MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The popular Minnehaha Park eatery Sea Salt is opening its doors to customers ahead of schedule this spring, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather.

Sea Salt was originally going to reopen for the season on April 6, but they announced they intend to open a week ahead of schedule. They are opening this Friday.

The eatery is only open during the warmer months of the year, and closes down during the winter.

Sea Salt serves seafood entrees such as fried calamari, po’boys, oysters, fish tacos and crab cakes.

The restaurant is located just to the east of Minnehaha Falls.

Comments (45)
  1. Frozenrunner says:

    Great food, great prices. Great beer and wine if you are into that. Watch out for parking tickets.

  2. pongstar says:

    Explain…example…I’ll get behind you then?

    1. Elwood says:

      You are complete idiot!

      1. Robert Radke says:

        Elwood is correct!!! You are condiderably short of a full deck.

        1. Robert Radke says:


      2. JBS says:

        Dale Gribble is a complete idiot but he don’t need no book learnin cause he’s got common sense.

      3. Revert says:

        You have to remember, Dale is a professional Troll. He is to be used to amusement only.

    2. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      I would suspect that the opposite is true – that profits generated by this enterprise are helping to support the park.

    3. hmpf says:

      Could you explain why you think White Christian Americans, and not just Americans, should shut down this restaurant?

    4. Bettylarue says:

      Dale, Sea Salt pays a large fee, rent, to the park system for the use of the space. Crawl back under your rock.

  3. pongstar says:

    Nothing like free advertising? I’m sure alot of local places are opening early…Like the Dairiette Drive up restuarant in St.Paul ?Yummmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. just sayin says:

    How about opening places with plantain? It’s so hard to find a restaurant with plantain!!!!!

    1. JBS says:

      Try Brasa in St. Paul or Minnepolis.

      1. Raoul Duke says:

        Victor’s 1959 Cafe in Minneapolis has plaintain aplenty.

  5. Bettylarue says:

    This IS some good news we can use! M’haha Falls Park is one of our great assets in the enjoyment of city living and Sea Salt makes it all the better. The park also has a music program, making it a family friendly place to take a walk, then sit for a snack or a meal and listen to some local artists play. We are so lucky to have something like this! I hope to see you there!

    1. Robert Radke says:

      Dear Dale: Forgot to take our meds,did we??

    2. JBS says:

      Then liberal elitists who believe in evoluation and global warming — I hate them andtheir book learnin. They’s nothing but socialists! Dale Gribble such is smart he must be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon.

      1. JBS says:

        Is this the “Dale Gribble” from “King of the Hill?”

        1. Julie says:

          yup. He is lol
          He escaped the television and is now invading the sanity of Minnesotans everywhere.

    3. gunnar says:

      $5 for a pair of seafood tacos liberal food. Stupidity at a low point here. Proves once again the conservatives have little clue about the real world.

      1. Roger says:

        Little clue about the real world? What I’m getting out of your broken English is that you feel you are smarter, more cultured, and well read. All of which is false if you are a liberal. You are a deformed fallacy of humanity, and your ignorance of the “real world” knows no bounds. Why don’t you get out of your utopian box and join the rest of humanity rather than bringing it down for your own comfort and convenience.

        1. gunnar says:

          Did I sayI was smarter, more cultured and well read? Compared to you for what you posted, I must be. The stupidity of someone is a liberal if they eat seafood is only matched in it’s stupidity by your remark. Why don’t you crawl out of your little box and be a human and let whoever wants to enjoy seafood in a park for cheap?

    4. Kat says:

      Don’t like it? Then leave…

  6. TW says:

    Dale, we could get Chuck Mangione to play there. How would that be? Or is he still living at MegaloMart in a stack of toilet paper cases?

  7. gunnar says:

    Again, conservative blathering out of ignorance. All we need is Brett and Kevin to add their lunacy.

  8. bailey says:

    Get a grip Dale…….amazing to me how much people just love to complain about everything. We can’t just simply enjoy ourselves or what our community and state has to offer, without everything being political. How sad that you are this miserable in your life.

  9. js says:

    So if you like good food you are a liberal???????

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      If that “good” food is pretentious East Coast cosmopolitan fare, like crab cakes, the answer is “yes”. Real Americans eat beef and pork. Traitors and other liberals eat the elitist meals served at Sea Salt, and I’m tired of being forced to support it with my tax dollars.

      1. JGE says:

        I’m tired of supporting wars with my tax dollars. Too bad our tax form doesn’t come w a check list so we can check the things we want to support and therefore not support those things to which we are morally opposed. *eye roll*

      2. js says:

        Dale, thanks for the warning. I was almost drawn to this uppity “restaurant”. I’ll stick with beef, pork, and of course support the real American restaurants that pay their own way, like McDonalds.

  10. JGE says:

    And, seriously people…it is a story about SEA SALT, for the love of god! Great place to enjoy a cold beverage and some great food in one of the most beautiful areas in the city! How does this become a political war too??? We are in BIG trouble if we can’t “get along” in the comment section of THIS story!

    1. Roger says:

      Why don’t you try venturing outside your little 394/ 494 perimeter you call a life, and enjoy the real avenues of life. You will find that you are in bad company, and you are defending the enemy of humanity.

      1. gunnar says:

        Assumptions once again. Are you really that hateful of a person? Good lord you make statements out of no basis. Get a life.

  11. Tenbears says:

    Tenbears uses sea salt as an important ingredient in home made moonshine

  12. frozenrunner says:

    Is the world nuts today? What the heck populated the board today. It is just a seafood place in a city park.

    1. Tenbears says:

      frozennose does not like seafood then?

      1. frozenrunner says:

        Like I said, Is the world nuts today, see the first comment.

  13. tom c says:

    Dale Gribbel you must be a hoax no one could be that hateful and ignorant.

  14. Bill G-A-R-R says:

    Dale Gribble is a fictional character from King of the Hill.

  15. Susan says:

    wow, I am just happy we can choose to go to Sea Salt or not, I cannot believe the hate this article created.

  16. sw says:

    What a bunch of no-life snobs who can only fight online and not face-to-face. Grow up and move out of your mommy’s house!

  17. TL says:

    I’ve eatent there a couple of times….my personal opinion, if youre starving and desperate for something resembling food, Sea Salt is your answer.

    Otherwise hold out for a nearby McD’s or something….Sea Salt is a tad overrated and way over priced.

    The park is great though!

    1. Uncle Rico says:

      Yeah, and it smells like garbage in there not to mention no AC. It’s an option with a restroom if it’s anything. The DQ basically across the street is waaaaaay better.

      1. Orrest says:

        Did you not notice the lovely outdoor seating. That the two of you have no taste buds as you are preferring fast food with no flavor.

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