Mpls. Police Ponder 8 P.M. Curfew After Youth Mob Attacks

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There have been six mob attacks, in all, since February. Now, police are now wondering if an 8 o’clock curfew keeping anyone 17 and under from two downtown streets will stop the violence.

Nicollet Mall is a destination for many. Outdoor patios where drinks and food are served are a draw not only to people who live here, but also tourist.

Since February, when the sun goes down, later in the evening, mobs of teens take advantage of the darkness and attack.

A video captured on 6th Street and Nicollet shows how the mob of teens viciously attacks innocent people.

Police have made four arrests, but continue to search for others. They’ve beefed up patrols and monitor video from cameras that cover the entire downtown area.

Minneapolis Police have asked the city attorney if it can impose a curfew of 8 p.m. along the mall and Hennepin Avenue.

For some, talk of an earlier curfew for 17 year olds and under won’t stop the violence.

“Curfews are just going to make them want to act out even more,” said Mary Carter. “I don’t feel like that would solve the problem because I feel that kids that would adhere to the curfew aren’t the ones causing the problems to begin with.”

Kids we spoke with say they feel as if they’re being punished for something they had nothing to do with.

“They’re stopping me from going to where I need to go,” said 15-year-old Marlon Beard.

The curfew would allow those 17 and under to come and go from Timberwolves and Twins games and other activities.

Some think the idea would keep mobs of kids like this out of downtown.

There is a curfew in Hennepin County. Sunday through Thursday, kids under 12 need to be home by 9 p.m., 12- to 14-year-olds by 10 p.m. and 15 to 17-year-old’s by 11 p.m.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the curfew is an hour later for all ages.

Meanwhile, Downtown Improvement District Workers and their radios also help in alerting police and several hundred securities guards who work in offices downtown to potential problems.

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  • James

    I’m glad to hear they’re also talking about moving the buses. They should talk about shutting down bus service altogether during non-business peak hours. Sorry folks, some people will have to pay for their own transportation after all…

    • Susan

      Ummm, I’m new to Mpls.but don’t you have to pay to ride the bus??????

    • John O

      The fare is $1.75 off-peak. Google Metro Transit Minneapolis.

      • Amilia S.

        With no tax payer subsidies a bus ride would be over $6.00 each way. So this is just another hand-out for the thugs.

        • Zip

          Parenting starts at the home, most of theses young kids shouldn’t even be out and about if parents kept an eye on their kids.
          Yeah the economy is not great –
          but that doesn’t mean you don’t have family values, and can’t raise your kids to be good people.

          • Islnder

            If only all kids had loving parents, but many don’t have anyone to care about them or to give them any love at all. A child who is loved and nurtured at home most likely will not join up with a criminal gang.

            • SirGareth

              The great society of the leftists has made Uncle Sam the fathers of these kids; He’s done a rotten job despite the lavish cash we taxpayers gave him to father these kids; so let’s fire Uncle Sam and find some capable fathers with our cash.

              Of course there is a more ready solution to this problem; carry a 9mm Glock (with a high capacity magazine) in your fanny pack holster. When a mob of “disadvantaged youth” approaches, cross the street and get out of their way. If they follow you draw your gun before they get within 25 feet of you. If they keep coming – well that’s when your high capacity magazine comes in handy.

              • Snitch-in-Time

                And after that, if you are really lucky, you too can become a special project of Jessie Jackson and Al [not-so] Sharpton when they get done in Florida. We just cannot have people defending thsmselves. Sets a bad tone, don’t you know.

                • Bootneck

                  Sid Gareth was absolutely right, in that each of us has a right to defend himself whenever our lives are threatened, and “defense” includes deadly force.

                  Unfortunately, you too are correct i in that the likes of racists Sharpton and J. Jackson will do their best to defend the thugs and shift the blame from their “brothers” to the victims.

                  Nevertheless, I will continue to rely on my two friends, Smith and Wesson, to “reason” with roving bands of punks.

                • CallousD

                  Well as long as the thugs are white then you can shoot them.

                • Orwell was right

                  Children scream loudest before they give up. The evidence so far.looks bad for the race-baiters. If Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and was beating his head, he can and should be shot in self defense. Nobody has to take an unprovoked beating. Like it or not, we are a nation of laws and the court of public opinion only matters to morons.

                • rjm2238

                  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if a stray round, instead of hitting an innocent, hit some loud mouth rabble rousing a crowd. Now I’m not advocating anything, I did say stray round. Rich in New Mexico.

              • Charles X


                • Andrew P.

                  Indeed. They are razists; all 1,111 of them.

              • cottoneyed


              • thesuperman

                Buy a real gun. A revolver. 357 Magnum. Having 16 shots with a cap gun is worthless. One shot with a 357 Magnum will stop anyone. After the first kid falls dead instantly the rest will retreat.

