MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Public Safety said 246 people were busted for drunken driving as a result of stepped-up patrols during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

That’s a bit of a boost from the average weekend arrest count, which hovers around 170 motorists.

However, it’s also a significant drop-off from the number of citations handed out the last time St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday. Then, 527 people were arrested for DWI in 2007.

“Given the weekend circumstances and the nice weather, the lower arrest numbers may mean that people used safe alternatives,” said State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske.

The final numbers aren’t in yet, and the public safety department’s Office of Traffic Safety cautioned the arrest count is likely to rise as more information comes in.

Comments (50)
  1. Marine 0311 says:

    You need your head examined if you drove drunk on st Patrick’s day no less. You’re just asking for it.

    1. Tanman says:

      Yep, like they don’t know. Bunch of dopes.

  2. m says:

    Thanks to Police Officers. Thank you !!!!!!

  3. G Dog says:

    I read somewhere recently that 30,000 Minnesotans have a DWI on their record. Time to increase the penalties on these morons who drink and drive.

    1. Tanman says:

      Yep, many of them are repeat offenders.

    2. R U Joking says:

      there is really no excuse for it as well. NONE! I agree.. we need REAL penalties for this

    3. Marine 0311 says:

      They keep increasing the penalties, and people get more, and more every year. That’s been tried, and failed, time to find a different solution.

    4. Darren says:

      Close to 1 out of 6 have a DWI or DUI in Minnesota. And the number is increasing. What percentage of Minnesotan’s drink alcohol?

  4. Civitas says:

    And the Police laughed all the way to the bank.

    1. UR A Clown says:

      Says, the guy that probably has 2-3 of their own.

      The amount of money the police generate for this offense is almost nothing, when you consider the time it takes them off the road. Most of the cost comes from your increased insurance, lawyer fees, etc. Not much of a money maker for any municipality.

      1. Uncle Rico says:

        The municipalities make tons of money on these arrests. DUI’s are an enormous source of revenue. There was an article on here about 3 or 4 months detailing how much money the state was raking in on these offenses and it was astounding.

        1. Brian says:

          Not sure about that. I remember the article you’re talking about. As a matter of fact, I remember posting this info there too…maybe in response to one of yours. Police agencies aren’t getting rich by arresting DWI violators. Sure, there’s a certain dollar amount that gets paid into city coffers, but don’t kid yourself. It’s not a money-making scheme. People get sidetracked when they hear what the average DWI violator pays out. The misconception is that all of the money goes to the police dept when, in fact, only a fraction of it does.

          1. Uncle Rico says:

            I should clarify that I don’t think the Police are profiting solely, but the state rakes in a ton of cash off these things; how its divvied up is unknown to me.

            1. Brian says:

              Well now there you are correct, sir. Here’s an interesting thought: you get your license suspended for an unpaid fine, the reinstatement fee is $20. You get your license revoked for no motor vehicle insurance, reinstatement fee is $30. You get your license revoked for DWI, you’ll pay a $680 reinstatement fee to drive again. Assuming each DWI offender arrested over St. Pattys Day is found guilty and/or their license revoked, thats over $167,000 the state will take in for one weekend’s worth of DWI enforcement. Granted, that was a busy weekend, but still…

        2. ez says:

          You have no idea what you are talking about Rico.

          1. Uncle Rico says:

            And you do? Way to make a point. Way to out yourself, JERK ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. c e musgrave says:

        You are an Ass!

  5. Tom says:

    Driving drunk is for LOSER’S !!!!!

    1. swiller says:

      only if’n yer caught!

    2. just saying... says:

      So is the use of proper punctuation.

  6. Wonder Woman says:

    Frankly I find this impressive and a ray of hope for Minnesota when so many actually have disdain for the drunkards on the roads.
    I was starting to lose hope and thinking this was becoming a state of idiots.
    Hope is back – YES !

    1. c e musgrave says:

      What worldly comment. You must be a liberal dip sh#t.

  7. j speedbag64 says:

    in most counties it’s the cops themselves who own and sell liquor…..

  8. BKinMN says:

    Be careful what you say Uncle Rico….Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner, and it’s also on a Saturday. I doubt that will be mucho mejor.

