By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After missing a key deadline on Friday, the Vikings Stadium bill is in serious trouble at the legislature.

This week supporters will try to hammer out deals on some of the key sticking points. WCCO’TV’s Esme Murphy looks at how key supporters are not optimistic.

The Vikings have said they want a stadium bill this legislative session, but after the bill missed a key deadline on Friday to get approval by a legislative committee, concerns are growing that the stadium bill simply won’t happen this session.

Stadium backer Republican Rep. John Kriesel of Cottage Grove appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“We are running out of time,” he said. “We should have been at this point weeks ago and then there would be some time to fix these things, I will be supporting but I don’t know if many others will.”

Murphy then asked, “So are you saying you really don’t think this is going to happen?”

Kriesel replied, “I don’t, I don’t unless we really get some things done over the next week.”

The Vikings have repeatedly said they need the legislature to pass a stadium bill this session, but have refused to say what happens if the legislature doesn’t act.

At least for next season, though the Vikes will still be playing in the Dome.

You can watch WCCO Sunday Morning with Esme Murphy at 10 a.m. every Sunday on WCCO-TV.

Comments (71)
  1. Inercity says:

    The legislature is too busy haveing orgies with their staff. If Zig wants his stadium built he should pay for it insted of trying to stiff the public.

    1. Thinkinn says:

      LuLz so instead of investing in major metro-area enhancement we should allow another state to get a chance to upgrade their city. We are not Chicago, L.A., New York, etc. Thus to try to GROW the part of our state the generates the HIGHEST square foot tax base in the ENTIRE STATE. I hate that the Liberals in this state EXPECT improvement without INVESTMENT. It’s like the woman who used in-vitro fertilization from her dead husband and when she gave birth to twins she EXPECTS social security checks for each which were initially denied.

      1. altavista says:

        Downtown Minneapolis has grown in a different direction over fifteen years—A downtown stadium is not going to “enhance” the area, but will drive desirable business away. It is an older “insider” group that is pushing for a downtown stadium. Many of them are not residents of Minneapolis. The money bag years for pro sports is on a decline—In fifteen or twenty years the ticket sales will no longer be there for the fees that have been charged in the past. Why should tax-payers be stuck with what has a good chance of being a beached whale when that happens?

    2. Tryree & TayTay says:

      The people just don’t wan’t this “peoples” stadium…Why is that so hard to understand after 10 years??

    3. Tryree & TayTay says:

      Typical Vikings Fan = A Shirtless,face-painted,Mullet haired,beer swilling,overweight belching loudmouth…In Zubaz!

  2. Brett says:

    I’m fine with DAT. Kreisel is GONE, the loser Vikings are GONE (Hint: the NFL will NEVER let them win a Super Bowl ANYWAY). Just look at how they are trying to fluff up the bounty hits from New Orleans already, and make the penalties so worthless, it is a total JOKE. The NFL *GAVE* Dallas $150 Million to build their new stadium, but all they offer us is a “loan” for that much. Vikings fans should be mad as hell at the NFL for allowing our teams to get beat up, they steal our great TV ratings, but give NOTHING BACK, etc. I say, CALL THEIR BLUFF. Let them move to LA or OKLAHOMA CITY. I can live JUST FINE without a LOSING TEAM. The refs are blind, the league is blind, and the Aint’s Super Bowl win was NOTHING more than an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION “win” for a LOSER CITY.

    1. scott says:

      You need to take your meds and calm down dude

      1. Brett says:

        NO, you need to read the laws pertaining to this issue, and learn how to comprehend them. This isn’t about the Vikings or the construction unions who will profit the MOST. This is about what is most important to the average taxPAYER, and whether this is the BEST way to invest tax dollars. It is NOT. Just like the lead balloon called “Target Field”, the new Vikings stadium will most likely become one of the biggest public PONZI schemes in U.S. HISTORY.

  3. Russell says:

    Settle down people, the stadium will be built.

    1. John Frykman says:

      Perhaps in Fargo?

    2. Jane says:

      If it’s built, it won’t be with public money.

      1. Ryan says:

        heh, heh, heh, heh….oooookay, Jane thanks for playing

        now why dont you go back into the kitchen and let the men hammer this out, mmmm-kaaay?

