Tickets Still Available For Twins Home Opener

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Twins players might swing their bats in front of some empty seats next week if the home opener at Target Field doesn’t sell out.

Jack Garcia found out Monday that tickets are still available for the Twins home opener — the traditional start of the baseball season. He said he was surprised not to see a line of people eager for tickets.

“What I expected was a line,” he said. “That was the only thing I expected.”

Why was there no line?

Last year’s rough season might give the reason: the Twins lost 99 games. Some fans believe that performance turned Minnesotans off the Twins, but the team doesn’t see things the same way.

“This is not out of the ordinary,” said Chris Iles, the Twins spokesperson.

He said there are always some extra tickets for opening day.

“This is a similar situation we see every year,” he said.

If you don’t mind coming to the home opener by yourself, you can still get a single ticket just by going to the Twins website. There are also standing-room only tickets available.

The Twins also recommend using to find tickets. Ticket King also reports available tickets, and not just single tickets.

Ticket King says the prices are cheaper now at Target Field. Tickets ran for $125 in 2010, then dropped to $65 last year, and then dropped again to $35 this season.

Tickets on the Twins website Monday night were going for as low as $29 and as high as $68.

“I’m excited,” Garcia said. “It’ll be a good day at the park.”

  • Bill

    Oh Oh, Target field is going to turn into a giant white elephant.

    The people of Hennepin County were ripped off and they did nothing about it. So they deserve to be saddled with higher taxes and a third rate baseball team.

    • Fred

      GET OVER IT!! Go protest Wall Street or something.. or maybe look for a job

  • Twins Fan

    Go to the ticket window and get tickets. Stub-Hub and Ticketmaster are rip-offs and pander to scalping.

    • Buck

      Yeah, but look out for the bands of marauding gangs.

  • Ziggy

    SHOCKER…there are tix left?…..THEY SUCK! Just like the Vikes, Wild and Wolves.

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