MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An Edina man and his puppy have been reunited after the dog was believed taken from his car.

Kim Robson offered a $2,500 reward for the return of Pepsi, his 3-month-old German Shorthair.

Pepsi was in the back seat of Robson’s car with the window cracked while Robson visited a friend at the Yorktown Continental Apartments in Edina. When he returned, the alarm was blaring and Pepsi was gone.

A witness said he heard a dog whining, then a car alarm. When he looked out the window, he saw a woman holding the puppy. Robson said he thinks the woman may have been worried about Pepsi, thinking she wasn’t safe in the back seat.

On Friday, an anonymous woman contacted Richfield Police, saying she heard a puppy scratching at her door that morning.

Richfield Police contacted officers in Edina, and the dog was brought to an animal shelter, where Robson was able to be reunited.

The shelter waived fees, since Pepsi had been stolen.

Comments (67)
  1. Jake says:

    It was me. When I heard the dog calling for help, I thought it was Mitt Romney’s car.

  2. mamaMJ says:

    I think Edina should charge him with leaving his dog in the car.

    1. Anon says:

      That’s not a crime.

      1. ??? says:

        What’s not a crime?

        1. KnowBeforeYouAct says:

          Leaving a dog in a car is not a crime. This person probably takes his dog everywhere… which is a thousand times better than the owners who leave ’em tied to a tree or in a 4×6 cage for the duration of their life.

      2. Actually... says:

        Actually it could be a crime.


        Subdivision 1.Unattended dogs or cats.

        A person may not leave a dog or a cat unattended in a standing or parked motor vehicle in a manner that endangers the dog’s or cat’s health or safety.

        Subd. 2.Removal of dogs or cats.

        A peace officer, as defined in section 626.84, a humane agent, a dog warden, or a volunteer or professional member of a fire or rescue department of a political subdivision may use reasonable force to enter a motor vehicle and remove a dog or cat which has been left in the vehicle in violation of subdivision 1. A person removing a dog or a cat under this subdivision shall use reasonable means to contact the owner of the dog or cat to arrange for its return home. If the person is unable to contact the owner, the person may take the dog or cat to an animal shelter.

        1. Randall says:

          how was it in danger or it’s health at risk? it hasn’t been that warm and he left the window cracked. some people just overreact and think they have the right to do whatever they want because somehow they don’t like the situation. if the dog is seriously suffering due to heat or cold that’s one thing but i doubt that was the case. she is just a busybody trying to tell other people what to do. i have a sneaking suspicion she’s the same lady that said the dog was scratching at her door. they should take her pic and have the witness look at it. and per your citing ordinance she broke the law because she didn’t attempt to contact the owner. she just took off. it also states that only the police, humane agent, dog warden, or fireman can rescue the dog. if they can find her they should charge her with damage to the vehicle, breaking and entering and theft. this was an unlawful “rescue”

          1. PewPew says:

            above posters indicate it is never a crime to leave animals in a car but it can be in certain situations

    2. The other 99% says:

      I think you should learn how to mind your own business.

    3. jake says:

      So a person can’t take his/her dog with them??? And , what charges could possibly be filed? Duh.

  3. shelby says:

    This is good news — always happy to hear a good ending!

  4. Whatever mamaMJ says:

    You are clueless. Yeah right, but not the woman who burglarized a car, and then claimed a random dog was ‘scratching at her door’. Sounds to me like $2500 could buy her several dogs. What a thief and a liar. The dog owner was completely justified leaving a dog in his car on a 50 degree day.

  5. red says:

    I am happy he got his dog back but he really should not have left it in the car in the 1st place

    1. KnowBeforeYouAct says:

      Would the dog been happier in a 2×3 crate at home? Dogs are fine in cars with cracked windows with acceptable temperatures and an acceptable time frame. Too many people try to act like modern day super heroes when they see a pet in a car. They read the news story about a dog dying in July when it was 101 and think it applies to every situation. Good Grief. The woman took the dog trying to be a stick her nose into every situation samaritan… and got off no questions asked. Cars are no different than kitchen floors or kennels to a dog. Probably more comfortable, come to think of it.

