MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There’s at least one reason for many to not be excited about the arrival of spring. Gas prices are on the rise.

They’re already the highest they’ve ever been going into spring, when driving historically picks up.

We know some cities have already gone above $4 a gallon this spring. The national average hit $3.83 over the weekend, and analysts expect these prices will keep going up.

According to a spokesperson for AAA, gas prices heading into spring are at the highest level ever to start the season.

Analysts say reasons for the spike is the increase in oil prices, the ongoing tensions with Iran, and an improving economy.

The cost is expected to continue to go up through mid-May, possibly hitting $4.25 a gallon nationally.

Gas prices continue to be a hot button issue on the campaign trial. President Obama talked about it in his weekly radio address saying there’s not a quick fix.

“We can’t just rely on drilling. Not when we use more than 20 percent of the world’s oil, but still only have 2 percent of the world’s known oil reserves,” said Obama. “If we don’t develop other sources of energy, and the technology to use less energy, we’ll continue to be dependent on foreign countries for our energy needs.”

“This president says, ‘Oh well, we only have 2 percent of the oil reserves in the world.’ Well, we haven’t been looking very hard because there’s a lot more out there,” said Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. “There’s a lot more in North Dakota and the outer continental shelf, in the deeper waters of the gulf.”

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  1. Happy Now? says:

    Government conspiracy to push Green agenda. This disproportionately impacts poor people. Wake up progressives.

    1. fed gov is fraud says:

      doesn’t matter what side of the facadal double paradigm politics your on,the greenback is being devaluated so keep voting for your status quo establishment creeps!

  2. Tom says:

    @ Happy Now?

    There is no Gov’t conspiracy! Think about it for a minute would someone who running for re-election WANT gas prices to rise?

    1. Cheers says:

      You bet, Obama will campaign that he can make prices go down if re-elected, and if he isn’t then he’s happy getting his pockets lined by the oil companies.

  3. Tom says:

    Gas prices are going, but demand is not. There is demand in other parts of the world . And the same specualtors who drove up oil prices during Bush’s term are at again. This time they have anxiety over Iran!

    1. sad but true says:

      True, last time gas was at 4.10 a gallon, oil was at 140 a barrel. Using that same math, gas should currently be at 3.16 per gallon.

      1. babybluebiker says:

        Good answer!!!!

    2. babybluebiker says:

      Why is it a blame game all the time? I think it has to do with the speculators. Common sense has it. It’s thespeculators during Obama’s term too. Speculators period!!!

      1. Jed says:

        Right, keep thinking your man is doing great. Nothing is Obamas fault. When does this economy, this debt, and this massive government spending become his?

        1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

          As globablized as the economy has become it can only be said to be Obama’s when he is given authority over all the levers that control the economy, including authority over the Yuan, the Euro and the Yen, as well as authority over economic policy over all of the G-20 nations.

          Until then the economy is like a giant fire net, with a gaggle of firemen each trying to pull the net in a different direction.

          1. Jed says:

            you are so full of bs

        2. babybluebiker says:

          I never voted for Bush!!

        3. me says:

          If’s whoever happens to be in office at the time’s fault. Every president has been blamed, last time, Bush…This time Obama…next time..Crazy Romney or gond with the wind Sanitorum…either way…we always have to find someone to blame..

          Don’t any of you understand that…it’s NOT JUST the president in Office? We have a bicameral legislature here..We are NOT a sovereign society. if you are going to blame someone. Blame the Goverment as a whole. NOT 1 person.

    1. me says:

      Oh yeah as if OBAMA is the ONLY person making all of the decisions. When did we enter into a Sovereign society. Last I checked we were a bicameral society, and that it was government as a whole. I didn’t realize OBAMA made Every decision. Why are we paying legislature for then? hmmmm I must have gotten the United States mixed up with another democratic government.

      1. Fresno says:

        I think you meant a camel toe society…with a wide split right down the middle. Neither side willing to compromise and a terrible smell.

  4. Gregory Looseanus says:

    It costs me alot more to pump now.

