Hundreds Rally At Capitol Against Marriage Amendment

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Hundreds of people rallied at the Capitol Thursday against a gay marriage ban that will be on the ballot this fall.

It’s a Constitutional amendment that’s already generating large protests seven months before the election.

The constitutional amendment figures to be Minnesota’s fiercest political fight of the year. Gay marriage is legal in six states, including Iowa, but it’s not legal in several more.

No state has ever defeated a gay marriage ban when it’s been on the ballot, and 29 states have put it in their constitutions.

Gov. Mark Dayton predicts Minnesota will be the first to change that.

“I think Minnesota is better than that. I think Minnesota is an exceptional state. I think we are a state that understands human beings and has a compassion for people and our uniqueness and our similarites that goes beyond any other state in this nation. We’re going to prove it. We’re going to prove that we are better,” Dayton said.

Minnesotans will be asked to vote on: “Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage.”

Many young people attended the rally. Some Augsburg College students described gay marriage as the next civil rights bridge Minnesotans will cross.

“Like my sign says:  Love is love and it shouldn’t matter what sex you are and who you are with. If you love who you love, you should be able to marry them and you should have the same rights,” one student said.

The gay marriage fight is already shaping up as the fiercest political fight of the year. Gov. Dayton is not the only chief executive urging a “No” vote.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura sent a video message, apparently from his home in Mexico.

“Do not support changing the constitution to discriminate. That isn’t what Minnesota or our country should be about,” said Ventura.

The sponsors of the gay marriage ban, a group called “Minnesotans for Marriage,” issued a written statement Thursday expressing confidence in the outcome this fall. They say their efforts to persuade Minnesotans are going very well, and that they are ahead in every credible poll.

There’s a much higher standard to amend the constitution. It’s not just a simple majority vote, it takes a super majority of everyone who votes in the election.

Typically it takes about a 60 percent “yes” vote to change the constitution.

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  • jackactionhero

    I love you, Kevin.

    • Kevin

      I love you too jackactionhero……I love you too…….

    • Chavezrous

      And still the hoodies rally…more problems for their people…should have been in school or at work. Nice to know THEY still want to place blame on others for THEIR lack of commitment to solve the problems!

  • Tenbears

    Tenbears loves jackactionhero

  • Tenbears

    Tenbears sure hopes the side walks around the State Capital are not too slippery to safely walk on now.

  • Michele

    When exactly was that golden era of America, Greg? I keep hearing about it from conservatives, but I guess it got censored out of my history textbooks.

    • Alejandro

      It was definitely not today’s U.S.

    • Tom

      @ Michelle

      The “golden era” that Greg is talking about is a time in america when to conservatives things were much simpler and none of this was going on. Well what is going on today was going on back then but it was not out in the open. And the “golen era” was back in the 50’s and 60’s. Conservatives like using the word “tradional” alot. Their argument is that “traditional marriage” goes back 5000 years, but “traditional marriage” went out the window years ago. Conservatives dont like change. But what makes conservatives the biggest hyprocrits is that they preach about personal freedoms, and keeping gov’t out of bedrooms, private lives, etc, but they dont practice what they preach. They want all of us to live in the same nutty world they do. But I will say this not all conservatives think this way.

  • saint ramer

    Yeah, and while we’re at it, let’s bring back the steam engine and child labor and the horse and buggy. Sorry guys, history is on our side. That’s why it’s called progress, not regress. What does equal under the law mean to you? Gay Minnesotans are tax-paying citizens and deserve equal opportunity to form legal marriages. It shouldn’t matter to you. O.K., now, bring on the childish insults.

    • Hans

      When they can marry will that make them just like the rest of us? If so then we can throw out all the special laws (see hate crimes) that were created for them and the hyphenated names (see gay-american.) They will become Americans subject to the same laws as everyone else without anything extra because they are special.

    • V

      Then go for it… but you will have to fight your own battle… since I do not care that you want to marry your dog, because it does not affect me in any way!

    • christine

      Your dog cannot enter into a contractual obligation.

      • Hello, is this thing on? Bueller! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

        Really Christine? Serious? I think “V” was being facetious.

    • Sam

      Most certainly. I mean, you’ll first have to prove that your dog is sentient, because to be able to willingly join into union, it has to be sentient. Then your miracle dog will have to learn to communicate its wishes to society at large, so that it can agree to said union. After that, you’re golden.

    • what?

