Seat Belt Patrols Stepped Up In 10 Minn. Counties

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota State Patrol is planning extra seat belt enforcement next week in the 10 greater Minnesota counties that have seen the highest number of unbelted deaths and injuries.

The extra patrols are running from Monday through next Sunday in Cass, Itasca, Mille Lacs, Morrison, Olmsted, St. Louis, Stearns, Renville, Rice and Winona counties.

The Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety says that combined, those counties saw 854 unbelted deaths and serious injuries from 2007 through 2009.

The primary seat belt law requires drivers and passengers in all seating positions, including the back seat, to be buckled up or in a correct child restraint.

Officers will stop and ticket unbelted drivers or passengers.

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  • Jason

    Keep on fighting crime. Way to go. We dont have any problems here in n mpls.

    • Marine 0311

      Yeah not only are the gangs shooting each other but now the cops are too.

    • Real Deal

      Typically the officers working these shifts are on overtime making big bucks, in return they aren’t being pulled off a regular shift so the respective county or city isn’t losing protection only adding to it.

      • Marine 0311

        Who cares about protection. If you are relying on the police to protect you, you are insane. Protect yourself. My point exactly, now the taxpayers get to foot the bill for a useless victimless “crime” that’s a waste of time anyway. I think the state should step in and make all things bad for you illegal. Why would a citizen be so arrogant to think they can take care of themselves? (last sentence extreme sarcasm.)

  • Marine 0311

    Time for some revenue generation by theft.

  • Rob

    What a joke. Coffers must be low in those counties.

    • MSD

      …or cops are tired of scooping up the dead bodies of people who were not smart enough to take simple steps and protect themselves.

      • Marine 0311

        People don’t want “to protect themselves” they shouldn’t have to. This is still america right? Funny your cop analogy, 64 police officers were killed in the line of duty last year in America. Guess how many we’re traffic accidents? 44, I wonder how many weren’t wearing their seatbelts? Cops are some of the worst offenders. Badges don’t grant extra rights.

        • Real Deal

          Your statistics for line of duty deaths are wrong. There was 168 officer deaths last year. The mentality of “people don’t want to protect themselves shouldn’t have too ” is ridiculous . You ever think that the reason why automobile insurance keeps going up is because people weren’t protecting themselves. I for one would have liked to have my insurance rates be lowered because everybody decided to protect themselves but instead pay inflated rates because 100 jerk offs were seriously injured for not protecting themselves. Free country I think not when I have to pay for the mentality of ” if you don’t wanna protect yourself you shouldn’t have too”.

          • Real Deal

            Additionaly 62 officers were killed by firearms, 60 from automobile accidents and 46 were either killed by falling, drowning, stabbed, beaten to death or a plain old heart attack.

          • Ted

            Marine 0311 is generally wrong altogether. He makes up his own statistics as he goes along.

            Read his other drivels regarding the officer that was shot last night.

            He hates cops and wants everyone else to, too. And he’ll preach and interpret the constitution to you because he thinks he once was a marine or something so that makes him an expert in law and cop-ology.

            In short, he has no clue about anything relating to L.E.

            • Real Deal

              @Ted….When you bring sense, logic and truth to the conversation Marine 0311 ignores you from then on. Typical of his posts.

              • Marine 0311

                You two are the typical socialist sheep that are destroying this country. My stats are correct morons.

                • MN Cop

                  2011 Line of Duty Deaths

                  Total Line of Duty Deaths: 166
                  Aircraft accident: 1
                  Animal related: 1
                  Assault: 5
                  Automobile accident: 34
                  Drowned: 4
                  Duty related illness: 7
                  Explosion: 1
                  Gunfire: 67
                  Gunfire (Accidental): 5
                  Heart attack: 11
                  Heat exhaustion: 1
                  Motorcycle accident: 5
                  Stabbed: 2
                  Struck by vehicle: 4
                  Training accident: 1
                  Vehicle pursuit: 4
                  Vehicular assault: 12
                  Weather/Natural disaster: 1

                • Real Deal

                  You have been proven to be wrong over and over and over again. You have zero credibility. Comical and pathetic posts as usual.

                • Blog Ref

                  Typical mindless, uninformed, cop-hating banter from ‘Andy’ aka ‘Marine 0311’ aka ‘J’ aka ‘Lakewood 4 Are Burning.’ I like to call everyone else ‘sheep’ because I’m the enlightened one. I was arrested/cited by a cop once. I call it ‘theft by ticket’. I have no real opinion of my own because I’ve (allegedly) spent my life doing/thinking what the marine corps has told me to do/think.

