge lawyer’s fees, and has an uncertain futiure.

    I guess that going to Shiek’s wif your girlfriend isn’t such a great idea (especially while carrying you stupid cell phone) and mentioning your exes.

  • Bob

    Just guessing if they were as tough on the field as they are off the field maybe they would not have such a losing season. Chris Cook is a joke. He will be back in the headlines soon.

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