      Why do phobes always bring up animals? You are a sick bunch to say the least.

    • Tom

      @ Bill Clintons Cigar

      Then marry fido! What is about you conservaties that you always bring animals into this discussion?

  • See BS

    Defining the word “Marraige” does not stop Gay couples from getting domestic partnership rights. “Civil Unions” are still valid for gay couples in the State of California, and fall under the same exact family codes and laws as the word “Marraige”

    Gays just want the word “Marriage” so they can harass religious institutions with lawsuit abuse and attack religious freedom.

    Corporate mass media incites civil unrest over petty stuff.

    • scott

      Lets go further. Remove governments role all together in this debate. Let the government instead define what a civil union for all is, and let others define what a marriage is to them. Legally binding civil union definition. problem solved. But that’s not good enough for some groups. They want marriage all to themselves, and a law to prove it. Next they will want the government to decide which religion is best, and maybe even make a law so we’ll all know that too. Waste of money. Waste of time. Remove religion from this debate, and there is no debate.

    • Pat

      Well said.

    • killthethugs

      well said for someone with such a fine moniker.

    • aeiou

      Why didn’t I get this memo See BS? I didn’t know that I’m supposed to harass religious institutions. In fact, I thought we were supposed to let them have their say, or whatever, only dissuade legislating it.

      How did you become such an expert on gays, or being gay? Care to share your secrets?

    • Tom

      @ See BS

      Religious freedom is not being attacked! The religious institutions brought their problems onto themselves! Nobody else did it to them! They chose to cover-up the sex abuse!

      But it is amazing to me that people like you feel you should be able to decide who does and does not get married!

      • See BS

        Public School Teachers are worse on the sex abuse scale, always have been — especially in Minnesota.

        I’m talking about the Lawsuit abuse attacking Catholic Adoption services.

  • Confused

    Amendment or Clarification? I don’t recall gay marriage being in the state constitution.

  • Marjorie

    Kevin, Jacksonaction hero, greg, tenbears are all of you unsure of your masculinity? Gee are you afraid of equal rights for all. What creeps!!

    • Ryan

      You Mad Bill? :( hugs

    • Barb Cline

      Talk about “brainless insults” ! Good thing you did not set the bar too high, because you still tripped on it.

      Anyone who fears God should take a good long look at their religion. No one should fear God!!!!! God is love and one of greatest commandments is for us to love one another. If your church is teaching hate and fear, please run to the exit as fast as you can and find a new one.

      • SoccerRules

        Well said.

      • outsourcing is good

        Did stomping your feet in the mud puddle work for you as a child? I am not into appeasement and refuse to change my beliefs because you attack me personally. the fact that you have to stoop to petty insults only tells me that you have no solid arguments to what you want. Marriage in the Church is for two reasons, stabilty of society by allowing kids to be raised in a two parent household with a balance of dicipline and love and to procreate. When was the last time that two gay people procreated without some outside help?

        If you wanted civil unions then why did your party of peace and love not create them in their 32 years of running this state into the ground?

        • Barb Cline

          As a child, I did love to stomp puddles, how did you know?

          And just how did I attack you personally? I responded to Bill Clintons Cigar.

          I know quite a few married couples who were not married in a church. Does that mean they are not married? I also know quite a few divorced couples. There are also several people on 2n, 3rd or 4th marriages. Must be great holy union you are talking about.

          As for children, I know quiet a few straight couples that need outside help in procreation also, so what’s your point.

          And my party of peace and love sure did not drive the state as far into the ground as 8 years of Tpaw did. No new tax, shut the government down and reck the states credit rating. Yep fear, hate and lies works so well.

          • Ross Perot

            That’s right Barb, it was a democratic controlled house and Senate. Just another minor fact you left out. I see a lot of hate and negativity coming from you. Very little facts, just negativity and criticism.

            • Barb Cline

              You are 1/2 wright, the Democratic Party did have a majority, but did not have control. To have control you have to have enough of a majority to over ride a veto and they did not. I can remember only 1 veto over ride and the Republicians who voted with them paid dearly because the GOP pulled support from the.

              Tpaw veto his way through his 8 years in office. And did nothing positive for the state. But he did stay out of our bedrooms and private lives which at this point will say was a positive.

        • Jason

          @ outsourcing, noticed you did not get any responses. That usually indicates your right.