                • infractusviscus

                  Try 10mm.

                • Elwood

                  Right. We need a lot more guns out there for the honest, hard-working, patriotic, God-fearing Americans, along with plenty of ammunition. Those punks out there would think twice before approaching one of us if they knew we were all carrying weapons and were ready to use them at any tine and any place. And yes, even in a church or school. Those punks down’t care where they start trouble.

              • mac

                100% spot on!!!!!!!!

              • Reasonable

                Or it’s entirely possible that, given how jobs are scarce, these non-loving parents that you’re worried about are taking on a 2nd nighttime job so that they can provide something for their family.

                It’s not an issue of a few bad parents, it’s a systemic problem that goes back to squeezing every possible dime out of labor. “sorry folks, but profits are down so instead of refining our business model and creating a better product/service, we’re just going to cut 25% of you and ask the rest to pick up the slack with no raise.”

            • SAJN

              Most only have a Mama at best. The days of a two parent family is long gone in the hood.

            • Dan in Burnsville

              Which begs the question, is this not a symptom of a broken, dysfunctional culture? How did it get this way? Have Liberal Social Policies really helped anything? I submit that we are seeing the result of two generations of indoctrination of perpetual victim-hood and government dependency. Americans need to step back and take a serious look at where we have been, where we are and where we are going if we remain on the same course we have been on, particularly over the last three years. Something has to change. Think!

              • jackactionhero

                Meaning what? Republican social engineering is a better answer? You really think Rick Santorum offers solutions to America’s problems?

                • Ally

                  Try no social engineering at all.

                • texas58

                  “Republican social engineering”???? You really are a shill for the dhimmicrats aren’t you. Or do you mean respect for human life is social engineering? Or expecting people to be responsible for themselves is social engineering? Or expecting people to show respect for the law is social engineering? No wonder the USA is messed up with you dhimmicrats in power. But we will get rid of you in November!

                • mirted

                  I’m old enough to clearly recall the feminists of the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s
                  vehemntly stressing that men weren’t necessary to raise a child, that women raising children alone had no flaws. This is what the media , Hollywood darlings, and university “professors” spread. These folks have never had a conservative mindset, and would be allowed to keep their jobs if they did, let alone express an opposing viewpoint on TV.

                  So, while you may not like Republicans or their views, it is clearly the Left that has led the charge on the ideas that find us where we are today culturally and economically. You can either keep doing the same things that haven’t worked, or try something else. If Democrats want to lead on that, fine with me. But, to continue the Great Society and “If it feels good, do it” path, fits the definition of insanity. No action will be painless.

                • isnrblog

                  I’m a Republican and Santorum should shut his pie hole.

                  However, if he is the Republican nominee, I’ll vote for him. He’s way better than Obama. If Obama wins, our Republic is lost.

                  With Obama, this will get far worse and a lot more will suffer from various things before it gets better.

                • burt

                  if I say you are smart everybody, including you,, will laugh, so shut up.
                  do not blame people, give us solutions, do not learn from FuBar Ack H.O.

                • Patriot

                  jackactionhero….you are a kool-aid drinker….

                  Let me simplify it for you….REWARDED BEHAVIOR IS REPEATED BEHAVIOR!

                • Rick

                  At least he offers solution #1 and that’s get the government out of the business of raising kids and creating lifelong dependencies. If folks actually HAD to rely on family and friends to care for them when they are down, maybe, just maybe, they’d treat each other a little better.

                • mahone dunbar

                  Rick Santorum . . . personally can’t stand him. But would he, or anyone of a dozen or so so other republicans, would be better than the last forty or so years of liberal social engineering. Anything the republicans could offer would be better. In a perfect world, you and your fellow-traveling leftists could have the ghetto to continue practicing your egalatarian social experiments on, and the rest of us could form a reasonable, workable constitutional republic and have a life.

                • Lee

                  everyone please, both parties are the same at the deepest level. the differences are show. check out or
                  and you’ll see that we the peeps have been robbed and conditioned. But remember, there are more of us meaning average folks, than of them, the elite that pushed and allowed moral decay because they knew it would weaken us and we would then not pay attn to the big goings on. :( :)

                • orson2

                  jackactionhero asks:”Meaning what? Republican social engineering is a better answer?” YES, because they take the late James Wilson’s ‘broken windows’ thesis seriously! And policies that do have been shown to succeed.

                • thesuperman

                  And some how Obama is solving America’s problems? Cars running on algae. Painting our roofs white. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

              • Snitch-in-Time


                1. Yes
                2. 50 years of liberal social policies.
                3. No

                Trying to get liberals to think is about as productive an activity as attempting to nail jello to a tree with a staple gun.

