Was $12,000 A Restaurant Tip Or Drug Money?

(Update: As of Thursday, April 5, the attorney for the waitress said she will keep her $12,000 tip. Read more.)

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP/WCCO) — A waitress in Minnesota is suing after $12,000 was left at her restaurant table — she says it was a tip but police say, it’s drug money, according to The Forum.

The lawsuit was filed in Clay County District Court and alleges that the waitress found a box, left at her table at the Fryn’ Pan restaurant in Moorhead. She said she followed the customer to her car to return the box but the woman told her to keep it.

The waitress said she found bundled rolls of cash inside the box, totaling $12,000.

She said even though she has five children and could use the money, she decided to call police, according to The Forum.

Officers told the woman to wait 90 days in case someone claimed the money. The Forum reports that after three months, police told the woman the cash was being held as drug money.

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  • Shane

    All this tells the public is if you find money, do not call the cops.

    • ldentz

      who would??

    • diksinya

      straight out tell them its ur pimpin earnings.seems legit2me.lmao

    • vabb

      I would never call the cops. I might donate the money to charity but I would never call the cops.

      • David Pittelli

        That’s an absurd overstatement. In many 3rd world countries it is routine, in any encounter with the police (even a traffic stop) for the police to solicit a bribe, which you cannot refuse lest you be beaten or arrested. There is nowhere in the United States where anywhere near this level of corruption occurs.

        • Chad

          You should come to Illinois sometime…

        • JHenJoh

          Yes, here they just beat you up without giving you a chance to pay them off. I’ll take the 3rd world. TRY DENVER!

        • Martin

          Look at NDAA any American can be “legally” kidnapped now and your relatives will NOT be contacted. Oh and the President can now put a hit squad out on you also, no court no nothing… HE’s the decider. go to copblock.org or injusticeeverywhere.com and see if you can say that again with a straight face. We long ago skipped 2nd – 3rd world and went straight to 4th world banana republic.

    • roger

      That is exactly why I would not say a word and not put it in the bank!

      • Macfad

        Yeah Roger, like a sudden and immediate deposit of $12000 into your bank account that is not accustomed to having those types of deposits, would not raise flags and cause the bank to question it. Under the Patriot Act and Know Your Customer rules, the banks would investigate that and have no choice but to report that irregularity to the federal regulators.

        • John Clark

          No…you do it slowly over a period of time. Make a small deposit here and there. Spend cash instead of using a debit or credit card on small things. It would not be hard to hide that much and slowly use it or feed it into an account.

          • len

            hey fools, are you aware that millions of people don’t have bank accounts? My granny has a bank account but keeps more money in her home locked in a metal box than at the bank.

            • len isn't bright

              Hey fool, you are aware your granny is a fool, right? Granny isn’t keeping up with inflation in her metal box. I’m guessing she’s afraid of a bank crash? What does she think her money will be worth if it isn’t worth anything at the bank?

              • rtriker7

                My 401k is going backwards. The money in my sock drawer smells funny but stays the same.

              • Don't be silly

                “Granny isn’t keeping up with inflation in her metal box,” but if she put it in a checking account she’d be, “keeping up with inflation?”

            • BHO

              Where does she live?

            • rolandotx

              what’s her address?

        • James

          “Not” put it in the bank… Yeah I think he knows. Always re-read before posting! :)

        • Michael Bingham

          Read the comment properly before putting foot in mouth. He said he Would Not deposit, chief.

        • dolt

          he said “not”.

        • buster hymen

          The banks only have to report a deposit of $10,000.00 or more. Make two deposits of $6,000.00 each. Of course that’s known as “structuring” a payment which is also illegal. So you’re damned if you do and damned if you dont.

          • degenerate

            multiple transactions adding up to 10,000 or more are reported, you can’t get around it by depositing 5,000 twice after a moderate interval. I researched it a while back while determining how best to hide gambling winnings.