        • Tom

          @ outsourcing is good

          It is only called insults when thing we say about your type of people are not true, and a majority of what is about your types is true! Not all marriages take place in a church! When a couple goes and gets their marriage license it is up to them where they decide to get married. Some choose a church, a park, city hall, their backyards, whereever. Do you want to pass a law where only marriages that take place in church will be recognized?

          And getting married in church does not make a marriage more stable! And not all kids are brought up in two parent house hold! And not all couples who get married choose to procreate! Some choose not to for personal reasons or medical reason. Are you next going to pass a law asking couples do they plan on having kids? If their answer is no are you going to say “sorry you can’t get married unless you plan on having kids”.

          And what is wrong with “outside” help? There are straight couples who have to have “outside” help! People like you really need to leave your bubble of fantasy and join the rest of us in reality! Gay people are not running this state into the ground that is being done by Social Conservatives who have nothing else better to do except worry about what others are doing.

      • Ross Perot

        I don’t go to these posts very often, But you have to be one of the most negative persons I have ever read. Everything thing you say is critisizing what someone else says, yet you never state your case on the subject and why you are for gay marriage. Please Lord, don’t ever ltr me meet Barb Cline. It would ruin my whole day.

        • Tom

          @ Ross Perot

          Why do you care if two gay people get married?

        • Dave Burns

          It doesn’t matter that you are against gay marriage. What matters is that you want to tell other Americans what they can or can’t do that doesn’t hurt anybody else. This life is too short. Why should someone spend it unhappy just so you aren’t offended?

        • Barb Cline

          Sorry to hear that, I liked Ross Perot, he was a great man and would have made a good president. He was a very forward thinker, some would say ahead of his time. Probably why the Republician Party did not like him very much.

          I read your comment to my husband and he is still laughing!!!!!!!!

      • Joker

        Can I guess that that is not the first time you have used the “bar too high” or “run to the nearest exit” comments? I don’t fear God. I fear the devil and the thought of spending eternity in hell with him.

      • J

        Too bad you weren’t a better student in school or you would know that “fear” also means “extreme reverence or awe”. But what do you expent being the product of public education that’s been taken over by libers.

    • SoccerRules

      Not the godfearing idiots but people who know how to treat the other person will win out on this on. You just don’t know how big the shadow is that is backing idea. Now go back to your pews and cry your little self back to sleep because you are not going to win.

    • cuban cigar

      This is why our forefathers created a “Representative Republic” and not a full Democracy. The minority can’t be denied (eventually) equality, or be fenced out by the majority.

      So you may have your 15 minutes of fun, but it won’t last. And your verbiage is so off the wall and colorful. You are amusing and sad at the same time.

  • Fred Hayek

    America has $ 15 trillion in debt and is moving toward financial Armageddon . The media on the other hand concentrates on on gay rights.

  • SoccerRules

    Yes, let’s go back to the way it was when government kept its hands, mouths or whatever out of a person’s life. Second, who are you to tell me I have to follow your religious craziness. Need I have to remind you the seperation of church and state. That is the reason you need to have a to be registered with the city and get a marriage license BEFORE you waste your time in a church. In fact a church does not have to involved for a legal wedding.

  • mimi4

    Am I the only one who is wondering why this pro-gay marriage group, with several hundred people at their demonstration, is receiving press coverage when there was virtually no coverage of a rally in St. Paul last Friday, with several thousand people in attendance, against the HHS proposed contraceptive mandate?

    • Ross Perot

      Great point, Wcco picking and choosing what to report based on their belief system, i.e. progressive liberal

  • I Wanna Rock-n-Roll all night. And party Everyday.

    Play some Skynyrd man! Sorry, I just had to break up the tension.

  • Bill Clintons Cigar

    Preach son! Preach!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alejandro

    Well said Mark, thank you!

  • Alejandro

    I find it so interesting that WCCO failed to report the much larger crowd that came together to support traditional marriage in Minnesota. Instead, they make the smaller protest their main headline. Very typical.

    • jackactionhero

      No such thing. Stop trying to restrict rights of Americans.

  • fairness

    Indeed well said Mark. ‘CCO is always the liberal-bias agenda water-boys.
    I’d like to see, for once, strong coverage on conservative moral views rather than the immoral views of the liberals

    • Barb Cline

      You mean the Party of Tony, who spent the coffers dry? Or the Party of Amy and Bill who had an affair? Or the Party of Bill who is suing the state because he got fired for having an affair?

