Crime Alert: Boy Abducted By Dad, Possibly Grandfather

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (WCCO) — A crime alert has been issued for a 7-year-old boy who authorities believe was abducted by his father and possibly his grandfather.

Wyatt Nordrum was not returned to St. Louis County Court by his father, James Leon Nordrum, Jr., who has past mental health issues. He’s indicated he would harm the child if he lost custody.

When authorities were dispatched to both James Nordrum Jr.’s and James Nordrum, Sr.’s house, it appears they left the house, taking clothing with no indication of any destinations. All of their known vehicles were at the house.

James Nordrum, Jr., 41, is described as 5-foot-6, 225 pounds with brown hair and eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact law enforcement immediately.

  • See BS

    It’s not an abduction if the child is with a parent — the Father ignored a court order and is in contempt of court.

    Like leaving a toilet seat up on purpose to annoy someone.

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  • Sam I am

    Its not like leaving the toilet up you a$$. He lost custody and is retaliating. Anybody who has dealt with family court knows the most dangerous time for families is when one parent doesn’t win custody, divorce is final or filing for a restraining order.

    Seriously you are an idiot.

    • player

      Agreed – the Villiage ‘cco idiot

      • See BS

        Obviously, I’m more of a “Toilet Seat Leaver-upper” and a winner winner chicken dinner, when my posts get removed.

    • See BS

      No — it’s like the Father didn’t put the toilet seat down — and it is messing with someones psyche.

      Courtrooms and lawyers make more money when they encourage parents to fight – it’s good for budgets.

  • player

    and where did the 11 posts go – did Gramps get his undies all bunched up here?
    Gramps a part of the disappearance? you betcha he is ;-)

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