Farmer Found Dead In Manure Pit

DUMONT, Minn. (WCCO) — A farmer was found dead in rural western Minnesota after being reported missing late last week.

Traverse County authorities said 57-year-old Jim Schwebach was reported missing by a family member on Thursday afternoon.

The county sheriff’s office said Schewbach didn’t show up to a meeting he was supposed to attend.

He was eventually discovered dead in a manure pit on his property.

Authorities are working to determine the exact cause of death.

  • K.

    Some respect here………please? Someone died……….it doesn’t matter where…………he was loved and will be missed by others. Have a heart!

  • jackactionhero

    What are you suggesting it is, Doc?


    OSHA should be investigating and will release facts found. My condolences to his family and friends.

    • Old McDonald

      JD you are dumb!! OSHA Doesn’t over see family farms!!

  • Martin

    Not the way I would like to go, although he was probably overcome by fumes and unconcious before he hit the pit. Sorry for your loss.

  • Mark

    Probably important to make sure he wasn’t dead before he fell in (heart attack, murdered, etc). Someone could’ve just tossed his body in there.

  • DD Chirp

    Well that stinks!

  • kim

    A simillar tragedy happened around where I live, A father fell into the manure pit, his son jumped in to save him both were overcome by the fumes and died,very sad!

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