          • average american

            just make deposits of odd amounts all under 1000.
            ANd in the meantime just go to different banks to buy money orders to pay your bills,
            And pay cash for other items, as long as its under 1000.

          • 1Percenter&ProudOfIT

            FYI the reporting now is done on amounts > $3000 ;-)

          • idgarad

            Banks have very comprehensive heuristic systems to track odd deposit behavior. If you get paid traditionally twice a month and make 3 average deposits a month. Then suddenly start making 4 deposits for 6 months then go back to 3 per month the system will flag extra 6 deposits, tally them and if they exceed reporting requirements they get filed accordingly. The government has very specific requirements for money laundering behaviors as do the IRS and international bodies.

        • ILikeCopsButNotTheseMooks

          Hey you bunch of dopes, you get a safety deposit box. Deposit it? LOL. Some real arch criminals in here.

          • jerome

            You gotta be kidding!!! Cash can be kept and used slowly each day. NEVER bank it or use large sums. Put it in your “socks”. It’ll keep. Don’t worry.

        • literate-one

          Macfad, roger stated he would “NOT” put it in the bank!

        • JD

          anything over $9;999.99 gets flagged under the Patriot Act for money laundering inquiries. you’d have to put it in the bank very slowly and try to clean the bills first to get residue off of them. even then, you have to pray the serial numbers have not been flagged as well.

          • David Pittelli

            Unless the money is new bills, consecutively numbered, and robbed from a bank, it is extremely unlikely that anyone is tracking them by serial number.

          • krkyoldhag

            She might be on some kind of subsidy, food stamps, etc. 12,000 wont’ make her rich but it could ease some pressures short term. BUT if she deposits it she risks losing any social benefits she receiving. I know of a situation where because she simply put her daughter as co signer on her bank account (for emergency in case the mother could not take care of business) the daughter lost her benefits that she needed. I don’t believe you should rip off tax payers but I do think a waitress with 5 kids needs more then tips no matter how big they are.

        • paul

          OK…so be smart about how you do it: Use the $12,000 directly to pay expenses over a year or two time and don’t deposit it into the bank………..

        • fntsmk

          Roger said: “…NOT put it in the bank.”

          Effin’ cops. Broad was stupid to call the cops in the first place but…, the money is hers. Let her keep it.

        • Marc M

          Way to think how to solve a problem… liberal perhaps?

          Just deposit it over 2 months…. wow what a thought.

        • Libertarian_Thinker


          Maybe you should actually read rogers comment… he said he would NOT put it in the bank. but thanks for participating. lol

          Not sure if this is still true but in the past to avoid red flags if the deposits were under 10k they didn’t have to report it.

        • Non-Druggie

          Macfad: We owned a business in the 80’s & 90’s that used to have large amts. of cash that we deposited. Even then, the government wouldn’t let you just deposit it. Anything over $10,000 generated an automatice notification from the bank to the government. It was when drug $ was starting to become very large amts. & was an attempt to stop/follow it.

        • p curley

          There has been a law for many years for banks to report cash transactions of $10k or more. This by far pre dates the Patriot Act or Know your customer rules She could have easily put it in several different banks

      • Fred

        Roger. Never in the bank. You keep you paychecks going in there , pay your bills with it. But the gas, the goceries – that stuff you pay with that cash you found. It may take some time, but the Government will never find out.

      • ReadB4Uwrite

        C’mon people,,,read posts carefully. Roger said “That is exactly why I would not say a word and NOT put it in the bank!”

    • C Keeper

      Remember all good deads never go unpunished.

      • 11 11

        begging you pardon, but the saying is closer to “no good deed goes unpunished”. Just sayin….

        • No kidding...

          …nice double negative. Do you people actually talk like this out loud? It reminds me of the emails that go around showing Walmart’s finest.

          • http://johndeveraux.wordpress.com johndeveraux

            Double negative? That statement “no good deed goes unpunished” is not a double negative. Did you learn that statement was a double negative while in Walmart?