                • chris

                  >>”Trying to get liberals to think is about as productive an activity as attempting to nail jello to a tree with a staple gun”.<<

                  That is just freakin' HILARIOUS!!! LMACO!!! :D

                • mahone dunbar

                  Trying to get a liberal to think is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.

                • glenp

                  I WILL use that one if you don’t mind — that was GREAT

              • Charles X

                Two words: FEMA camps.

              • Garry

                Two generations? I think you better check your math. In the land of gov. housing, welfare, foodstamps, free clinics, rampant drugs and violence there is a new generation about every 14 years. There are little heathens running around with great-grandparents who have never had an alarm clock. Didn’t go to school and never had a job. You can try to blame it on the last 3 years but it has been downhill since the first dirtbag politician took money from an American and gave it to someone else to buy their vote. Well over a hundred years of vote buying and it is not going to change until after the total collapse. It will be ugly and no politician capable of getting elected can stop it.

                • thesuperman

                  Garry, I agree a total collapse is near. It won’t be fun but hey I have plenty of shot shells and stored food.

              • jimlay01

                Liberal Social Policies have CAUSED this! Compare black attitudes today with what they were in 1960. like night and day.

            • I hate feral punks

              All true, but it’s too late for that now. We have millions of LBJ’s great society children killing more people than a real live war overseas is killing. Where is the war really?

          • das

            Please stop spamming every story Drudge links with your web site. You and the “Palin’s Dirty Secret” loon are really annoying.

            • Rich

              First time i seen this, I use drudge everyday too.

              • Andrew P.

                das is right. Every comments section of every Drudge link, and many Breitbart ones, will have either the “Palin’s Dirty Secret” troll, or the troll that tells us the govt is censoring books, and then gives us a link to said book (on Amazon, no less).

                It’s really f***ing annoying.

          • SirGareth

            If someone could hire these kids to work at a car wash for a buck an hour and teach them the protocols of work it would go a long way. Of course they are not worth a buck an hour so someone will have to stick their neck out and violate state and federal “wage laws” to boot.

            This is why liberalism (leftism) is an incurable mental disorder. Its prescriptions kill the patient – not the disorder.

            • Bud

              Nice try troll…

          • junkyardboy

            for generations of thugs, this is family values

        • Davey

          Your taxes at work, spreading the ‘Black Plague’.

        • thesuperman

          Same goes with Democrat train being built between Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Destroying all those businesses along the route.

        • S. Quade

          so right. you’ll be dissed for saying so tho.

    • digger of the Truth

      Are they doing FLASH MOBS that is the story here. And I am glad to know that no city feller don’t do no drinken.

      • orrest

        Digger can you read the story?

        • digger of the Truth

          I can read, CAN’T you understand sarcasm , DAVE was worried about drunken suburbanites . orrest Maybe YOU should understand that MY reply is behind Dave NOT the story. DHUUUUU

    • Pumphandle

      $hit for brains if us drunken suburbanites wern’t there spending money for ballgames or after ballgames, then many more businesses would be closing their doors downtown, and other than to watch a pro team play I havn’t been downtown for years, my job often takes me there and daily I ask why would anyone want to live here.

      • pumphandle

        What is it like to wake up every morning and just hate where you live and the people around you, I bet you made a couple bad decisions in life but the worst had to be living downtown, I tell you what i’l let you mow my lawn today so you can feel what it’s like to own a home, then you can sit on the patio and grill and watch a game, you even get to park for free.

        • Dave

          Quit projecting Pump&Dump. At least my property value didn’t flush down the toilet as your burban prefab POS did! Say hi to your new neighbors for me as we continue to kick them your way.

          • pumphandle

            I can buy a house in Minneapolis for 30k, I bought my house after the market crashed so ive lost nothing, you probably live in North, you probably ride a bike to work if you even work, you’re losing well you already lost!

            • Dave

              You’re a bottom feeder! You could only afford a 30K house in North, keep trying son.

          • Corey

            Property value? MPLS is a landfill for the garbage the world doesn’t want anymore. Have a blast in your 5000 sq ft slice of heaven….

            • Dave

              Gotta love that bourgeois suburban attitude and their witty come backs. Get original,… yawn.

          • Dave

            I think that’s the definition of bourgeois there Corey, but to each their own I guess. I was wondering if you have asked or reseached how many Minneapolis or Hennepin Co. residents actually wanted or want new stadiums. It seems to me that the only people who really want them are those who think they’re somehow entitled to them but don’t want to pay a dime for them (a ‘hem, outstaters). I think the beers should be $20 at the stadiums to cover their costs.

          • pumphandle

            You gotta love it when Dave doesn’t allow replies to his comments, I live in the burbs, my point is you can by a home for 30k in North sounds like great property values, also I was for the stadium in Blaine years ago, which I would have helped pay for by an extra sales tax, I can afford 10cents more for every $20 i spend I’m not a total failure like you Dave.