    1. Uncle Rico says:

      Ah yes, good ol Cinco De Mayo, also a mega Trash holiday. Basically any holiday that invites the drunks to publicly display what an embarrassment they are, sucks a fat one. This includes New Years as well.

      1. Real Cheers says:

        I love drinking and spending money at the bars socializing, life is good, sorry you’re a recovering alcoholic but us that can control it enjoy holidays that unclude getting smashed.

        1. Uncle Rico says:

          Really? Thats your insult? Im not an alcoholic, or a recovering one for that matter, but you are obviously piece of Trash that likes Trash holidays. Thanks for outing yourself.

          1. Mrs. Ida Wendeldorfer says:

            I Knit Socks for the Hispanic Community. They are Wonderful People!

            1. What Da Fog says:

              Why do you Knit Socks Ida?

          2. R Cheers says:

            It doesn’t take a holiday for me to get drunk just the next day off, sorry money is no object for me don’t hate.

            1. Uncle Rico says:

              We’re all really impressed by your internet personalities abundant amount of cash and love for being a drunk. Jerk Alert!!! Thanks for outing yourself.

        2. guessing says:

          And thats why you probably live in a cheap house and have no extra income. Because you blow it all at a bar paying 6 a drink.

          Wow people are stupid.

          1. R Cheers says:

            Yes I live in a Cheap house, 1 of you losers paid 300k for, when it was only worth 180k but you’re a degenerate and your foreclosure gave me a nice house for $1100 a month, im sorry me and my ladies bills equal 50% of our income every month, we built a tough life, doing as we please, I get drunk and it doesn’t even matter if I spend $150 at the bar, tomorrows another day.

            1. Uncle Rico says:

              its a long life, hopefully, you are so obviously naive. just wait till you find your lady getting pig-roasted by your two buddies, divorces you and takes everything you have. You’ll be get in drunk alright, except it will be with 5 o’clock vodka under an overpass downtown. And know it dint happen to me, but I can tell that you’re one of the idiots prime for the downfall. happy trails future/current loser.

      2. Ronnie Reagan says:

        Uncle Rico sounds like he knows his way around sucking a fat one!!

        1. Uncle Rico says:

          Another drunk Trash lover. You simple people are really too easy.

          1. Uncle Rico says:

            By the way I’m a tranny! Any takers??

  9. zee the reporter says:

    State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske needs a drink LOL zee reporting in!

  10. Morrie Qentinslipsch says:

    Were they all caught in Rosemount?

    1. Dos Equis Man says:


    2. Kops R Gute says:

      We don’t Profile in Rosemount

    3. What Da Fog says:

      What Nationality are you?

  11. Lesson Learned says:

    I have a DUI and can say that I have spent about 1300 dollars in fees without a lawyer. However, in my situation, I woke up at 10 am the next morning to go get food – not even thinking about my BAC. Ended up getting pulled over for speeding, officer asked if I had been drinking and I said I had been the night before – but it should be out of my system by now. Ended up blowing a .08 after having my last drink around 2 a.m. Not everyone intentionally drinks and drives the night of. Stop and think about what your BAC may be driving home early in the morning. Too many lives have been lost because of mistakes I and others had made due to not thinking about our actions.

    1. ez says:

      Yes, what you wrote is a very frequent occurrence. Alcohol can take quite a while to leave the body. Remember, women take longer on average to eliminate alcohol then men.

  12. JWar says:

    I’m Irish, had a good sober time on St Patricks watching the parades and hanging out with friends. Thanks for making my ethnic groups holidayout to be something unsubstantial to society Uncle Rico…way to Troll it up

    1. Uncle Rico says:

      Yeah, cause its my fault your ethnic group turned this “holiday” into an idiotic Trash fest. Right JWar, you nailed that one. Did you read the article? Your ethnic groups Trash fest holiday is responsible for an astounding spike in reckless behavior. “At least 246 DWI’s” and then over 500!!! back in 2007. Great holiday.

  13. Crazy Joe says:

    I drank my two N/A O’Douls and had a great time, saw too many drunken people though, disturbing.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      People who destroyed their lives getting hammered and had to go through a 12-step always pity others who drink as if they are in the same situation.

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