          • Sally

            “No good deed goes unpunished” is a common phrase. Some attribute it to Oscar Wilde.

            Grammar is not the be all, end all of the English language. Stop being so damn precious and read a book or two.

            • Logicus vs. Grammaticus

              That such read “end alll, be all” :) . . . It’s still not a double negative in the above comment (which by the way is a violation of logic and not grammar). . . This is not like then vs than, and it is quite apparent that many of the posters above should not have made it out of grade school for: 1) Arguing over trivial nonsense related to a common use phrase, and 2) Arguing utterly incorrectly with the wrong argumental substantiation. Grammar and Logic are two completely separate beasts, and pretty much everyone above who attacked anyone else above was incorrect. Just saying. . .

              • not important

                Any time you correct someone’s spelling/grammar/etc., you should carefully check your post before clicking “submit”:
                “That SUCH read . . . “????

    • winston84

      These days, it’s best not to call the cops over anything petty or you might be the one that goes to jail

    • MIKE

      Why should we? A cop is a different animal than in years past. We can’t trust them. They are pitted against the citizens. Gone are the days when a police officer was the friendly protector and servant. Hell no! Now they have quotas to fill in order to keep their jobs! They are trained to be suspicious of the average Joe. They have become gangsters that believe that they ARE the law instead of enforcers of the law. There are countless videos on the internet of cops beating people into submission and continuing to beat, kick, pound and taze, long after they have been subdued. Don’t tell me about the few bad apples garbage. This is a case in which if there is even one bad apple that isn’t held accountable, then the whole bunch is rotten! Cover up is an entree on the menu. Makes me sick!

      • Exador

        Absolutely Correct.
        These days, to be able to become a cop, you have to get a degree in Criminal Justice aka two years of indoctrination to turn you into a stormtrooper. Then there’s the academy to finish the job.

      • Ian

        BINGO, you hit it right on the nose. They are probably the most organized gang members in the US, but they are still bullies and thugs that feel they are better than the rest of us. I see cops breaking the traffic laws all the time and if they don’t have their lights on, they are meant to follow the same laws as the rest of us, but they aren’t held accountable when they do it

    • Bob from Berkeley

      Don’t think this is something new or isolated either! I was pulled in for a traffic ticket and two days later I was released with an empty wallet. Now years later I trust the cops even less, they have gone down the drain with the rest of Society and I now depend on myself to get out of trouble. The cops only show up to clean up the mess the bad guys leave behind and hassel the survivors.

      • rolandotx

        and they all vote for Democrats too

    • The MaD HaCkER

      Crooks, Cops. If it is not nailed down, it is gone. ;(

    • ant

      This old trick has been around for decades. Since +70% of our money supply has cocaine on it (probably feces too) the cops know to get it tested and just throw out that tired old “drug money” routine… pirate bastids!! Its funny how the shananigans they pulled on minorities back in the day, the now pull on every body. Beware of the “Drop Gun.”

    • bronco billy

      Confucius say: Woman who do right thing get left jab.

    • harrison

      she called the police , if no one claims , then most would rather see her with 12k , then the city , it will be a drop in the bucket for the city , or they will donate it to some fund like they are doing something special …. give it back to the women and her family….or start a fund for
      her kids ….

    • J. Gault

      I wouldn’t call it in either.! The cops want to keep that money at the PD for pizza lunches.

    • len

      Well the woman is clearly stupid. If she tried to give the money to the owner and was told to keep it –keep it.

      Anytime you involve the cops(in situations like this) it goes without saying that things won’t end well for you.

    • HouTexan

      No kidding! I think everyone in American knows you can find a trace of drugs on any randomly-selected collection of $20’s. These police just thought they had a sure-fire way to get their hands on a little cash!

  • Bruce

    State sponsored thieves.

    • Bob G.

      I don’t call 911. I deal with it…..

  • sbisking

    Why call the cops if the woman told you to keep the box of money? I sure wouldn’t have called the cops! Cops aren’t the same as they use to be! Cops use to be cops to help serve and protect their communities, today most become cops because they get to wear a badge and act like a big shot!

