Bill Drafted To Allow Beer At TCF Stadium

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Beer was the subject of a rare instance of bipartisan support for a bill at the legislature.

The bill to allow beer at the University of Minnesota’s stadium passed its first committee test on Wednesday with unanimous, bipartisan support.

Currently, beer is banned at TCF Bank Stadium.

DFL Representative Joe Atkins has drafted a bill that would allow beer in suites and at a beer garden at the east end of the stadium during Gopher football games.

“Some would say you need a beer at a Gophers game,” joked Atkins. “But I hope it’s just an opportunity for people to enjoy (responsibly) a beer at a Gophers game and happen to bring in $1.5 million or $2 million in revenue for the U.”

Atkins says the bill could be voted on by the full house in the next few days.

If it wins passage, beer sales could begin in time for the upcoming football season.

  • Bill

    The Vikings could rent the stadium on Sundays when it isn’t being used.

    Then maybe they would quit trying to scam Minnesota out of half a billion dollars.

  • Jim

    The bill was “drafted”, oh how clever WCCO….NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zack

      Bad beer puns make me ‘hopping’ mad.

      • Jake

        I can “barley” contain my laughter!

        • Zack

          Now you’re making me ‘ale’.

          • Edward

            Let’s not have a big ‘brew’-ha-ha.

  • barnacle bill

    I thought the option of allowing beer at TCF stadium was at the discretion of the university; I didn’t realize it was an important matter of state legislation.

    Personally, I have nothing against beer and I do my share to keep the brewers in business. However, all too often beer + football fan = loud, obnoxious, frequently urinating in awkward places, drunken fool ruining the day for my family so I’d just as soon not see it allowed at Gopher games.

    Either way, at least the legislators are taking care of the really important matters of state business. Gee, and some of you thought their only purpose in life was to find a way to take your money and give it to Zygi.

    • rentacop

      Barnacle Bill : BRAVO !! I agree with you 100%. Glad to see the Legislators are dwelling on the important issues (NOT !!). Come on November so I can show My photo I.D. and vote these people out of office !!

  • jack

    it is to bad no one thought of this back in 06 and told the u than that if they wanted state money for the new stadium they needed to allow beer sales.

  • vikessuk

    too bad dumb sports fans are unable to do anything without being drunk all of the time.

    • What Next?

      Too bad that you don’t realize that some people are fans, enjoy the sports they watch and aren’t all “dumb”. I am sure there are things that you do that I don’t like!

      • buffalo gal

        So you DO agree they’re all drunk though, right?

        I know in the case of Viking fans, they are firm believers in the Cliff Claven theory that beer kills all the slow brain cells, thereby making the guzzler “more smarter” as each additional beer is consumed. And that, ladies and gentlemen, explains why Vikings fans want everybody to give money to Zygi!

        Ha, and some of you thought that was hard to understand.

  • G Dog

    The lack of knowledge about this subject being posted here really boggles the mind.

    Does anyone read a newspaper anymore??

    • Mary

      The only unknowledgeable post here is yours.

  • rentacop

    G Dog : What are you referring to ???????????????????

  • Lisa w.

    Yeah…it will dull the pain of a not-so-good team & make things a little more enjoyable at the Bank!! Vote “yes” for beer!!!

  • rentacop

    if they restrict beer to the suites and the beer garden then no one will be allowed to bring it back to their seats. They will need security people to stand at the top of every stairway to check for beer. Hmmmm, maybe I can get a job doing that ?

  • droop

    Are they having trouble filling the stadium now because of lack of booze? If not I suspect this has something to do with the Vikings.

    • otis

      You’re right, if it smells, it probably does have something to do with the Vikings. Today’s chapter of “The Daily Reveal” hasn’t been published yet so we don’t know which new “how to hose the people” clause of Zygi, Dayton, Mondale and Rybak has been found in “the bill” today.

  • trebor

    When they say a beer garden at the east end of the stadium, that probably means outside. Sounds like they are hosing Joe fan.

  • trebor

    Good idea. All my rich friends can get drunk, so they can stand to watch the Gophers.

  • Mary

    I think currently they serve beer in the locker room before games.

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