      • Bryan

        YES!!! I AGREE!

    • bob

      Wonder ho many are wearing hoodies and are of african american descent?

      • docmccarthy

        Odd how that’s not reported any more. No more profiling – go out at your own risk. We’ve been taken over by thugs.

      • Guglielmo Boogliodemus

        The way to know is if it doesn’t give a description including the race of the perp, they are black or hispanic. If the perps are white, the story will say so.

        • joemash

          Or just read what ‘they’ speak and bingo!

    • JByrd42

      Are these black youth’s? If so, then please give us the details(the truth).

      • isnrblog

        Yes. There are other clearer videao but these are pretty clear.

      • chris

        What? And have the liberally biased news media tell the truth about who the perps are in these attacks? Why even ask? They are the same feral little SOB’s that have been doing this in escalating numbers for at least 3 years now. God forbid that the news media mention their ethnicity! :/

    • leterrip

      They should only shut down those buses that serve the northern European ghettos where all those white thugs live.

    • Golfendude


      The future does not belong to the faint hearted it belongs to the BRAVE RWR 40.

      The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

      The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

      The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

      Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over their has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

      • WeWeweee

        Warning! Nut case above.

        • steve hartke

          Unfortunately, I think, increasingly, that such people are correct.

          There is no reason for us to tolerate violent mob attacks in our downtowns.

          Deportation is a lasting solution that should be put on the table.

    • larry davis

      Are these black youngs??

      • WeWeweee


  • Exp

    My question is: Where the heck are the parents of these kids?

    • Judy

      A VERY good question! Had they taken the responsibility of being a parent seriously, we wouldnt be having these problems! OUR jobs are to teach our kids right from wrong, acceptable and non acceptable behaviors. They failed! Having babies is the easy part, taking full responsibility to raise them right is an enormous responsibility.

      • jeff

        The parents are just waiting for one of them to get shot….then you will not only hear from them but all the mainstream media and every other movie star, sports figure, Sharpton and Jackson in this country. Until then……just enjoy the enternet videos and enternet news.

    • Al

      In prison

      • Joe

        Hahaha. That’s what I was thinking.

    • justme

      with them

    • Chad

      Doing drugs – black teens running riot. This is what you get when you invite thugs downtown. Why isn’t this story calling it a racist attack?

      • bammit

        “Why isn’t this story calling it a racist attack?”

        Because it isn’t.
        There is no such thing as a racist black person. Don’t you read the news?
        Only white people can be racists.

    • oliverpynk

      we are living in the time of the kinder, gentler, parenting model. No more spanking, (it causes trauma and leads to social problems, can’t lock them in their rooms, which already has the benefits of a game room anyway in some cases, can’t speak harshly to them, cause it bruises the ego’s…)
      yes, we are reaping the benefits of a “stop or i am going to yell stop again” mode of parenting.
      Start to hold the parents accountable for the minors offenses, and see how fast it changes.

      • jackactionhero

        There is no law against locking them in their room or speaking harshly to them either.

        There is NO NEED to beat your kids to get them to listen. By the time you’re considering it, you’re too late to do any good anyway.

      • John

        Good post. My daughter, who works in Atlanta with several relocated liberals, has been brainwashed that “getting in his face” will be discipline enough for my grandson. Doesn’t work, timeout only works a little…the little guy (3) knows what he can get away with and how to push her buttons. I smacked his hand one time to keep him from doing something dangerous and he quit. It works. I know from experience (many a peachtree switch across the buttocks).
        These kids are a RESULT of liberal thinking and the “Great Society”. Prior to Johnson, almost 90% of black families were two parent families. It was down to about 45% at one time. It is slowly increasing as more and more blacks are beginning to realize that the liberals are simply masters of different type slavery…

      • jon

        The word parent does not apply to the majority of these hoodrats

      • steve hartke

        They need to be deported.

    • George Johnson

      *MY* question, is where is al (race pimp) sharpton and jessie (the liar) jackson??

      • jeff

        The parents are just waiting for one of them to get shot….then you will not only hear from them but all the mainstream media and every other movie star, sports figure, Sharpton and Jackson in this country. Until then……just enjoy the enternet videos and enternet news.

    • thucidydes

      In North Minneapolis trading food stamps for crack, that’s where.

    • LGG

      There is usually only one known parent and they are either on the street corner smokin’ crack or in jail or prison. It’s a damn sad state that this country is getting in, but let’s continue to make movies like “Project X” and glorify Rap artists…..

    • SirGareth

      Their ‘parent’ is working in the welfare office while their mothers are buying crack with their welfare checks. Its called “The Great Society” The Democrats invented it.

