Twins Blog: Opening Preview

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — MLB wanted to do something different this year with the season opener. It was a game to be played hours in the future against the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics while exposing MLB Baseball to new fans a half a world away.

It was so far into the future that I needed a special device to record the feed. But when I finally woke up and played the recording I saw a vision of the past!

tokyo dome Twins Blog: Opening Preview

Surely, I couldn’t be watching a game from the early-2000s of my favorite team…this is supposed to be the future!

After wiping my drowsy eyes I realized it was actually the Tokyo Dome, where Ichiro is King, not Felix.

The season premiere didn’t disappoint. It ended with bonus baseball and Seattle winning 3-1 in the 11th. Ichiro is on pace to get 648 hits this season after hitting 4-5. “Prince” Felix was his typical, ridiculous self by pitching eight innings and giving up one run but still couldn’t get the “W.”

There’s one more official game in Japan early tomorrow morning against the Mariners and A’s before the rest of the season opener festivities begin next week.


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