        1. Jane says:

          That’s really funny you impotent, fat slob.

          It’s my money stupid, so it’s my business.

          1. gandydancer says:

            jane…love ya kid. great reply.

  4. Bill1961 says:

    Did NOT the Viking,s stadium have this same problem the last 2sessions? Why did they wait so long to put something together? The Vikings have said they will not play in the Dome without a new stadium deal in place. So where are they going to play at? Just think if the Vikings did not bend Anoka County/Blaine over, they would be playing in a new playground now. Looks like Arden Hills is in the same boat as Anoka County with the Vikings deal.

  5. John Frykman says:

    I really do think the Vikings should leave. Unfortunately for them, there aren’t many cities lining up to build them a nice shiny new stadium. I think those cities might prefer a winning team. A market as small as MSP cannot support 4 professional sports teams, each with their own expensive stadium, parks, and arenas. Why any sane person would think it makes good sense to build a billion dollar facility (probably more) to be used for what, 8 home games a year???

    1. TruthTeller says:

      Are you really that naive to think a billion dollar multi-use stadium would only be used 8 times a year and left unused on all the other days? Do you think the Metrodome is used exclusively for Vikings games? That is the stupidest argument I have heard.

  6. Mary Hart says:

    How about an amendment to the state constitution banning taking public money and using it to bail out failing sports franchises?

    Then we won’t have to go through this again and again and again and again.

    1. scott says:

      No one had a problem bailing out the Twins. We built a new stadium for the Gophers, who lose constantly. Timberwo;ves and Wild have a nice new place, they never win anything either. Did you all have problems with that? If you do not like the Vikes getting a new stadium then move out of Minnesota. We do not need a bunch of whiners living in the state.

      1. Brett says:

        I had a problem with the twinkies stadium, you must have been asleep when the debate raged about how the Hennepin Co. commissioners violated the state law that required a REFERENDUM on such funding.

        No, the vikes can MOVE OUT OF MINNESOTA before they get ONE DOLLAR of my tax money. THEY are the ones WHINING for tax dollars that they neither own or deserve. Move to Chicago.

        1. Northern One says:

          I agree with scott. Brett and all the anti-stadium trolls can get the f out of Minnesota and go whine somewhere else. Let’s get this stadium deal done.

          1. Fresno says:

            I can be done with the NFL and Zigmutts money. They both have plenty to spare and can build their own damn stadium. Knuckelhead queens fans can go with the team of looser to LA. Take our donut puncher governor with you too.

            1. GrammarGuy says:

              Only a real loser misspells loser as “looser”.

            2. just sayin says:

              The vikings would use the stadium at the most 16 days out of the year, so why would anyone think they should pay for all of it. I would say for the amount of days the vikings would use this stadium they are paying more than their share.

        2. Swamp Rat says:

          Read the statute books, it is not state law but Mpls Charter Law about the referendum. Surprise, state law supersedes the Mpls charter and ordinances related thereto. State law, for the Twins stadium, was crafted to avoid and go beyond the Mpls Charter–thus, no referendum.

          Stop your whining and observe what a “public works” project like this can do for the city and state. I do not like the way this whole stadium issue and project has been jerked around and the taxpayers left in an hysterical ignorant political frenzy over what should have been a chance for MN to make some tax additional tax revenue monies off the Vikings.

          Build the stadium and get our dues from it. The more we squawk about it the more we lose over it. Remember we lose money if give the Vikings’ owners all the tax incentives to stay in this stadium. The new stadium will belong to the people so let’s make the main users of it pay their fair users fees for being tenants in it. Isn’t time the taxpayer gets their fair returns on their dollars spent?

          1. Roy says:

            Publicly funded stadiums are an economic LOSS.

            Don’t believe me? Google Publicly financed stadiums.

            If you are too lazy to do that, here are some links:


            1. Swamp Rat says:

              The same old bromides and BS malarkey over the years from folks who let politics and greed overrun the process for funding public works projects.

              There is one positive shining example of public funded sports and exhibition venues making the marks and showing modest surpluses in a depressed economic area. The pro-teams maybe not doing well at present but their venues are paying their way.

              Yes, there are venues that are going broke but greed and politics as well as just plain stupidity cause those cities to lose out. Isn’t time the taxpayers get some return on their invested tax dollars over the long haul? Think about that!!!