    • CallousD

      Cops are much much better than they ever have been before. That being said they are state sponsored thieves whose only function is to protect the government from the people.

  • mark

    She’s absolutely right to sue. Where’s the proof ? They owe her interest and penalties as well.

    • Macfad

      Unusual behavior is a trigger to investigate. Let’s not pretend that is it even remotely normal for any individual to walk around with $12000 in cash – then it’s even more abnormal for said individual to just leave it as a tip – without even specifically handing it to the intended recipient with an explanation. This type of behavior screams suspicion. If it’s all up and up and innocent – it will come out in the lawsuit. However, there is no money fairy and this is more than likely very illegitimate and criminal.

      • jackactionhero

        So who should get to keep it? Should the poilice be able to seize it and keep it for themselves? That seems to be what you are suggesting. Is it?

        • desert eagle .50

          What are YOU chirping up for? $12k is more than you make in a year. STFU.

          I am being specific.

          • Jake V.


            • desert eagle .50


      • Andrew P.

        Tell me, why can’t an individual walk around with cash? When did that become illegal? Maybe they have a boatload of money, and were feeling charitable? Maybe they won the lotto or a great hand in Vegas. What I’m getting at is it should never be illegal in the US to carry around any amount of US currency.

        • Macfad

          Read the Patriot Act Andrew.

          • Andrew P.

            I think you are referring to the Bank Secrecy Act, wherein it is illegal to “evade currency reporting by concealing more than US$10,000 on any person or through any luggage”. Basically, withdrawals and bank transfers of $10k or more are reported to the Govt, and any attempt to conceal this transaction is a crime. *

            Maybe you should read the Patriot Act. If I’m wrong, please prove it (with direct quotes and source).

            *Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USA_PATRIOT_Act,_Title_III
            (yes, I know wikipedia is open-source, but I don’t intent to fully read every piece of legislation.)

          • sean

            You mean repeal the 4 th amendment act.
            BS laws are repugnant

        • EdC

          Because the war on drugs is a label for a war on guns and cash. If it was really about getting rid of drugs it would not have been going on for decades.

      • Matt

        You have GOT to be a COP. Or the defending attorney or somebody. MAYBE YOU TOOK THE MONEY, ILLEGALLY.

        Think about this:


        • Matt

          You don’t get it bro. They don’t need proof.

        • Bob G.

          Get some help with that stutter. I miss the honest guys, you know, the Cosa Nostra.

      • sal

        Everyone is guilty intil proven innocent? Carrying a lot of cash makes us criminals? Only in this constitution free land.

      • Sandra

        People used to leave wads of ill-gotten money to the church “poor box” or with a charity. Perhaps the woman who left it realized that most charities and churches are scams, are not to be trusted, sadly. Perhaps she knew that someone working for minimum wage could use it for her family, and thus left it with a hard-working individual. This type of tale has been the stuff of short stories for years. Sad that the waitress knew to do what we all should have been taught is “right,” and was ripped off by the police. This is another tale of the deterioration of the fabric of our society.

      • Nobody

        I guarantee there are lobbyists in Washington that walk around with $12k in their pockets…

        …Food for thought…

      • retrocon

        Well, the USA in which i live presumes innocent until proven guilty. Only in places like the China, Cuba, and other such dictatorships, do they presume guilty until proven innocent.

        I can go to bank, get 12K out of savings right now, and walk around with it all i want, perfectly legally. Of what crime am i guilty? Any why should i have to prove i am not guilty of it?

        • CM Punk

          Hah! Let’s try this one – have your wife/girlfriend attack you with a knife, slashing you a couple of times before you wrest it from her and restrain her. Once the cops come, she shows off the bruises on her wrists and says she only wielded the knife in self-defense after you grabbed her and she got loose – guess who goes away in handcuffs? (Hint its the guy with the stab wounds.)