      • jackactionhero

        What is with your warped view of America? You think The Democrats are to blame for all of America’s problems, and the Republicans are the righteous crusaders for all that is good and just?

        • Dale Gribble

          He’s right! The socialist, atheist DFL and DemocRATS have destroyed our great nation deliberately!!! They must be destroyed. Their leaders must be arrested and executed. Their property and offices must be seized. Their families and associates must be closely monitored. Anyone guilty of supporting these traitors must be arrested and removed from our society immediately.

          • Elwood

            Right on. Arrest and execute all those liberal freaks and traitors!

    • Mr. Rogers

      They are at home teaching the other smaller children that all of the problems they have now and ever will have are a result of white racists.

    • jon

      Thease are the spawn of an unwed teen mom and an absent baby daddy. They are raised by a maturnal grandmother. Thank LBJ and the “great society for creating this mess

    • Nate

      It’s not the parents, it’s the culture. Why not profile with the curfew or send the troublemakers down to Georgia, we won’t even notice the difference.

    • BAB

      You can’t be serious. You know where they are and what they’re doing.

    • WeWeweee

      They are probably at home high watching the other 8 kids. Oh missed that 10 kids.

  • Hillbilly Hub

    Smoked Catfish tastes better!

  • Mad dog

    Well said.

    • Get'r done

      Conceal and carry. Bang, bang a few of these punks and it will end.

      • Chad

        I agree – shoot on demand. Then we will be having hoodie marches all year. Pathetic.

        • coachsmac

          I agree bust a cap and that thug won’t attack any one ever again! You can’t reason with illogical people they don’t understand and don’t care!

          • Rand

            Hopefully one day we will here about a citizen shooting these mobs.
            I pack especially if I`m in an area I`m not from, I will not be a victim, don`t care about gun laws either. What good is it if you respect gun laws but you are seriously injured or dead????? I`d rather go to prison than suffer at the hands of a criminal.

            • Stopper

              That’s the answer, carry concealed and protect yourself, the police are unable to protect the citizen. I carry a 9mm loaded with golden saber plus, that just about stops anyone with a coule hits.

            • Citizen

              Suggest you obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon, but your own self preservation is paramount. You know the old axiom, “if they outlaw guns, the only people that have them will be outlaws”

              • thesuperman

                An unarmed society is no match for a armed government.

            • SirGareth

              But Obama will say your ‘victim’ looks just like him and that’s more important than protecting your butt from mob violence

              Obama – what was it the MSM told us about this? oh yes, Obama, the “post racial” president.

              What a hoot.

              • jackactionhero

                Your comments are stupid and uneducated. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You sound like you have the IQ of Forrest Gump.

                • (REV) Al Skankton


                  You have a staccato delivery which belies a simple mind, full of witless one-liners. This void in cognitive thought should be reason for you to voluntarily abort yourself.

                • WeWeweee

                  Jack I agree with what you are saying but Forrest is Trees above them.

              • Dale Gribble

                None of them are too young. None of them are innocent. Not the women, not the children, not even the ones that claim to be “Christians”. The time has come. Take them all and kill them. Let it be the end of it. SirGareth is right! They MUST DIE!!!!!

        • Stephen Burke

          I have a permit and do carry (in the South, where we don’t to have this problem like Northern Liberal cities, ie: Milwaukee and Minneapolis). Be careful, for when you off one or two of these punks,you will end up like Zimmermen. The black leaders and Liberal press will be lynching you instead of the miscreant who thereatened your life. Better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6.

  • TakeBackTheStreets

    The parents of these KIDS will not say anything until they go after the wrong person and one of them gets shot. Then there will be cries of racism and oh…johnny was a good boy; he never did no wrong.

    • rod juliusr

      Thats right

    • cyrust2

      That sounds so familiar.

      • mewp

        no, kidding, didn’t aht justhappen? I see it splashed over the front pages of the papers.

    • JOSE


    • Turd Fergusson


  • Sera

    Everyone talks about stopping the madness…punishment doesn’t prevent it…will somebody start a movement or something? I’m busy, but I’ll show up.

  • Dave

    Peace through superior fire power.

    • LW

      “Peace through superior fire power.”
      Sorry Dave that won’t work because you all have been disarmed morally, intellectually, and physically. It is a well recognized condition (among non-liberals). Liberals are severely affected and simultaneously unaware of it.

      • Pmasheeniblick

        Peace through genetic engineering.

        • Robert Oculus III

          Peace through freedom of association.

          Racial desegregation has been a mistake — a bloody mistake. Blacks and whites cannot live together peaceably, and to pretend otherwise is to ignore the cold realities of everyday life. For the sake of people of all races, laws prohibiting the right of people to freely associate with others on the basis of race (or any otther criterion) should be overturned.