            2. jackactionhero says:

              The stadiums are not built for the purpose of making states rich, you imbecile. These links are not even relevant. Why did you post them?

              1. smacklongsidedahaid says:

                Just to irritate a putz like you.

              2. Bill says:

                To educate stupid people?
                To refute the lie that gets posted over and over?

                Instead of whining and complaining, why don’t you try to point out how the studies are invalid?

                Good luck with your research, because you will find EVERY study says that public financing of stadiums is a net LOSS to the economy.

              3. Swamp Rat says:

                @supposed Hero!
                Check my posting below.

      2. george says:

        that is because The Pohlads are ” in state owners” look at all the tax revenue they provide the state. Case in point- If the vikes were owned by a “in state owner” such as the Pohlads or Mr. Taylor or Mr. Shulze of Best buy it would be more politically correct and if this was the case. I believe the stadium would already be built.

      3. Mark says:

        You are right, Scott. I, too am sick to death of listening to the “whiners”. If you don’t like the Vikes, don’t go to the games. There are, however, many of us who are die-hard fans who would be very disheartened to not have the Vikes to watch every Sunday in the fall. It’s been a tradition in our family for many, many years.

        1. Openwater says:

          It’s a tradition in our family too and I LOVE football. But, this is a tough economy and the average American household is struggling. We live in a state with one of the highest tax rates in the country. Now is not the time for taxpayers to be forced to shell out money for entertainment purposes. Especially when some families struggle to put food on their tables. Like I said, I love football and the Vikings, but this just isn’t the time. The Wilf’s are looking real greedy to me right about now.

          1. Leesburg Kid says:

            Mn taxes are some of the highest in the country. We in Florida support 3 NFL teams (none any worse than the Vikes were last year), We have 2 NBA teams, 1 Hockey team, and one Pro Baseball team. This state does it with ZERO state income tax to the residents. I don”t believe we’re quite as deep in the red as what MN is, but, you don’t hear a light of whinning down here, like you folks have been doing for years. Minimum wage for a football player is what, 400K, with some :skilled: players getting how many million/year. Let them support their own team! Let your owner pay for it. He knew the joys of ownership when he bought that team from Red, who I am sure is crying as he counts his money in TX. Go Buck, Go Fish, Go Jags!!!!

          2. altavista says:

            Well said, Openwater. Thank you.

    2. scott says:

      how about amendment requiring the State to start a sport tax, give you whiners something else to whine about

    3. Ryan says:

      heh, heh, heh, heh….oooookay, Mary, you too….thanks for playing

      heh, heh, heh…..they should make an amendment banning women from getting involved in men talk too, eh? heh heh heh

      now why dont you go back into the kitchen with Jane and let the men hammer this out, mmmm-kaaay??

  7. Mark says:

    Like when it comes to drus lets JUST SAY NO to the vikings!!!!

  8. spanky says:

    The Vikings are losers – proven for 51 years now. Wilf is a rich beggar. MN politicians aren’t sharp enough to agree on a brand of toilet paper for the capitol restrooms, why would you think they could be in the sports business?

    Zygi isn’t entitled to a cent of MN revenue. If he can’t fund his own stadium, I hope he leaves here sooner rather than later. Good riddance!

    1. The Truth says:

      Funny, but from your comment it is almost like you don’t realize that not only will Wilf not own the stadium, but he will also pay millions of dollars in rent every year to use the stadium. Why does all the anti-stadium crowd seem to know almost zero about the details? The state of Minnesota would recoup every penny of public dollars put into it – it is an investment the will pay profits in the future, not a “give away to rich owners”.

      1. Hilda says:

        Read Spanky’s other comment below. It isn’t the ownership of the stadium that’s a problem, who’s paying for it and who benefits from it are the problems. You are dead wrong saying that the state would recoup every penny of public dollars put into a stadium. Use the little bit of brains the good Lord gave you and think about that – if it made money for the state the taxpayers wouldn’t be dead set against it! It will cost the taxpayers you nit wit. And if it made money, Zygi would be first in line at the trough … he’d be pushing the taxpayers out of the way instead of trying to dip into their pockets.

