Blaine Man Pleads Guilty In Drug Overdose Death

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 22-year-old Blaine men pleaded guilty to third-degree murder charges in Anoka County Court Thursday in connection with a mass drug overdose that happened at a house party last March.

Timothy Richard Lamere pleaded guilty to third-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old Trevor Robinson-Davis, who died of an overdose involving the synthetic drug “2C-E.”

Blaine Police were called to a home on March 17, 2011, on a report of a mass drug overdose. When they arrived, they learned that Robinson had been taken to Unity Hospital after overdosing on drugs and was not breathing. He died later that day after going into cardiac arrest related to an overdose from the drug “2C-E.”

Police were told by witnesses at the house in Blaine that Lamere had provided the synthetic drug to anyone who wanted it. He will be sentenced on May 25.

  • Jason

    where is kevin on this one? hmmmmmm

    • Kevin

      Ummmm….I just call this cleansing the gene pool…….

    • just sayin

      I would just like to say – it wasn’t a purposeful homicide. That is what kevin would basically say.

  • Kevin

    He must have forced them all to take the drugs! Crazy white guy! Buys synthetic drugs…..forces them down his friends throats….and gets slapped with murder…..what a joke….so I guess everytime a drunk leaves a bar….and hits and kills someone….the bartender should then be charged with murder…..I will sit and wait…….but not hold my breath……

    • Jason

      sniff sniff………

  • Ronnie Reagan

    End the war on drugs and people won’t buy these dangerous Legal drugs! Well it was legal at the time of the incident anyway!

  • Research

    It was a legal drug. If someone took too much of it then I can’t see how the provider is responsible for murder. I agree with Kevin on this. I’ve never seen a bar cut someone off unless they were acting a fool but there are people who can get drunk to the point of dangerous and not get kicked out of a bar. If it wasn’t forced then the recipient is responsible for their actions. This does suck though because young kids need to know what they’re getting into.

  • Darn it all

    He didn’t look so sharp that day eh!

  • Tom

    I don’t agree with this! All those who went into that house that night knew what they were going to do be doing that night. Yes one person did die, while sad, he knew that he was taking his chances.

  • Kevin

    So you buy a 12 pack of Miller and you take it to a party. Your friends all drink the 12 pack on their own. A couple of them die because a couple beers are poison. And you are charged with murder because you brought the beer. This makes no sense to me at all.

    • whatajoke

      It doesn’t make sense to you b/c you are an idiot kevin!

  • Ronnie Reagan

    And I quote” Lemere provided the synthetic drug to anyone who WANTED IT!!” A drug that was legal at the time of the incident!

  • Sandy B.

    This is so very sad. The fact that Lemere has Bi-Polar mental illness is just ignored. Our sick “justice” system dumps the mentally ill into prison. M<ust have someone to blame, someone to punish. No wonder other countries think we are a bunch of barbarians here.

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