      Conservitave values are alive and well in MN

  • Nogaymarriage

    Marriage is between one man and one woman, period.

    • Barb Cline

      And no divorce or affairs?

    • just saying

      Soloman (of the Bible) had hundreds of wives and concubines. And we could go on ad-infinitum. This is your opinion. Thanks for sharing. Please sit down.

    • Bobby

      And who are you to make such a statement?

    • weezy68

      I agree with you 100%.

      • weezy68

        I should have said I agree with nogaymarriage, I have been married to a man for 47 years and oh yes I am a woman.

        • Dave Burns

          It’s ok that you think that for YOU, but it’s not ok that you think you get to tell others what’s ok and what isn’t.

          Can you understand the difference?

          • Frank

            Dear Dave,
            …and your authority to dictate what is right and wrong comes from where? Do YOU understand that there is no difference?

        • wheazy68's friend

          Prove it.

  • Richard in Minneapolis

    The text of the Minn., and several other state’s amendments banning gay marriage state: “Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage.”

    However, the Full Faith and Credit clause of Article IV or the US Constitution states: “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State.”

    Isn’t this a train wreck waiting to happen? Under Article IV it appears that a state must recognized a gay marriage performed in another state.

  • james2

    Right TM, it is what it is, call it what you want. A seemingly loaded statement. Ok. We all craft words.

    Romer vs. Evans 1996. Please read it. You will discover that fencing a minority, which we are at least by numbers, violates the 14th amendment.

    My prediction is that the Supreme Court will nullify, thow out, all of these amendments. At the same time, I don’t see them making any of us equal either.

    So you get this time period to expound upon your position. However know that I was happy enough before this contrived social civil war, and now that I’ve been thrown (not by choice) into the brawl, I intend to win it in the end, and I have the US Constitution and a Supreme Court ruling for precedent, and time.

    No hate in this statement. But I expect a lot of it back. “with liberty and justice for ALL” That’s wherein hope always resides in this Republic. Peace

    • Thanks Minnesota!

      Sorry James. I missed the intelligence in your comment. Are you saying that the minority should rule? You expect hate back because you look for it. Not everyone who disagrees with you hates you. The Lord disagrees with you, but He, above all, loves you. He sets a good example.

      • no hayseuss

        the majority of us who haven’t been brain-washed by the evan gel ical community don’t want to live under tyraranical fascist rule born of the 19th century……..the “book” only perpetuates that

      • Barb Cline

        Thanks MN you speak for The Lord? At least you know he loves. Do you do miracles too?

        You know the church I was brought up in taught me that God loves all of his children, not just of them and they were all created perfectly in his image. So if this is true, then you are telling me God has made mistakes. Or have you appointed yourself Lord and admitting you made mistakes?

        Either way calling people unintelligent and dumb does not exault you either.

        • Huh?

          I don’t know what church you grew up in, but either you didn’t pay attention, or your church was not a fair representation of what Christianity is about. Had you continued to listen past chapter 1, you would have learned about free will, sin, consequences for bad choices, etc.

          • Barb Cline

            I had 14 years of Catholic education, last I checked they are Christian, if not Benny might be a little suprised.

            And tell me what sin are you talking about? Is it covered in the Ten Commandments, or is it a man made sin?

            • Huh?

              You should have stuck with it. In year 15 they would have handed you the Baltimore Catechism and you would have had the answers you needed.

              • Barb Cline

                Did the Baltimore Catechism in grade school and there was no mention of the sin you are refering to. Also, my husband is LCMS and says it was not in the Luthers Small Catechism. Both of us feel what you are refering to is a man made sin.

          • for Huh?

            Enjoy your ham on Easter, or shrimp scampi. Both are forbidden but hey, this is often overlooked.

      • Kilgore

        @ Minnesota…Those that support the amendment are attempting to subjugate other human beings to second-class status. Given that there are no secular rational reasons for denying same-sex marriage and given the large role socially conservative religions have in supporting the amendment, it is safe to say that these people are attempting to write their religious beliefs into our public laws making the rest of us involuntary followers of their faith. Whenever any group tries to sell us on the idea that it is okay to harm other human beings in the name of God, the rest of us should be very concerned and not take these overtures lightly.

        • Do your research

          Read the rest of the posts on this page and other similar pages. You will see plenty of secular rational reasons for denying same-sex marriages.