        And it really doesn’t matter how much Zippy pays in rent if whatever that amount is has to be doubled or tripled to cover the interest on the debt. The net is an expense to the taxpayers, not a profit. Again I’d call you a nit wit for not being able to figure that out.

        So, you’re entitled to your opinion but if you add two and two and come up with seven, we’ll all be better off if you leave the thinking part to more qualified people.

        1. scott says:

          Hilda, You say the taxpayers would not be dead set against it if it made money I submit to you the average taxpayer is not smart enough to see the long term benefits.

          1. Teacher says:

            There are no long term benefits.

            Google publicly financed stadiums.

  9. tomsmegpa says:

    The vikes are desperate! they will just continue signing lease extentions at the dome. They are unwanted in the market. They will play wehereever they can

  10. Matt says:

    To those of you complaining about a new stadium for the Vikings and everything else, stop acting like a bunch of whiny little crybabies. It’s getting to be repetitive and EXTREMELY annoying.

    I bet that you were the same folks crying about the Twins when they needed a new stadium and now you probably are saying that Target Field is beautiful.

    One more thing that I want you folks to realize, if the Vikings leave Minnesota, the National Football League will NEVER award an expansion club or relocate a team to this state, EVEN if they build a new stadium at DOUBLE or TRIPLE the cost. In the event that I turn out to be incorrect and let’s say the Rams move to Minnesota and rename them the Vikings, NFL Football in Minnesota WON’T ever be the same.

    You guys can continue to behave like a bunch of whiny little crybabies all you want right now. Just DON’T cry if/when the Vikings leave Minnesota because they don’t have a new stadium.

    1. spanky says:

      Oh, and you aren’t on the other side doing the same whining and crying and getting to be repetitive and EXTREMELY annoying too?

      Pretty much everything comes down to money. Sad but true. And very factually, and proven time and again, there is no money to be made by MN funding a stadium, at least not for Minnesota. If the money were there, Zygi would have funded and built his temple years ago. He surely isn’t the benevolent type who would be looking to share any money with the good people of Minnesota – he’d be keeping it all for himself. So, pretty easy to see, he’s willing to give us the expenses – but he wants the income. That’s as far as he’s willing to share. Sweet deal for him, pretty bitter for us.

      So if you want a new temple for Zygi, fine, we have no problem with that at all. But please do it using your money, not mine.

    2. Not me says:

      i will be cheering when they go.

      1. The Truth says:

        Of course you will be – ignorance is bliss!

        1. Matt says:

          Not me is probably someone who was whining when the Twins wanted a new stadium and now he is probably saying how awesome a venue Target Field is.

  11. Ace says:

    It’s time for a new way of doing things. Somebody has to be first and the rest will follow. Minnesota should be the first to just say no to public funding for sports stadiums and five years from now people will be talking about the old days when people were suckers and funded sports stadiums so billionaires could make more money. Our elected officials should just put their collective foot down and emphatically say no.

  12. desert eagle .50 says:

    College and pro sports are a colossal waste of time. It won’t make any difference in my life if Minnesota has no sports teams at all.

  13. Drop Kick says:

    We don’t need a stinking stadium, we already have the one they asked for.

    1. Matt says:

      So they asked for a stadium built on the cheap and a venue that has sustained multiple roof collapses within the last 20 years or so? I don’t think so.

      The Vikings are the #1 sports franchise in Minnesota and if they don’t get a new stadium, the truth is that they will leave to Los Angeles or somewhere else outside of Minnesota.

      I can’t believe how most of you posting on here are being short sighted. If Minnesota hosts a Super Bowl & The Final Four, it would make the state MASSIVE amounts of money. Look at how much money Indianapolis made hosting the Final Four in 2010 and Super Bowl this past February. New Orleans is hosting the Final Four this year and will host Super Bowl XLVII next February. A new Vikings Stadium WOULDN’T just be used for eight Vikings regular season home games.

      Another thing too, if the Vikings leave the state… bars, restaurants, hotels, tourism will suffer substantial financial losses. Businesses will close down and possibly the major corporations (3M, Best Buy, General Mills) to name a few might consider moving their headquarters to another state. Is this what those of you complaining about a new Vikings Stadium want to see happen: Minnesota becoming a once great state?

