MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After more than a year of dangerous missions, 131 soldiers are home.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar was in Brainerd as part of a welcome home ceremony for the Army Reserve’s 309th Engineer Company.

She said the soldiers got a warm and well-deserved welcome.

“It was a year and a half mission. It was a daunting mission. They acted in the true spirit of the United States Army, with courage and selflessness,” Klobuchar said.

The unit had the highest rate for explosive device finds of any other task force in Afghanistan. Klobuchar said they got more than 90 combat action badges and over 40 Purple Heart ribbons.

“And it was just a beautiful event,” she said, describing the ceremony. “Even their own commander got choked up talking about the courage that they had when they had such a dangerous mission.”

Five Bronze Medals, four Purple Hearts and six Army Commendation Medals were presented at the award ceremony, which took place at Central Lakes Community College.

“As good as our state is at wrapping our arms around our soldiers, you don’t always realize that some of these missions are so dangerous,” Klobuchar said. “The soldiers know it, and their families know it.”

The commander said they brought all the Minnesota Soldiers home with 10 fingers and 10 toes, and that was their goal.

Comments (19)
  1. fkafka says:

    The National Guard has done more than it’s share – and they’ve made us proud. I won’t soon forget the many deployments and the service they did on our behalf. Pray their needs are met.

  2. g8bbgg says:

    WHAT?? Amy is in Minnesota actually doing something for Minnesotans??? Oh that’s right it is an election year.

  3. Joe says:

    She didn’t do similar things previous years. It’s obvious that she’s only doing this because it’s an election year.

    She doesn’t want us to remember that she voted for the stimulus bills and Obama care.

  4. Jeff says:

    Amy loves a good photo op.

  5. fact is... says:

    Brave soldiers risking it all for a corrupt Fed Gov.s endless wars to control oil and opium…Any politician thinking it’s OK needs to send their kids> front lines…War mongering creates more enemies!

  6. Pat says:

    Here is an idea, how about keeping them at home and not send them back over in 6 to 10 months. Oh wait that would make too much sense.
    Also, all of you who say that she is just doing this for a photo op or good news, your all correct, I haven’t heard of one politician in any state that has been at ever home coming and or going away ceremony for our troops. They all say they are for the troops, but when it comes down to it they don’t really care at all and if they did they would end this war once and for all and or give our troops way better things to survive a lot better while over there. Also, don’t send them back after their second round with out making sure that they are mentally all there, because the men and women who have done more than two tours are having massive problems. But again I am just a tax payer who has no common sense and or say on what our government does.

  7. Brett says:

    Sounds like “Photo Op” time. WHERE’s the BALANCED BUDGET, that obama promised us after he shut down the war in Iraq? NOWHERE.

    Total fluff, ZERO substance, unless there is some other “pool drain” issue still lurking out there (cue the “Jaws” soundtrack NOW).

  8. Brett says:

    Not even mayor bloomberg of nyc would set up a ticker tape parade for our BRAVE, COURAGEOUS, and HONORABLE WAR VETS. So could we hope to see something better here in Minnesota for OUR War Vets? NOT A CHANCE.

    BUT, you can bet that amy and al will be lobbying DAY AND NIGHT for Veteran’s “Benefits”, in a half-a$$ed effort to try to appear “patriotic”, while they are cutting down our current active forces off at the KNEES, to save “obamacare”. Don’t believe me? Just watch and see.

    Just don’t ask me to put my life or career on the line for any of you military haters again, and you all wear all kinds of multi-colored stripes, so as not to be so easily identified. FINE BY ME.

    But when you military haters knock on my door and ask for help, don’t expect a “friendly” response when your house is burning down, thanks to the OWS type of crowd.

    1. Pat says:

      I hate the military, mainly because I hate war. But at the same time the only way to have peace is because of war. Unfortunately the two coincide, if you want peace you have to have a military to try and keep the peace. But when I say I hate the military, it don’t mean that I hate the soldiers who are dying trying to protect the rest of us, I have all the respect for them and if you read my comment earlier, they need more protection and better ways of finding our enemies to try and have peace. I have had friends over there multiple times, I have one going back for the 4th time here soon. I don’t think that any of our troops should be over there for more than two tours with out being checked to make sure that they are not battle fatigued. Yeah yeah people say that is pure bull or what ever, but do you want to make sure that the man or woman who is next to you is in tip top condition and mentally all there to have your back? I know that if I was on the front line I don’t want to worry about my buddies who have my back are there physically, but mentally not there and might crack at the wrong time and not be able to have my back when I need it. That is the main thing that all military people live by, you have my back and I have yours and we will get out of this alive and kicking. But yeah I think that the troops should get more benefits than what they do and more pay than what they get when they are constantly seeing action all the time. Heck, I think that some fast food restaurants almost pay more than what the low level grunts get paid by our government??

      1. true peace says:

        peace through war?…lol…it is these bogus wars that creates the dangers,just as Ron Paul,my president said all along…but all you voting for war candidates is pathetic.

      2. Brett says:

        Peace through strength. Walk softly but carry a BIG stick. Those words say a lot.

    2. Gunnar says:

      @ Brett. As a vet you should look a little harder at who works to make sure they do not drew with your entitlements, err benefits. The liberal Senators work to make sure that every need is met for the veterans while the conservatives work to make sure the government is not spending untold amounts of money on people they used and threw away. I can only imagine with your attitude that if you were active duty your company would make you the point man on patrol..

  9. Frozenrunner says:

    Your descriptor for Senator Klobuchar reflects the kind of person you are.

  10. Mel says:

    Wow, Not one comment that says, Hey Thanks for serving…who cares if it’s politics or not, these guys were gone for over a year.

    1. Mike says:

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Thanks to all the vets, past and present. It was an awesome tour for those of us who went.

  11. Demetrio says:

    I know this article is about MN Reserve Soldiers, I was what they call a cross level Soldier(Volunteered to deploy with the 309th but belong to a different unit). None of these articles mention us. The 309th are my brothers, the news should at least mention the volunteers that came over to the 309th and brought some of their past experience with them. Spacifically from the Pacific Northwest.

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