  5. The Analyst says:

    Thank Obama for stopping the Keystone pipeline. It would have brought cheap Canadian oil to refineries in Texas.

    1. Gunnar says:

      The purpose for the pipeline was deliver the oil to the ports for shipping overseas. Thanks for not being able to analyze.

    2. christine says:

      Your post holds no logic. The Keystone oil would NOT lower gas prices in the US one cent. The oil was to be refined and EXPORTED. You should look into facts instead of just listening to Faux News all day.l

    3. Olivia says:

      Supply and Demand 1001.

      How could increasing supply NOT exert a downward pressure on the price?

  6. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    “Well, we haven’t been looking very hard because there’s a lot more out there.”

    Dear Mr. Romney: If “there’s a lot more out there.” how is that that we haven’t found it. If one looks at the published record, and listens to oil geologists instead of pandering politicians it is plain to see that both worldwide discoveries and production are in decline.

    There may be oil out there, but just because it exists does not mean it is recoverable. The simple fact that we are investing in recovering from oil sands – a very expensive and work intensive source – should convince you that the ‘easy’ oil is gone.

    1. Gunnar says:

      Ah, but the cons believe there is easy oil out there.

    2. Gunnar says:

      I forgot to add there is also tooth fairy, cheap medical for the chronically ill, and poverty would go away if people would only work despite having no skills.

  7. dee says:

    One of the reasons for the hike it states above, is partially due to the improving economy. That doens’t make any sense. I would think if people stop driving places like the state parks and preserves and out hiking and to the zoo because the price of gas is too high, how is that going to help the economy? Also, why can’t we do more with wind power and solar energy? It’s because someone who sits back and rakes in the bucks for the gas doesn’t want us to. It’s quite a game they play.

  8. Twins FAN says:

    Are we still drilling in Texas? or is that oil gone?

  9. oH bUMMER says:

    Obama te anti-oil anti-gas nutNo problem with greener energies but WE CAN’T AFFORD ANY OF THEM AND THEY AREN’T EFFICIENT ENOUGH YET!

  10. jackactionhero says:

    Analysts say reasons for the spike is……… -insert random BS here-

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      Insert Jackactionqu**ro anywhere-get instant BS.

      Non-specific BS at its worst.

  11. innkeeper says:

    Get stupid, drive drunk, pay $9.99 and 9 tenths a gallon for gas.

  12. Billy says:

    I have a solution for you American P.I.G.S so gas prices will go down dramatically.

    STOP buying gas all together and start walking or riding your peddle bike to work.

    1. jlkj says:

      That would be great except that many people have to drive 40+ minutes to get to work each day. I say we seriously need to figure out solar energy and how to store it 🙂

    2. Cheers says:

      WHy, I can afford the gas and I like driving around my poor mileage cars, becasue they’re very nice cars, and riding a bike is for the birds, i’m better than you, don’t hate me because I did something with my life.

      1. Cheers says:

        I am also a happy gay man so whats your point?

        1. Real Cheers says:

          Awe you hate life, that’s to bad, altho im not gay, id still rather be a happy gay man than a miserable broke man like you.

  13. Fred Hayek says:

    The government is inflating the US Dollar by printing money. It creates an illusion of a good economy. The reality is high commodity prices like gas and corn. It hurts the poor.

    1. Olivia says:

      Liberals want to keep the poor down so they can pretend to help them and get their votes.

      It’s quite sickening to those who perceive it.

      1. Matt says:

        Republicans like to make stories up about Liberals to get elected.

    2. Matt says:

      Government doesn’t print as much money as it used to. It is mostly digital

  14. Griga says:

    I had a comment posted, but it did not get accepted… I stated, the price of gas in Venezuela is .5 cents a gallon. Where is the issue??? It’s in the greed of the few that we allow to control the oil trade. We will forever be at the mercy of others because we as a country, are greedy..

  15. Fred Hayek says:

    0bama’s transportation secretary doesn’t even drive a car. 0bama’s policies are to force “green” energy on us with high gas prices.

  16. George W. Bush says:

    I ruined the world. Miss me?

  17. B. Obama says:

    I’l be the only black president ever, because I failed.

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