      1. rockfish says:

        Your are confusing short sighted with ignorant.

        1. Matt says:

          Ignorant is another word I could have (and should have) used instead of short sighted.

          1. smacklongsidedahaid says:

            Not them, buddy, it’s YOU.

            Duh 🙂

  14. Idon'tuseit says:

    I don’t care myself if the Vikes come or go, but like all the other new stadiums and arenas why do I have to pay for something I never use. There are a lot of us out there that are not into sports and never go. I grow up in MN and never been to a twins game/vikings game etc. This does not interest me and I should not have to pay for something I don’t use.

    1. Rockford says:

      Funny I have to pay for maintenance of the road in front of your home yet I never use it.

  15. joe says:

    good bye Vikings, and hopefully Wolves won’t get a dime for there building upgrades either

  16. Dave says:

    Im glad I don’t keep up with this at all. Dome is paid for, vikes play 8 home games a year, it’s that simple, just keep the dome.

  17. Rocket Scientist says:

    The GOP not working on the economy? NOOOOOOOOOO……..

  18. toad says:

    What,no more arrogant millionaires playing football in minnesota.Ziggy wants the tax payers to foot the bill,and mark dayton wants a stadium built because he is a multi millionaire,i cannot help you ziggy,all the jobs are going to bangladesh.

    1. gandydancer says:

      toad…agree. i will say i have enjoyed the queens over the years. fat pat has it figured out. we are cursed…and will never win the big one we had our chances earlier. i do enjoy watching jerry burns workout at the local minnetonka club i belong to…and some day i will bend his ear and yak football…or maybe that is not a good idea. he is in great shape for 82…might kick my kiester.

  19. b says:

    zellers is the biggest whiner

  20. weswon says:

    I finally have a solution to the Vikings Stadium Deal. It appears that 80 % of the posters do not want to finance a new stadium for the Vikings. Lets see we have about 5.5 million residents in Minnesota. About 1.5 million are age 21 or younger and probably do not have the financial ability to support a new stadium. That leaves about 4 million left. Now deduct the 3.2 million that do not want to finance a new stadium and that leaves about 800,000 that want to support and new stadium. Why don’t you 800,000 people kick in 1 million a peace and send the check to Ziggy. Done deal get to it pro viking stadium fans. Whoops i forgot 1/2 of those 800,000 are women and some clowns feel they belong in the kitchen and the men should decide so they probably don’t wnat to pay for a new stadium either that leaves about 400,000 that want a new stadium for the Vikings. Sorry folks but your contribution just went to 2 million each. GET-ER DONE with your money and not mine.

  21. Swamp Rat says:

    To all the angry folks;
    No where in any of my links have I said states or cities will get rich! In fact, with the present political and intelligent[?] climate in Minnesota, a public works venue will be a disaster due to ignorance, politics, greed, and lack of progressive vision.

    If you read me previous postings there are various public works projects that contribute to the benefit and well of the society that constructs them. The biggest hurdle to any public project is the obtaining hard factual information in easy to understand readable numbers. The second biggest hurdle to any project is the fractured, twisted, and emotional unsubstantiated misinformation that exists in the blogosphere and threads like this one. The end result to all this vociferous vocal bloodletting is no one listens to each other and the principals involved wind up with an economic and political mess on there hands.

    The Legislature is a good example of reflecting the gallimauphric hegemonic political mess that exists in this state. As of now I am fed up with the process that now exists. It isn’t fair or judicious to come to any meaningful consensus. If the citizenry can not unite in a common purpose, pro or con, and tell the powers that the people elected in their wishes. Then it’s time for us to head for a homestead somewhere and fend for ourselves in total wild isolation with Mother Earth. I wonder how society would react in that type of quality of life? Think about that!……………..

  22. hat says:

    Everyone with no children, let’s unite and stop paying school taxes!!! Great idea, same as saying you wouldn’t use the stadium. Same as what another poster said about infrastructure. And high taxes? Seriously? Look around at some other %s.

  23. hat says:

    I suppoose you wouldn’t want YOUR money to repair a certain bridge that collapsed because it is not YOUR route to work, right?

  24. Jeff Nelson says:

    Vote yes for RACINO, than we could get rid of State Taxes. instead of everyone giving the indians their money at the casino’s

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