          Then, he has to prove his innocence. (Yeah, I know. That’s not what the law says. But its a FACT in every single male-female he said/she said altercation case.)

          • jpattitude

            It’s worse than that. I knew a guy who woke up with his girffriend cutting his forearms with a knife. He was bleeding all over the bed. She was angry because she thought he flirted with somebody at a party. He said, “That’s it, I’m out of here,” but she wouldn’t let him leave, pulling on his belt until she broke a fingernail. BECAUSE OF THAT BROKEN FINGERNAIL HE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS ARRESTED. This is how they control us. They’re turning all the men into criminals, marginalizing us because they figure they can control the women.

        • formerleewarmer

          yeah? try it…

      • Dave-O

        The waitress has no legal obligation to determine the origin of the money.
        However, the bank does, if it is cash and over $5000. Dealing in cash or barter is the best way to starve the beast(government). Notice that all foreign countries drop there tax rates when bartering becomes normal.

      • Mark D

        Yeah but this is clearly a case of a cop who thinks he deserves it more than the waittress.

      • ChurchSox

        For the police to intervene, you have to have more than a suspicion. You have to have a breach of the law.

      • mike

        prolly a criminal banker

      • Rob

        So when we hear stories of $10,000 being dropped in a Salvation Army bucket at Christmas time, should they call the police and hand the cash over, because, let’s be honest… No one carries cash around in that amount and leaves it like that. It HAS to be drug money!

        After my grandparents both died, our family had to go through the house and move everything out and disperse things to the family. My grandfather had $37,000 in cash behind all of his books on a shelf and another $40,000 in cash in his safe in the basement. Being adults during the Great Depression developed the tendency to keep cash at home in addition to money in the bank. Don’t think they dealt drugs!

      • Mark

        So who is under suspition here? The waitress with five kids or the tipper? If this is drug money then the state is obligated to prove it beyond a shadow of doubt before confiscating the money. The police may be right, if so, someone should be taking a perp walk… followed by due process.

  • James

    good luck with your lawsuit, hope you win!!!! Personally, I never would have called the Police in the first place

  • cujo

    Anything they want is “drug” money or was bought with “drug” money. Check the cops homes for seized cars and other goodies!

  • lynx coin

    thats right,cops have become the big blue gang.WE are just supposed to worship them and do like good little sheep and do what they say.JUst like here in colorado,top cop steals drugs,trades sex for meth,possible murder connection,gives drugs to minors,gets 30 days.I would like that deal next time I commit multiple felonies

  • Steven Moshlak

    No. No. No. No. i don’t care if it was drug money or not. Asset forfeiture and seizures are supposed to be based against criminal enterprises or illicitly earned money. Was this money illicitly earned? Not hardly.

    This money was not illicilty earned and was properly reported. The police department has a duty to find out if the the waitress received this money as part of a drug transaction. If not, it belongs to her. Also, at least six out of ten bills, circulating in the US has drug residue on it.

    Youngsters have found s-called drug money, and the police have attempted to seize it, only to have the courts order it’s return. Business people, engaged in legitimate commerce, have had their money seized and the court reequired its return.

    Unless there was a court hearing declaring the money the State’s property and the waitress was notified.

    The Minnesota AG better get off the dime and find out what happened to that money and return it FAST.

    • Rob

      Perfect example just the other day with MN Teen Challenge being required to pay back a $2.3 Million donation from Tom Petters…

  • Nick

    Wow, she followed them and was told she could keep the money? That should have been the end of the story. She tried to do the right thing and lost. Sad…

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  • old farmer

    What’s the good word for honest people doing the right thing? Don’t, you’ll get robbed.

    • Fred

      Mac Fad – you sir are a mean and spitefull man. it was over 10k , and from the police. the IRS would have known under the The Bank Secrecy Act (1970) that the money was transferred.
      second – who in the bloody Heck are you to question that poor working womans ideals? She called the cops to report the money, doesn’t that say somethig about her character ??
      in the future – just keep your piehole shut !!!