      1. Actually... says:

        Know before you act, you don’t know much. According to state law 346.57 subsection 1, it can be against the law to leave an animal in a car. Even on a 60 degree day, the interior of a car could reach over 100 degrees-they’ve tested it. It all depends on a number of things such as intensity and angle of the sun, color of the interior, color of the animal, type of material inside the car…. And a car is not like a kitchen floor, thats the dumbest thing I’ve heard today I think.

        1. Any Mouse says:

          Did you read/listen to this article–News Flash, it was night time. Stop quoting state law, unless you actually understand it!! There was no endangerment!!

          1. Huh? says:

            Show me where it says it was nighttime?

          2. Snowgo says:

            well that doesn’t make sense now does it. why do you need the window cracked with it still still getting down to 40 at night? i am agree, it never said it was night

          3. Actually... says:

            If you read what I wrote, NEWS FLASH, I was responding to Knowbeforeyou act indicated that it had to be 101 degrees outside before a dog dies of heat. I indicated it did not need to be that hot and its been proven. I said it “can” be agaist the law. You really need to read before you respond. You know what they say, its better to be thought ignorant then open you mouth and remove all doubt…

          4. mwahahahah says:

            me thinks any mouse has has the cops called on him for keeping a dog in the car mwahhhhhhh

        2. js says:

          Sounds like you don’t know much. It was around 50 degrees and dark out when this occurred. The statute states “a person may not leave a dog or a cat unattended in a standing or parked motor vehicle in a manner that endangers the dog’s or cat’s health or safety.” I’m all for the humane treatment of animals and think there needs to be stronger punishment for people who abuse animals. However, You’re grasping at straws with your argument. I highly doubt the dogs health was endangered.

          1. bs says:

            Leaving a dog in a car is not a crime.

            huh, duh, yeah it can. leaving an animal in a car can be a crime. Knowbeforeyouact has indicated it can not be one. it might not be illigal in this instance but yeah, it can be

            1. js says:

              Just like owning a baseball bat is not a crime… but it could be if you murder someone with it? My point is the dog owner did not commit a crime, yet people are trying to justify what this lady did by saying the dog owner COULD HAVE committed a crime.

              1. Nite says:

                ok in reading all these comments I think you guys are running circles around each other. Some people posted that it is NEVER a crime to keep a dog in a car and other people have pointed out it COULD be a crime given certain siturations. Those saying it is never a crime are also saying people should mind their own business and in certain situations, you should never mind your own businesses. Its always better to speak up and call the cops and let them deceide if its a crime then to say nothing.

              2. Huh? says:

                You mean just like being around a kid isn’t a crime but if your a child molester, it could be? You mean like owning an animal isn’t a crime but if your an animal abuser, it could be a crime if your legally not suppose to own any? You mean like drinking is not a crime but could be if your not legally not suppose to due to probation? You mean like driving is not a crime unless you don’t have a license? Yeah just like everything else, things can be “legal” until your busted. Then guess what, its not.

            2. KnowBeforeYouComment says:

              bs. You’re not really that ignorant, are you? By your logic, because a gun can be shot, it’s a crime to own one? Because driving drunk is a crime… driving is? The crime isn’t having the dog in the car. ENDANGERING an animal by means of a car is the crime. ENDANGERING. Wow. The amount of stupidity here is astounding.

        3. jake says:

          I take my dog everywhere with me, Oh no I’m breaking the horseshi# law. Well, well, mr attorney wannabe. Anyone trying to steal my dog wouldn’t get to far, either him or I would stop them in their tracks-forever. Mind your own business people and perhaps do something with your life(to the dog theives and/or heros). I would hope these so-called cops have better things to do, maybe than we’d be safe from all the shootings. Do your job you worthless cops.

        4. jake says:

          you are the dumbest thing we’ve heard from.

        5. KnowBeforeYouComment says:

          Actually… I know quite a bit. I know enough to have a job, family, life and yes… dogs. I’ve been raising and training them for over 30 years. If you had any one of the above, you’d have better things to do than quote state law ordinances. You need to take the tin foil off your head… the barricade from your door… go outside and look around.

  6. The other 99% says:

    I hope someone tries to take my American Bulldog out of my car if I happen to leave him in there for a few moments. Because he will become McGruff the Crime Dog and “Take a bite out of crime” from what ever Safety Sally who tries to “rescue” oh I mean steal him from me. He bites really hard.