          • Dale Gribble

            A nice sentiment, but entirely too soft-hearted. America was made by White Christian Men for White Christian men. All others must learn their places or leave.

        • thesuperman

          Now that is stupid. Go back to India or Pakistan you moron.

      • jackactionhero

        How exactly does a person get disarmed morally by an entire group of people? Please explain this idiotic comment. Thanks.

  • Jay

    LOL! How weak. How weak. A curfew? Wow. You morons. 6 mob attacks!? Really!? Really!? How is this not national/international news!!!? Mob attacks. MOB. ATTACKS. Your answer is a curfew!? Really? My mind is blown! Please tell me someone who went to college thought that up.

    • digger of the Truth

      I guess ya have to start somewhere . What would you do ????

      • Kay

        Write your representatives/legislators. Tell them to keep violent people off the street the first time they turn up in the system. End the revolving door criminal justice system. Stop overcrowding jails with nonviolent perps. Why do we wait until someone is dead before taking them off the play ground?

        • SirGareth


          How do your representative/legislators cash in on this – where’s the doe-ra-me in it for them?

          The reason we have a revolving door criminal justice system is because the government class is not here to serve you – you are here to serve them.

          These thugs know better than to cap a g-,man. When did Sirhan-Sirhan get paroled for killing a Kennedy?

          See what I mean – no revolving doors for those who bring harm to the political class and there is your answer – it doesn’t work, so carry a gun instead – guns work.

          • Dale Gribble

            The treasonous socialist DemocRATS always take care of their own. It is time to take back White Christian America and outlaw the DFL and other secular humanist traitors. Death to the Democrats!!!

            • Joe

              It is not national news because it is blacks attacking whites and it happens everyday across America.


      • paul

        police snipers on the roof after 8 with night vision scopes. I think that would end it. After announcing the new step to control this all you would have to do is place a few rounds on the ground near them.Or you can do nothing and let some person die from an attack. I am sure it would not be a hate crime. Not in Holders eyes.

        • paul

          Rubber bullets

          • SirGareth

            Poison darts?

            • Dale Gribble

              Nerve gas and a sealed room. We need to save the nation. Criminal and inferior elements of population must be removed.

      • Stopper

        Starting somewhere is a 9mm concealed carry, that just about stops any attack. It’s obvious the police are not able to protect the citizens so you must protect yourself.

      • timmay

        what would I do? tell the police to shoot on site and tell every citizen to arm themselves and take control of their own safety….or we can just tell the punks to be home in bed at 8 oclock and see where that gets us

        • jackactionhero

          What you don’t understand about an 8 o’clock curfew is that we aren’t just TELLING the punks to be off the streets, we’re taking them to jail if they’re found ON the streets after 8. So yes, it DOES work.

          • Joe

            .It is not all kids. It is black kids.. It is also not all black kids. What is needed is profiling. We all know who is causing the trouble. Also we need to have citisens armed and ready to intervene. These idiots have killed people in other cities.

    • JOSE


  • Tony

    Enact the curfew, then Offer a 500 dollar reward for the names of those involved and pass wanted posters around high schools

    • Phil McRackin

      Now I like your idea.

      • coachsmac

        I sorta like TALL TREE ,Short Rope, or YOU ATTACK, we shoot!!! Will solve many of todays societal ills!!

        • bigdog

          I like that!!! This will solve the problem!

    • Judy

      I too like your idea, but have one reservation. Where do you think the $500 dollars for every kid will come from?? TAXPAYERS who are already strapped? Too bad the parents of these uncontrolled kids cant be held responsible!!

      • Curioso

        Charge the parents once the a**holes are convicted. And start wasting a few of the meaningless, useless, pathetic pieces of stuff before they kill an innocent victim. Why don’t you see that the war has started and the gauntlets have been tossed?

      • PeteM1999

        And where does that money come from? It comes from us the working people who pay taxes. So in the end we pay them to live, we pay them to breed (the more kids the more they are payed), we pay for them to live, and now we take the chance of paying with our lives if we go out to enjoy ourselfs. When does it all end? Generation after generation and we are reaping what we have sown. So now were going to enact a curfew and expect them to obey it? There are laws that prohibit assualt and battery and that has slowed them down??? Not at all, these people exist at the lowest level of the social scale and understand one thing, brute force.
        It is time brute force was applied to them, whether it be guns or a good police style beating, water cannons what ever. This they would understand and respect! These group style attacks that are going on in this country will end when they are met with a reaction that is equal to or greater then the violence they are using. Once it starts to hurt they will stop!

        • Davey

          Amen. I was stalked by a group of black punks 6 years ago. They didn’t even stop after I took a shot at them in my own backyard. What did stop them was the next week when they showed up at the restaurant where I was and drove through the parking lot. I jumped out of my car, with my revolver in one hand and cellphone in the other. I fully expected to have to kill them. They saw the gun and left. 4 ‘black as Aces’ and the other a 1/2 breed named Blake. I know where they live and sent the cops, who I had called on the cell, to their house with the tag number of the car.