                • Ted

                  @ Maine 0311…

                  uh huh….and you see purple flying donkeys and pink butterflies wearing blue bonnets in your world……..

                  No one with any sense of reason is listening to you or takes you seriously.

                  Youre just completely full of horse-doo and hate and nothing but cheap entertainment.

  • Ya boiiiiiiiiii

    Should be up to the individual if they want to wear THEIR seatbelt in THEIR car. If they crash that is their choice, not the governments. What happened to Freedom?

  • Tommy Solo

    Real Deal do you want the government to mandate automatic cholesterol checks for us all too after all all our health insurance rates are way too high and if people aren’t smart enough to protect themselves by eating right, excercising,etc… Those people are driving up the health care cost for all of us!! Then the government could force us to eat healthy and fine us if we are overweight or have high cholesterol.

    • Marine 0311

      You are such a communist it’s comical!

      • Real Deal


      • Ted

        your posts on this and other issues suggests you embrace that political ideology yourself.

        Dont like how L.E. conducts their business here, move to China…they’d love you there.

        • Marine 0311

          My political ideology is freedom and liberty. Unlike you who needs the government to protect you, (which they can’t I feel sorry for your family if you have one) and show you how to live your life at every turn. China sounds like your cup of tea.

          • Ted

            All I see in your posts anymore is “duh” and tweety birds flying around your keyboard.

            Your ideology is simply being a flake.Youre the one in need of pity, unfortunate for you today isnt my day to give it to you.

  • Len S

    I guess the only question I have is how can the enforce the seat belt law, when they break the law them self. As far as police officer’s becoming a KIA. When they went to school and was worn into the job they knew what could happen.

  • Tenbears

    One time when Tenbears had the pibby full, Tenbears accidentley put on the seat belt.

  • b

    yes lets spend money on something so stupid what a free country we live in everything is illegal can our goverment not let people live there own lives

  • notimeforyou

    You want to save lives, try pulling over the REAL lawbreakers like the (*&^& who are paying more attention to their phones than their driving ……. or the ^&%$%^ who think their time is more valuable than anyone else’s and recklessly bounce from one lane to the other to get ahead of as many cars as they can……..

    • Verna A Kellen

      no time for me, i agree with what you have to say . i see that all the time on minn roads all the time most drivers their time is more important then any body else . and yes on the cell phone when they drive . iam waiting a law to pass on that

  • John

    Just put your seat belt on. It takes 3.8 seconds. If it saves me from a fine and save my life, I will do it.

    • John

      Resistance is futile.
      Give in to the liberal mob.
      Be a mass victim

  • Mad dog

    We have a seat belt law and bike riders can go without helmets. That makes me feel better.

  • Marine 0311

    @the socialist morons aka real deal, blog ref, Ted,
    Nerve struck with you guys. You are doing your usual insults because you have nothing credible to say. Why is that?. Thanks for confirming everything I say even if you don’t realize it.

    • Real Deal

      Only thing you can confirm is that you are arrogant beyond belief. It’s one thing to acknowledge your wrong when you have been presented with corrects facts and statistics but it really proves that you are not a level headed person. You can’t even admit that you were wrong about your previous post about line of duty deaths. MN Cop even laid it out for you on every line of duty death but you continued your usual insults even after being embarrassed with the fact that your WRONG. Sad but typical.

  • Marine 0311

    You know what else is great Ted? That in America if you dom’t like how a government agency operates you can voice that! So the typical I love socialism response you spout about “duh, you dom’t like it leave, duh.” is so stupid. I’ll give you a piece of advice though I doubt you’ll take it. You can have an opinion and voice it you, don’t have to move. You can even think for yourself, can you believe it! But you are a type of guy who theses scandalous ideas probably frighten. What will you do? You were in the military my a$$, and if you were your ideas are disgrace to everything we fight for.

    • Ted

      I dont think I’ve ever heard of someone who hides behind the constitution and uses it as an excuse to spread hate as much as you do.

      I dont give a rats patoey if you think I served or not. Im not defending my service to a complete moron. You sir are not a marine now and never were. No way they would have let anyone in with a mind-set of a 8 yr old.

      “…..your ideas are disgrace to everything we fight for.”

      Youre a definite pretender, pal.

      • Real Deal

        Ted I believe you were in the Military and I thank you and all honorable veterans of the service and sacrifice that has been made for our country. I forever owe most of you all a debt of gratitude along with our warriors in blue. Thank you….

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