  7. Any Mouse says:

    I have been following these comments since this morning, and it is crazy how many people are ignorant with regard to animals and how the law society should be telling us exactly how to live our lifes. THERE SIMPLY WAS NO ENDANGERMENT TO THE PUPPY, now get off it and be thankful that there was a witness to the breaking and entering and theft of a puppy so that these two are now reunited.

    1. Really? says:

      No one is telling you how to live your life, just protecting the other lives your to stupid to.

      1. Any Mouse says:

        Who’s protecting you from your own ignorance? Explain how it was endangerment in this case.

      2. KnowBeforeYouComment says:

        Do you realize you called someone else stupid, and misspelled two of the final four words in doing so? Unreal.

  8. Lesson Learned, I hope says:

    I hope this guy has learned his lesson. There are actually a lot of people out there stealing pets. And not everyone is trying to “help” them.

  9. Sherlockanne says:

    I wouldn’t leave my dog inside a car. She is a black dog and gets overheated easily. Even on walks I wet a bandana and tie it around her neck to keep her cool. Plan ahead and leave water and a cool spot for your dog to lay down.

  10. Lisa says:

    You can get a $105 ticket for leaving a dog in a vehicle. (I’m speaking from personal experience.) The ticket itself is $25, but after all the extra fees/taxes it totals to $105.00. Why is the State of Minnesota sticking their nose in our personal vehicles? To think this was discussed at the Capitol is beyond comprehension. Don’t they have better things to focus on?

    P.S. (My dog was NOT in danger.)

    1. Huh? says:

      Lisa, I have a feeling your the same type who hears a kid being abused and then when that kid dies, sits on TV and goes “…yeah we knew they were being abused but we didn’t want to stick our noses into it….”

  11. Lisa says:


    You are so wrong. You do not get it; if the State of Minnesota has control of what is going on in your personal vehicle – what is next? Will it be O.K. that they can control what goes on in our personal home? How would you feel If the State of Minnesota makes it a state law that you cannot smoke in your own house? I do not smoke, but I would be upset.

    1. Huh? says:

      Well first off, they do have some control over what goes on inside your own home. If you are doing something you aren’t supposed to, you will get busted. Do you think if you have a party for underaged drinkers, they can’t bust it up? And I’m assuming your dog and car was not in your home but in some public place. And third, I too have had the cops come look at an animal I had in the car and it was deieded I did nothing wrong. If you got a ticket, the cop thought you were doing something wrong. If you didn’t, did you fight it?

  12. Ash says:

    I sure hope the woman GOT THE $2500 reward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. fred says:

      do you mean the woman that broke into the car and stole the puppy?

  13. Lisa says:

    Huh? You must be from Russia because you want the government to control everything in your life.

    Obviously, if I’m serving booze to somebody underage, that is wrong. However, if I am home by myself and having a drink (of my choice), that is my decision. I would not want the State of Minnesota to dictate what I should be drinking in my own home! Should they state which type of bath soap I should use? Which toothpaste? Scary.

    I have told several people (who had unattended dogs in vehicles) and they are all shocked that their is a State Statute like this. They agree that the State needs to work on more important things.

  14. Huh? says:

    So its ifs 100 degrees outside, your saying people should be allowed to keep their animals in a locked car because its there “right”?

  15. Lisa Lisa Lisa says:

    Lisa I hate to break it to you but if its hot out or to cold, leaving a dog in a car is illegal. Its called animal abuse. And I hate to tell you but if you left the dog in your house or in the yard with no food or water for an extended time, yep you got it, abuse and they will/should come after you. You’re really comparing your toothpaste to something that could be abuse to another living thing?

  16. Huh? says:

    Yep and actually if your on probation and its part of your probation, guess what? They can ban you from drinking in your own home. You can still do it, mind you, but if you get caught… Your comparing personal rights like your toothpaste to something that is “ILLEGAL”. Carring around a knife might not be illegal but using it on someone is. Keeping your dog in a car when its overcast and cool is not illegal but baking it in a car is. Who deceides what is and is not illegal? In some cultures, sexual assault on a child is their “right”. So are you saying that, in someones home that is ok? And if you say no, whats giving you the right to say its not ok? Someone has to say “yes this is ok and no that is not. Now, given that, I bet if you laced that toothpaste with a drug and passed it out, guess what? You got it…ILLEGAL

  17. Ash says:

    Can we get this ugly mutt and his stupid owner off the news??????????