    • Just Sayin

      You think these kids go to school? These kids are thr product of Baby mamas having 6-10 children then not giving a damn what they are doing until they end up shot by their peers or the cops. Then it’s OUTRAGE for the “poor innocent little baby” who’s average attire and attitude is that of a cCrip or Blood. If these women wanted to actually RAISE their children then they might ONE DAY contribute to society rather then just demanding unearned money.

      • diffyq

        Wellthere is at least one person other than myself that understands the current reality. Sad……

      • Logic

        It isn’t just a WOMAN’s job to raise a child. These are groups of males attacking, sounds more like they need a DAD. Just sayin…

    • Pmasheeniblick

      I like that idea-aren’t bounties legal now?

      Of course, I call them ‘contracts’ or ‘hits’ but what do I know?

    • Rick C

      Nice idea. Let the almighty $ speak for itself.

  • Michele

    Shutting down the buses – what a great idea. All those in favor, here’s the volunteer sign-in log for designated driver! Oh, and for waiting the tables, because businesses won’t have enough staff to do the busing!

    The obvious answer, to me, is that an adequate number of police have to be hired to walk the area and do what they’re supposed to be doing: protecting the populace. In a lovely world, everybody knows how to behave without somebody setting boundaries … but that’s not this world.

  • Marine 0311


  • Gary

    “I don’t feel like that would solve the problem because I feel that kids that would adhere to the curfew aren’t the ones causing the problems to begin with.”

    Hmm, Mary Carter, don’t you think that’s the WHOLE POINT OF THE CURFEW? To single out the wannabe thugs?

  • June

    Say there is flooding in an area, so you put up a damn to keep the water out. The water will simply go elsewhere.

    A curfew is a completely asinine suggestion that does absolutely nothing to address the underlying problem: Failed liberal policies.

    I predict it will be adopted enthusiastically.

    • Jones

      “A curfew is a completely asinine suggestion that does absolutely nothing to address the underlying problem: Failed liberal policies.”

      More like failed agricultural policies.

  • Jason

    So when a mob attacks the wrong person with a ccw, are we going to have another treyvon story? Then we will hear “could this been prevented?”

    • Dufus

      Publicity would help the process. At some point the thugs will have to wonder: “Is this dude carrying a firearm and do I want to be famous like Trayvon?” And, will my ending be happy?

  • Logic

    Make it illegal for CHILDREN under the age of 18 to buy cellphones that don’t require contracts. Start there. They’re able to organize a mob attack with technology. Duh.

  • eathelbard

    Yeah, but they’re hard to light.

  • Wilson

    6 attacks 4 arrested since Feb.? I think the problem is the Mpls Police. Whats up? Nip this in the bud now.

  • bpk

    If you are attacked just dont try to defend yourself

  • Sue

    If a minor gets caught doing something wrong or breaking the law, they should do 30 days in jail and the parents should be fined a 500.00 dollar fine. They just has much to blame because they don’t care what their children do or they say that they can’t control them.

    • Get'r done

      But 30 days in jail costs the tax payer $15,000 dollars. I agree with you sentiment, but there isn’t enough jail space and it costs too damn much. Take away their rights to use societies infrastructure, welfare, health care, buses, roads, buying cigarettes, block cell phone service, etc.

      • thesuperman

        OMG. That actually makes sense. But only in our dreams will it ever happen.

    • Jar

      30 days in jail? Is there something magical about that length of time that heals w/e is wrong with the brains of violent people? Our revolving door justice system is why this problem persists. The purpose of a cage is to keep dangerous people away form the rest of us, not to give them a “time out”. Our indifference to violent acts, to stories of people getting permanent brain damage, etc. just blows my mind. Have you ever been socked in the face by an adult male fist? It’s painful. It’s not like in the movies where you just shake it off. Permanent nerve damage, chronic pain… Why do insurance defrauders get 30 years, no questions asked, but someone who bashes a loved one’s head in gets a stern talking to by a judge? It’s insane. Where are our brains?

    • SirGareth

      I think you are mistaking the union of a sperm and an egg for a human being.

      Humans take a great deal of good care in the making. These ‘kids’ got government care instead; now they simply look like humans instead of of actually being human.

      For the most part these animals are failed humans and will never achieve the status that society demands of its members; gunning them down in the streets as they go about their forays of violence will cull their members and make them more cautious – its worth a try.

      • Dale Gribble

        We don’t have time to wait for them to do the job on their own. White Christian Americans must take matters into their own hands now and save our precious Liberty!!