        • Get back to the point

          We are voting on a marriage ammendment, NOT against same-sex marriages. Same-sex marriages would be excluded just as would marrying multiple partners, marrying children, marrying your dog, etc. The ammendment is only to clarify what should already be common sense.

          • what's your point?

            What goes on in your mind? Saying stuff like this says more about you than any gay person.

            Perhaps you can get some therapy.

        • Emily

          Our founding fathers wrote our constitution for a moral people. Believe in God, don’t believe in God, but God is good, and it is good which defines our morals. Without morals, a democracy will not last. History has taught us that countries can be destroyed by their own people. The mighty USA is no exception. When the constitution was written, there was no need for a marriage ammendment. The thought of marrying someone of the same sex would have been as radical as the thought of needing a 55 mph speed limit with horse and buggy. It just wasn’t necessary.

          • Emily's friend

            Are you speaking of Allah, or Krishna, who?

            Neither was giving women the vote, or throwing them in a well as a test to see they are witches.

            Rebelling against King George was radical. Perhaps we should have remained a Colony. It wasn’t really necessary. Right?

            BTW, we are a Representative Republic not a Democracy.

      • james2

        Neither a majority nor minority rule in a Representative Republic. They become equal.

        TM, to affirm or negate your chosen religious paradigm is a waste of time. Thanks for the bait, I won’t take it.

        I gave an intelligent response. That it’s not good enough is not a surprise but it’s ok. Take care.

  • Brett

    How much did ‘cco pay to each of these protesters to attend? So, “hundreds” were there protesting? BIG WOW. ‘cco loses more and more credibility every time they promote and propagandize these circus events. I predict that the AMENDMENT will PASS, and that will end any idiot judge’s ability to exercise some morbid form of “judicial activism”.

    • b.r.

      Exactly!!! where was ‘CCO and their big coverage of the event where ALOT more people showed up for upholding the sanctity of Marriage…between one man and one woman??? where were they…the ‘CCO media then? huge liberal progressive democrates is ‘CCO. doesn’t do their ratings any good.

  • Bill

    If two people of the same sex want to pretend to be married, no one has a problem with that. No one even cares.

    But when they want to force their delusion on others and demand government benefits, then the majority does have a problem with it.

    It’s all about money. They want your money.

    • Brett


    • Barb Cline

      I have be married for 38 years and neither my husband or I can think of a government benefit we are entitled to that a single person would not be, infact we usually have paid more taxes because we are married.

      Please tell me what government do they want!

    • Kilgore

      Pretend to be married? At first, I thought you were talking about Kim Kardashian, ex-senator Koch, or the 50% of couples that divorce. Plus, gay people pay for your benefits so God forbid, Bill, that you kick in something for theirs.

    • thinking...

      How is any gay person forcing their marriage on you? How does it directly affect you? Are you being hurt by this change?

      It just kills me to see people be so ignorant…welcome to 2012! Gay marriage is not the end of the world, and who are you to say that two people who are gay can’t get married?

      Find something else to fuss about!

  • Brett

    The “loons” are at the Capitol again!!!!

  • Llp

    why do peoplle like to stick their noses up someone eles a** and not their own

  • Tiffany

    For all of you who are against gay marriage. I hope one of your children or someone you love dearly turns out gay. Then you can look them in their eyes and tell them that you don’t believe they should be able to marry the person they love because they are gay.

    • Emily

      If/when one of my children announces to me that he/she is gay, I will tell them I love them, but I don’t agree with their choice -just as- If/when one of my children kills someone by drinking and drinking, I will tell them I love them, but I don’t agree with their choice. I also will not vote for our state to allow a higher blood level just because someone believes they have a right to make a bad choice. -Just as- I will not vote to allow marriage to include anything more or less than one man/one woman.

      • Emily's friend

        None of the things you list are germain. Your child also has the right at 18 to move far, far, away from you so he/she can have a great life. That’s the beauty of it.

      • a question for Emily

        Emily, when did you come out to your parents as a hetero, and how did you come to make that choice? I need to understand the logic of “choice”.

      • Tiffany

        Last I checked being gay doesn’t kill anyone like the choice of drinking and driving. You must be a complete idiot to think that being gay is a choice! Who would choose to be gay?! So they can be ridiculed by idiots like you? Seriously I feel sorry for you and your children for being so narrow minded.

  • Ross Perot

    Didn’t Obummer, aka Barry Soetoro say he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. Where is the outrage?

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