  18. LOVES DOGS says:

    There are some very ignorant people out there, I take my 2 80lb dogs with me as much as I can. If I’m going to Home Depot or Menards, or stopping to pick up my dry cleaning or maybe getting some ammo at Cabela’s, they go with. They sit in the truck or car for 10-15 min and it never gets too hot or cold in my auto in that amount of time or I would not have taken them with. I know this because I can feel what the temp is inside my auto when I get back in. They LOVE this, they get a treat when I get back in and get to people watch.

    Never fails, some ignorant nacy-do-gooder reads an article one time on how hot or cold it CAN get inside a car and they think they are experts. Every once in a while some caring individual feels the need to stand by my vehicle till I come out and give me a lecture. It never goes well for them.

    Ive been doing this for 25 years and never ONCE have the dogs gotten too hot or too cold. Keep your bleeding heart out of my business pls.

    1. ok but says:

      But what do you say to the people who leave them in the car for an hour in July?

      1. yeah right says:

        I bet he tells them its none of his business thats what. ooo, he can feel the temp in the car, bet he’s wearing a black fur coat and everything.

      2. Ace says:

        Our governor left his German Shepherds in the car in the summer a year to two ago

        1. jake says:

          So, and he’s a drunk!

    2. Brilliant says:

      Eh, I just call the cops on people like you. Let them sort it out.

    3. meh says:

      Me thinks Loves Dogs and Lisa are one in the same and been busted more then once for leaving dogs in the car.

    4. The other 99% says:

      All you Safety Sally’s make me sick. Learn to mind your own business. Really folks you are not a hero or savor. I hope that when you do anything wrong people call the cops on you. It is people like all the Safety Sally’s I read on hear who goes well what do you do when its 90 in July. Nothing that’s what and I am proud of it. Why because it is none of my business to care what other people are doing. That has to be the most Unamerican thing ever to harass people because you think you are a savor. It is the Safety Sally’s of the world that are going to make 1984 become reality.

      1. woah says:

        So let me get this straight. If you hear someone being murdered in the other room, you do nothing because its none of your business? You won’t even call the cops? Talk about unamerican. This contry was built on other people standing up for others. You aren’t the 99%, you are the the 1%. You know the 1% is the upper elite fat cows that only think of themselves right? You arern’t anywhere near the 99%. Its the 1% thats out of touch with reality. I hope next time you need the cops, they are on a donut break.

        1. Brilliant says:

          No way he’s part of the 1%. The 1% have better things to do they troll all day long. I’ve read a few stories and The other 99% seems to comment on them all. I’d say he’s more likely sucking off the government some how and can afford to sit at home all day trolling. Then again, he could be part of the 1%-the bottom 1%!

      2. Ash says:

        the other 99%? more like the other white meat

      3. mwahahahaha says:

        oh no, i got it. he’s the type that lives in section 8 housing with a woman with 5 kids for the free rent. then when they come to inspect the place, he dives out the back window.

  19. Moo says:

    Ash…. REALLY? Your a tool, go get a job.

  20. Duh Moment says:

    LMAO. Thats like the town drunk saying he’s been drinking and driving for 25 years and never had and accident so its ok he keeps doing it. Got some brains there.

  21. Brilliant says:

    Yep Yep, LOVES DOGS like an alcoholic loves alcohol, doens’t mean he should have one 🙂 woot woot

  22. scooby says:

    this realiy shows how stirred up some get when poor little puppies are left in the car for a few minutes on a nice spring day, whew, get a life

  23. scooby says:

    liberal weenies at the sensor have stopped me from saying what I think about you animal rights kooks

    1. KnowBeforeYouComment says:

      This is one liberal who’s not afraid to stand nose to nose with you. I guarantee you won’t “say what you think” to me.

  24. Susan says:

    I was walking into Cub, a person got out of her car, it was in the nineties , dog was yapping in the car, I followed her in, finally got up enough courage to say something, she replied I left the window cracked!!!! I told her to go back out to her car and take her dog home or I would call the police, she screamed at me but left. I just hope the dog made it home, she probably went to another store
    People are so ignorant

  25. momcat says:

    So did she get the Reward… or not??! They kinda conveniently left out that controversial part??? And btw, it’s really dangerous to offer that much of a Reward for a Lost/Stolen pet — it only promotes and encourages MORE dognapping!!! 😦

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