    • Elmer

      Every time you lock someone up you harden them just a little more, soon they are little more than a waste of oxygen.
      start to ELIMINATE them when they are caught and their friends will think twice before they commit a crime.

  • Get'r done

    What about 15 year old baby-mammas, pushing their new born in a stroller in 40 degree temps with no blanked on the baby, looking for the 17 year old baby-daddy?? Could they be out past curfew?

  • Bill

    How long did slavery last in this country? maybe 200 years. If the blacks want to bring up slavery as an excuse why not discuss the fact that their African ancestors kept the Jewish people as slaves for thousands of years.

    • Mark

      I’m sure a very high % of Black don’t even know where Egypt is….

      • obamavoters

        Let alone the entire continent of Africa.

    • Michele

      That would be the Egyptians, Bill, and they don’t like to call themselves Africans.

  • rod juliusr

    There are decent black folk and their are punks, separate them, cops should be on top of this

    • Robert Oculus III

      There are decent black folk and their are punks, separate them

      And how are we to work this miracle?

  • angry Minnesotan

    Why is it that the few are ALWAYS allowed to ruin it for the many? Now band groups that come to town will not be allowed out after dark, because of these idiots. Kids that come to town for the DECCA convention will not be allowed to go out and eat and spend money because of these idiots. Kids that come to town for sporting events will not be allowed out after dark and to spend money after their competitions because of these idiots.

    this is the downward spiral. It started with “white flight” where they took all their money and ran away to raise their kids safely. Then business (Target moving out to the suburbs), and now kids will not even be allowed outside downtown. So, this social experiment is failing miserably and Murderapolis is already dependent upon the surrounding communities to support them with “tax disparity” payments, but what will Murderapolis do when those cities can not or will not pay that money?

    • May

      White flight, making sure never to go into certain areas of town, etc. never solves the problem, just sweeps it under the rug, just hides it the way families hide the secret of an uncle’s alcoholism. We need to petition our legislators to end the revolving door justice system, keep violent people in a cage permanently (with few excpetions) THE FIRST TIME they turn up in the system, and stop over crowding jails with nonviolent perps (people who need addiction treatment).

      • Just Sayin

        Is it just impossible for you to ADMIT that teens having MULTIPLE children before the age of 20 is the REAL problem? THEY are STILL children themselves so when their babbies actually need to be raised they want to go out to the club to hook and and get wasted. START there and you will actually start making a difference but the WHITE GUILT won’t allow for an honest discussion on this problem.

        • Michele

          Actually, there are plenty of white kids out there who are a problem, too, so I don’t think it has anything to do with guilt.

          I think that boys need a rite of passage, and our society isn’t giving it to them, so they’re finding it for themselves. It’s messed up, and it’s self-destructive. I don’t know what the answer is.

          • Kent

            More ignorance. You never mention the failure of the family and the responsability of the parents to raise the kids. All you want to do is force us, the taxpayer to GIVE MORE to these animals. How about we link baby momas EBT card to the behavior of her spawn. Start reducing her EBT money and things would change in a hurry.

            • Michele

              Hm. So you don’t think rich kids are causing problems? Kids left alone are kids left alone. Doesn’t matter their color or their economic level.

          • coachsmac

            I do, shoot a few and the rest will stop, and if they don’t pop a few more. Sooner or later a lesson will be learned or you run out of targets!!

          • SirGareth

            My “rite of passage” meant working 48 hours per week to save up cash for school.

            Oh but I had to work for sub-minimum wage – how terrible.

          • thesuperman

            Michele, How about you have a kid and you take care of it. No welfare. No nothing. Let’s start with that. I bet the teenage pregnancy rate drops to ZERO real quick.

        • may

          uh…… sigh

    • Jfdshuman

      Can you say DETROIT?

    • flatpik

      Sorry my friend, Minnesota is home sweet home to white liberal guilt. Did you see a single reference in this article to the fact that these rabid dogs are black? Of course not! We can’t risk offending anyone by pointing out the obvious. Here’s an idea: Why doesn’t Minnesota hire the TSA to start searching white grandmothers before allowing them downtown after dark?

  • sharon thompson

    Truth and facts are pills can’t liberals can’t swallow. Obviously you’ve been indoctrinated and don’t know your history. Lincoln was a Republican, I know, that’s tough for libs to handle so to “feel” better they distort history. Bottom line is the blacks are causing problems downtown and pointing to history as an excuse is unacceptable.

    • jackactionhero

      Talk about not understanding reality.

      The beliefs of each political party have traded places in the last 150 years, so Republicans and Democrats have each switched sides entirely during that time. Don’t be so naive as to think Abe Lincoln was today’s Conservative. He wasn’t.

      • Realist

        My sentiments exactly!

  • Phil McRackin

    If all of these thugs were to burn up in a bus I would not shed a tear but rejoice.

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