      • Macfad

        Fred, first, no, I won’t “keep my piehole shut”. I have just as much right to opine on this as you do. Just because you don’t like my opinion, doesn’t mean you get to shut me down.

        Secondly, who am I to question this “poor working” woman? I am a tax payer who pays my fair share of taxes and expects other to as well. I am also not going to give her a free pass just because she’s a “poor working” woman. Millions of other “poor working” folks pay their taxes. I’ve seen waiters/waitresses lie and threaten other coworkers if they dare report their REAL income on their taxes. If I have to pay MY taxes, then so does everybody else.

        Thirdly, I’m not a man of any kind – “mean or spiteful” or any other description.. I am a woman and I pay my taxes, recognize suspicious behavior when I see it, and do not knee-jerk react to an “all cops are bad” mentality just because this “poor woman” must wait for a proper investigation before she gets her money.

        • Ratso Rizzo

          She has not failed to pay taxes on this money yet. You seem to be projecting the most vile of yourself upon a woman who has actually shown her honesty. You are petty and ridiculous. The waitress made humanity look good and you are bent on making humanity, especially yourself, look bad.

          • Macfad

            Ratso, my comments were directed at the general propensity of wait staff to lie and under report their earnings – it’s notorious and well known in the industry, I know, I’ve been there, done that seen it happen and have been threatened many times to keep my taxes within 5 or 10% of my fellow coworkers. So have many other waitresses I know.. It was not projecting any “vile” upon this individual, just in the usual practice of waitressing. That should have been obvious.

            • ldentz

              the irs taxes you on what you average or should make ???

          • Coloradostheplace

            Ah yes, faux Minnesoduh morality.

          • Fred

            funny – i do not see an apology to the young woman here. Just more spitefull claptrap.
            you owe her an apology. It is called slander, young lady, and it is illegal as tax evasion.

        • Ratso Rizzo

          You stupid woman! How did the story above become one where the waitress engages in tax evasion?

          • B*tchRadar

            Macfad, are you still penetrated anally by Satan?

          • Ratso Rizzo

            Your logic once again has taken a blind leap into the abyss called stupidity. Your opinion is nothing but a tragedy for others to laugh at. You backtrack on the venom you spread but it has poisoned none but you.

    • Andrew P.

      Wow. Okay, do you always travel the speed limit, every time? Do you pay “Use Tax” for purchases made online at giants like Amazon? Have you ever sang Happy Birthday in public? Is you’re true, legal name “Macfad”, or are you using a faux name? Have you ever made a wager with friends outside of a casino?

      These are all crimes. Although I’m sure you’ve never broken any of them..

      We all know how “honest” Macfads are…

      • Andrew P.

        To clarify for the trolls: singing in public is not a crime, but singing a copyrighted work without paying royalties is.

        And yes, using a name other than your true, legal name is technically illegal (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act).


      That is a pretty lame comment to make about someone you don’t have any personal connection with. Obviously, if you have a pea brain in your head to realize it, she was honest enough to call the police to begin with… So she is most likely a bit more honest than the people you speak of. Personally, I think she should have kept the money and not whispered a word about it to the cops. She wouldn’t be stuck in a mess of litigation now if she had.

    • sean

      Who cares, the money would have just have been used to kill more brown people around the world. Grow up and look around government steals, kills, and destroys in the name of freedom, and u want someone to pay for that. No wonder they hate us, you moron.

  • ajhnson

    Well I for one won’t call the police if I find money!

  • LogicalMinded

    This “War on Drugs” has gone too far (actually it has been going too far for decades now)! It is now a War on Americans.

    The govnt from Fed to State has now been labeled “thieves” and “gangs” (this forum is NOT the first reference to said terms) by the Americans they are supposed to “protect”. No one trusts them anymore (again from the Fed down). So what does that mean?

    This obvious greed is one of the reasons this country is falling apart.

  • Bob

    Ooops, they spent it on donuts!

    • Bob T.

      Really NOW! Is that what you think?

      You think any police force is going to risk a week of being suspended… ummm, with pay… for a weeks worth… of, ummm… Doh!

      • Bob

        Check their uniforms for white powder… yes, it’s powered sugar. What were you thinking?

  • Jeanne

    According to the Forum report, Moorhead police Lt. Tory Jacobson said, “We certainly have an ongoing investigation with it, with suspicion of narcotics or the involvement of narcotics investigators.” The police also stated the money smelled like marijuana. Others, according to the report, did not.

    It sounds to me as if the police are making excuses for not giving the money back. And the waitress should not have accepted the reward, IMO, since there is no basis to give a reward if there really isn’t a criminal case. But since she accepted the reward, I’ll bet she won’t get the money even if they determine there was no crime involved.

    She should have just accepted it and said nothing.

    • Rob

      Not sure how accurate the statistic is from my memory, but I recall reading an article a long time ago that said that nearly 90% of currency in circulation has illegal drug residue on it.

  • G guy

    Hate to say it but the story does not ring true. Like others have said, If the woman said keep it why in god’s name call the police. You have to understand Police mentality, if you call them in this kind of situation your not telling the whole truth or you are stupid to call them, either way you lose.

    • SG

      You must not keep up with the news, if you think this does not “ring true.” People call the police for all sorts of things, because they are overly trusting, and unsure of the laws. This woman was trying to cover her back, trying to make sure that the money could REALLY be hers. She was trying to prevent exactly what happened. She must not keep up with the news, either.

  • resistanceisfutile

    Why on earth did she call the “terrorists in blue” in the first place? Scratching your nose at a red light is enough for them to seize your car so they can have some party money. Welcome to police-state Amerika.

    And why is it if the citizen can’t use the (alleged) drug money to pay her bills, the cops can?

  • DaddyB

    Drug money? They are just speculating as to the origin of the money.

    I’m speculating too. Perhaps the police ran a test and found traces of drugs on some of the money. My understanding is that holds true for much of the currency in circulation. Nice scam. Run a test that finds a trace of cocaine on some of the bills and they feel justified in confiscating the money. Just speculation on my part.

    Give the waitress her tip!

    • Macfad

      Sure. Give it to her after a full accounting and investigation. What’s wrong with waiting? If it’s legitimate, then no harm, no foul right?

      • Dave-O

        She waited 90 days and the cops Stole her money. It’s that simple.

      • Jake V.

        Quit blindly trusting the US government pal. They aren’t in it to protect you. They want to label you as a criminal and lock you up so they can exert total and complete control over your life. Until you get that in your thought patterns you will continue to run around making ignorant comments.

    • rolandotx

      Maybe it was prostitution money or foreign espionage. Let them run a test for cocaine on the money in your wallet right now and it will test POSITIVE

  • desert eagle .50

    Do not talk to the police. Do not admit to anything. Call a lawyer. Do not consent to any searches.

    I am being specific.

    • Refrigerator Larry

      Excellent advice.

      • Macfad

        LOL, how much of that $12000 do you think this woman will have once her lawsuit is heard and finished? Even if she wins….the lawyer will most likely keep a a minimum of 30%, and then she will have to pay federal and state taxes and associated court costs and fees.

        • jackactionhero

          Is this your argument against her being allowed to keep it, or are you really just laughing at her misfortune out of petty jealousy… Be honest….

  • Eliot

    I agree, LogicMinded. Never trust the police or sheriff’s departments; virtually all of them have been corrupt to the core for decades, small ones and large ones, and now they are on power trips from hell. I come from an area of small farming communities, and it’s the same story everywhere.

    • proud to be married to an officer

      Eliot how do you know this – had some problems of your own with the police and didn’t like the outcome? Corrupt to the core for decades – really.

      • surffree

        Well, I live in a small area too. The Sheriff and a couple deputies decided to take drug money and use it for their own. One of the “honest” deputies reported it and the FBI got involved. Guess where the sheriff and deputies are now. Eliot’s words ring true.

  • Weneed More Donuts

    No good deed goes unpunished!

  • Mr.APilgrim

    There’s not mush to talk about here–unless the police can prove that there is some kind of connection to a drug deal wi th this money then it belongs to the waitress NOW!. The police have had there 3 months time to find out everything they can about the money and they have found nothing. So it belongs to the waitress. Even if it later is determined that it was some drug deal profit–it is still the waitress’s money. The police are here to serve and protect-not to sieze and take. Give her the money!

    • 1099

      Again the sheep follow the shepherd. Lets hear the whole story not just someones half-story just to enrage the public. So common in todays media. Please stop following the shepherd and break away from the back. DONT DRINK THE KOOL-AID..

  • spooky2626

    Who cares money pays the bills.

  • CommonSense

    Wow! Are all of you drinking out of the same Kool-Aid container??? What part of this story doesn’t send out red flares? Who tips $12K in a greasy spoon diner ? The use of a take-out container rather than just handing her the “tip” ? To all of you cheese-heads, Google “drug courier” and do some reading. Ya’ll can read, can’t you? Jeesh. I am not in law enforcement, nor have I studied it, but if I were the waitress, I would not touch that money. Someone with a tattoo on his neck & a gat in his belt is gonna want his money back! The supposed customer that left the money has likely been “dealt” with already or is on the run in fear for her life. Note to Canada; we will trade you Minnesota for Yukon Territory, even trade!

    • http://barry1817.wordpress.com barry1817

      dealing with this issue for someone else is easy, deal with this as if it affected you.

      Would you keep the funds, or not? Especially after being told to do so by the person that gave it to you.

    • dood

      The same people who leave gold eagles in the Salvation army donation cans during Christmas season. There have been many other cases of this type of thing happening. Maybe the woman is dying and thought she would help someone less fortunate. Crazy stuff happens all the time. I’m not saying thats the case here, I am just saying there could be reasonable doubt that this money is the result of criminal activities.

      • Macfad

        Dood, then all the more reason for the police to confiscate the money and shed some sunlight on it and do due diligence in figuring out the truth. If it’s all legitimate, then what’s the harm, right? And quite frankly…. you comparing this to someone motivated at Christmas time to dropping a gold coin in a charity kettle is naive at best and absurd at worst. NO, is NOT the same, not even close!

        • Dave-O

          You’re just jealous!
          I once left a rotten waitress a 2 cent tip for being so hateful, without cause.

      • CommonSense

        dood, we’re talking about 12K in cash. Think of context. Not blaming her for wanting the cash. There is something askew here. This is NOT typical altruistic behavior considering the facts as we know them in this case.

    • Dave

      I worked at Best Buy in Duluth a few years back. During Christmas season an elderly lady came in the store right before closing and purchased over 50,000 dollars worth of “toys” to be given away to orphanages. Why wouldn’t someone who feels like giving away what is thiers decide to just drop it off to someone whom would most likely need it. Random acts of kindness do happen. By the way12000 dollars is not a whole lot of money. I would not have thought a second to keep it had it been given to me.

    • MorganGray

      ‘Sense, this is just a daisy chain of “I hat the Police”. A bunch of either washed up hippie has-beens, or underwear clad hippie wannabes, grousing about the police and how much they hate authority.
      Meanwhile the greatest abuse of authority in American history is taking place in Washington, with Pharaoh Obamotep telling the SCOTUS it doesn’t have the power to overturn his legacy.
      As I said before. You think the cops are a problem? The put some pants on, leave your momma’s house, join the force and play Frank Serpico.
      Otherwise, I’m calling you all spoiled brat cowards, who haven’t got the intestinal fortitude to defend yourselves much less others, and without the brains God gave a gnat.
      Again, what if the money was stolen? What if it was counterfeit? The waitress would have landed in the hoosegow, not the customer, who was long gone, and certainly not you cop-haters.

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